God of War: Ascension Multiplayer: DLC, Primordial Weapons Today

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God of War: Ascension Multiplayer: DLC, Primordial Weapons Today
God of War: Ascension Multiplayer: DLC, Primordial Weapons Today
God of War: Ascension on PS3

Champions, with eight glorious weeks of God of War: Ascension Multiplayer now etched into the stones of Olympus, it’s time to look ahead to what the Oracle has seen in our future. It’s also time to see what the community has achieved thus far — see the infographic along the side of this post (click on it for the full, ultra high-resolution image).

Our God of War Development Team here at @SonySantaMonica is working steadfastly on a wide array of additional multiplayer content, including new weapons (plus a powerful fourth weapon class) and armors, large and small maps, and a few other surprises. We’ll have more to share later this month.

God of War: Ascension on PS3

Today we are releasing our second wave of Multiplayer DLC – the Primordial Weapons – comprised of the Armor of Typhon and the Mercenary Blade. These will be available to purchase today on PSN (search “God of War”), alongside the “Armors of Anarchy” and “Blades of Darkness” released last week. Pay close attention to the Artemis & Thanatos Blades; they have new moves and FX to augment your playing style.

God of War: Ascension on PS3

God of War: Ascension on PS3

We are also currently offering a free DLC armor: The Chimeran Armor. This armor is best suited for Champions who focus on Elemental attacks, such as Zeus and Poseidon-aligned Warriors.

A warrior would be wise to balance their lower health with an alternate piece of allegiance armor that raises health, or an item that provides temporary protection against attacks, such as the Cloak of Boreas or Aegis of Zeus.

Did you know that in the first two months of Ascension Multiplayer, over 240 million Warriors perished? That’s enough to fill the Coliseum umpteenth times with nothing but fallen combatants. Or that enough flags were captured to fill the Parthenon from top to bottom over 350 times?

God of War: Ascension on PS3

We’ve crafted an infographic (look to the right) to display just how epic our first two months of Ascension Multiplayer have been. Let’s get one thing straight: we use the word “epic” quite a bit when it comes to God of War, but we think this infographic defines the word quite literally.

Finally, this Friday beginning at 5:00pm Pacific, on our Twitch page, we will host our first God of War Game w/ Dev Live Stream featuring the infamous “Dev7,” a special advanced preview of some of our upcoming new DLC weaponry, and perhaps a few other things we feel are ready to pull out of our DLC arsenal.

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  • I bought this at launch but to to other responsibilities I never got into the multiplayer until a week ago and man I’m hooked. Looking forward to new maps.

    • The new maps are being finalized right now, these are not the only maps we are working on either. We have a LARGE map that is further out, we’ll be showing that gem next month at some point.

  • Multiplayer is awesome in this game? There is nothing else like it! Can’t wait for all future dlc!

  • any single player dlc planned?

    • We do not plan to create any single-player DLC at this time. However, we do plan to continue addressing some of the SP issues that have been found in our upcoming patches.

  • What trailer? Can I see the new maps in? At the start of the 4th paragraph it’s says in the this new trailer…

  • To anyone who has played against me in GoW MP, I only have one thing to say to you…

    You’re welcome.

  • Hey Aaron, question I have is will there be new maps released by this month?
    and just to be sure, the season pass covers ALL dlc? Right?

    • The two new Maps you saw in the trailer are trending for release by end of this month. We’ll keep you guys posted on timing. We are working on other maps beyond those as well.

      All paid Armor & Weapon DLC is free to Season Pass holders, so yes, these items are free to you!

  • Could we get some single-player DLC? I’m part of the large group of God of War fans that purchased the Collector’s Edition (with the DLC season pass), and has no interest at all in multiplayer.

    So far my Collector’s Edition amounts to a cheap plastic toy frowning at me next to my monitor.

    • As much as we’d love to explore single-player DLC, we do not have any plans at this stage that would make sense for the single-player campaign and where the story ends. We are going to continuing supporting with patches for critical issues.

      The DLC Season Pass in the Collectors Edition is intended as Multiplayer focused. Apologies we can’t appease on the Single-Player side. It’s not for lack of desire on our part, but we are committed to evolving our Multiplayer mode. You should give it a shot if you have’t yet, it may surprise you.

  • I loved the graph. Currently I’m just a beginner, I’m still giving priority to the SP, thanks to my lousy ISP I’ve never been able to participate in a full online match, I’ll do it eventually, I swear!

  • When can we expect a digital version of the game on the PSN? I remember you guys said you would have some news on this in the future, and I get that releasing the digital version later extends the life of the game by injecting a fresh bunch of users into the experience, but for those of us who want the digital version, a two month handicap on the multiplayer seems excessively punitive.


    1) Are you guys going to release GOW: A anytime soon on the PSN… (to be honest i traded in my CE copy because i needed the money :( )

    2) Have you guys thought about Free to play multiplayer like uncharted? you know so gamers can get a taste of the game. although of course there will be limitations such as level cap and etc.

    3) Have you guys thought about releasing just the multiplayer on the PSN? (like killzone did)

    #2 might help increase sales for #3

    Thank you

  • Can’t wait! The Armor of Typhon looks pretty nasty. But so far now of the armors are any good as a whole set. But the weapons have been great. So let’s see if this one also hold up

    • Right on, it will be available on the PSN Store shortly today, and Europe tomorrow, Asia this week.

  • none* Haha

  • great article ! good to see the break downs … I’m one of the 6k+ with level 40 warriors …. love the MP – sure looking fwd. to new maps / modes …. hope Friday brings something new for us – I have the Merc sword & Ty armor already – would love a new spear or 2 – maybe the preorder hammers too …. keep it fresh guys ! great MP concept ….

  • Still playing single player haven’t even bothered with MP. and its sad to see but GOW just became a micro transaction game :(

    • Why is us supporting our Multiplayer with enhanced content a sad thing?

      We are offering a free Chimeran Armor for all.

      Season Pass holders get our paid Armor and Weapons DLC free.

      The two maps we have coming out, will be free. And we are working on more.

      It’s an industry movement, but we’re definitely exploring all ways to balance our FREE and PAID content for our community as best as possible.


  • Loving MP mode. I can only play in small doses. Game makes me so furious at times!

    Anyway, Anybody know the double EXP schedule? It seems to be so random at times. Is it every Tuesday/Wed Morning?


    • We will provide our updated XP schedule as soon as possible, hopefully this week so everyone is aware of the next dates.

  • I thought the Armor of Typhon and Mercenary Blade were supposed to be exclusive to Rise of the Warrior participants?

    • The Armor of Typhon and Mercenary Blade were exclusive to Rise of the Warrior participants for two months, and they are still EXCLUSIVELY FREE to ROW participants who have not redeemed them yet.

      We’re now unleashing them for all. They are paid because we want to still honor and value those who spent a lot of time with Rise of the Warrior and deserve this content as exclusively free to them.

  • Meanwhile playstation all star is left abandoned…

  • Damn. With all these armors, weapons, skills, and etc etc. I’m imagining a GoW MMO. lol

  • @15 … the double XP calendar is usually posted at the GOW:A site …. currently though, they have not disclosed the next round of increased XP …. maybe hear something by the weekend. you’d think the long weekend would be a great time for it …. thrilled to hear there are plans for a larger map … team favor would be cool with 4 teams of 2 each – would be crazy – all teams trying to take the altars & such.

  • @Aaron – if I’m understanding your reply re the seasons pass, it only covers weapons & armors,, not the maps ? is there a price point for them if that’s the case, & are there concerncs that paid maps will divide the MP, as some will likely not purchase new maps ….

    • Our upcoming maps seen in the trailer will be FREE FOR ALL. We do not want to split the community and we do want to balance out our paid content with free content.

      We are working on some other maps as well for future release.

      We’ll do everything possible to keep the community unified as one unit.


  • I’m afraid paid DLC for this game will splinter the online community. It’s not like GoW has the huge online community of CoD or Battlefield to support enough players for a paid DLC. Anyway, I hope I’m wrong… just my 2 cents.

    • The paid DLC will not splinter the online community. Anyone who has paid DLC can play anyone who does not have the DLC, so there should be no splintering.

  • PLEASE REPLY! When are we going to get some new DLC for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale? You’ve got a great fanbase who I would say is much more deserving of DLC and you guys are just ignoring us. We want patches, costumes and new characters!!! Or at least tell us you’re making a sequel for the PS4!

    • While this isn’t the topic for PS All-Stars, our studio is committed to maintaining online stability in the game right now. We’re still assessing next steps and unfortunately don’t have any new information to share today. I personally run the @SonySantaMonica Twitter feed and we’ll keep updating as we can. Follow us there.

  • We would rather just have you guys tell us that there will no longer be any DLC for PlayStation All-Stars than letting us keep hoping for nothing.

  • Hi.

    I have a question, please.

    Are there going to be more DLCs for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale? Please answer and please make more DLCs for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

    We want more female characters such as Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), Lightening (Final Fantasy XIII), and the rest of Final Fantasy girls, please. Maybe you can also add Elizabeth (BioShock Infinite) and Resident Evil girls like Jill Valentine and Ada Wong, please.

    Thank you very much.

  • I understand that MP is the sole focus of the Development team, much to the chagrin of those of us who have always loved the SP in God of War, but there is still plenty that can be done for the SP part of the game. MP is fine and dandy right now, but in a few years when the servers are shut down and online play on the PS3 is terminated, the only thing left for fans of this game is the Single Player. This is why GoW I, II, III, CoO, and GoS will still be played and enjoyed. With Ascension? Likely not so much.

    Including SP DLC can give us something to go back to and play. Where the story in Ascension ends, there is still plenty of story that can be added such as where Kratos went on his journy to Attica to start the Chains of Olympus game. Other stops he may have made which would not provide enough story to release another game, but would be plentiful enough to provide as DLC for the SP part of this game. I know the Dev team really has moved on and forgotten about the SP aspect, but please, I ask you guys to re-think that decision.

    • We have not forgotten SP at all, it’s purely a design and creative decision, and where we can best put our resources to sustain engagement with God of War at this time.

      We are indebted to our GOW community since the dawn of this franchise, which was built on Single-Player. Creatively, we’re exploring right now supporting our Multiplayer with a strong DLC lineup that we’ve barely scratched the surface on what we have cooking.

      Our team doesn’t tiptoe in Single-Player extensions, it has to be all out, like Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta.

      We hear you Jdurg, we’re just not on the exact same creative page at this stage, at present.

  • thanks for the reply Tank …. good to know. I thought it was a great gesture to give the Chimeran armor free – it is the best of the 3. I have spent so much time with the MP, that even if maps are sold, I will be buying them …. will really add to the diversity of the experience to have fresh maps …. any clues on Fridays live stream as to the new weapon class ??? even a hint ….

    this article specifically relates to GOW:A MP …. All Stars has 18 stages, multiple costumes / characters . I preordered it – so I am familar w/the game …. it has hardly been abandoned – can’t even have it on my Vita anymore b/c of all the new minions / costumes / stages …. the file size doubled.

  • And until now, I cannot play this game… the audio issues continues besides the patch… sad story…

  • In a future update can you please make the ”Legendary Warrior” Trophy unlockable by completing Titan Mode? In past God of War games the Hard Mode Trophy could always be unlocked on the harder difficulty. The is NOT the case with God of War: Ascension. Thanks.

  • I guess some missed the announcement that all DLC maps will be free and all other DLC is free for those with the Season Pass. Check Wikipedia every once and awhile, I personally keep it up to date.

  • You gotta drop the price on these things. $3 for a weapon is barely acceptable, and for an armor set it’s insane. I really appreciate all the stuff we get as part of the game, though.

  • This looks utterly delicious, Last update tweaked up combat and made it more fluid in terms of interacting with other players.Like saving my partner in the mist of combat. but I would like grappling to be a hold function where the player holds down the R1 button and highlights the target and switching can be done with the right stick and function is executed by release of the R1 button; like to have some control over it besides grabbing the wrong player.

    will the development team do another survey for DLC content and balance adjustments?

  • I have a serious question, will all of the dlc be account specific? Each dlc so far has been account specific so me and my brother (who share a system) would have to pay for the content twice so we can both have it. I’m happy that the maps you showed off are going to be free though, as well as that awesome chimeran armor ^^

    As for the other DLCs, I really dont want to pay twice for content just so me and my brother can both have it, I mean I’d end up paying 24 dollars just for two armors and two swords for both of us and thats not happening.

    Other than that this game is still awesome and fun to play and the free content definitely keeps things interesting ^^

  • Any chance the new maps will bring some new trophies as well?

    Being a trophy hunter (or whatever you want to call me), I find I spend more time with games if I have trophies to go after.

  • Part 1:

    I did have some audio issues with the game as #27 did, but MY main issue with the game is I played through the WHOLE game on HARD mode (what can I say, I like a challenge / makes it more rewarding…) but in this case I did NOT get rewarded :( I got to the LAST chapter and the game kept glitching / getting stuck so I could not proceed to the next checkpoint.

    *****I’m REALLY upset SONY Santa Monica, because you guys have done GREAT work in the past and I LOVE the God of War games.. I tell ALL my friends that if they have a PS3 and they haven’t played God of War yet.. they’re f’n crazy………… but I can NOT recommend this game to them, sadly :( It’s a great game, but it is not FINISHED! I hope Santa Monica realizes there are still problems with the game and I hope they can patch them. The ONLY reason I am not Kratos furious lol is because I did not buy the game… I rented it with plans on buying it later on and enjoying the online as well, but what is the point in buying a game if you cannot play it all the way through???

  • Part 2:

    I hope you look into the issues if you can SSM, and patch the game up if you can instead of just focusing on multiplayer DLC. This god of war game is a 10/10 if the glitches were fixed. The online is awesome, loved it in the beta. It takes skill / people don’t recognize that because they don’t block / dodge at all lol. Thanks and I hope future games will be THOROUGHLY tested because quality always matters MOST.

  • Any new co op modes or co op dlc planned in the future?
    or any new modes in general?

  • Its not very often that staff respond to our questions so openly and honestly. even if might cast things in an unfavorable light. So i appreciate that. Thanks for the honesty Tank hopefully it spreads.

  • Cool since those that bought the collector’s ed. we get the dlc free yeaaah!!!!!!!!!

  • Here’s an idea i thought would be awesome to see how bout a 4v4 map with the 3 Headed Hydra or the Kraken as a Boss!! I would imagine something along the lines of 2 Ships and a harbor which would house the 3 alters and the ability to swing from ship to ship!! It’ll be Glorious!!!!!

  • best game ever . I have played 1 2 3 was a little sad to beat the the single player in no time even before the fix .I wish the game had been longer with more puzzles and story line like 1 an 2 but here we are. the multiplayer is great . hope it will grow cant wait until we can level too 50 waited in line at 12:01 am too get this game need more like this one too come out

  • o ya we are going to need something for the PS4 when it hit well in due time I hope !!!!!!!!!

  • I think this should be the last GOW….Although I enjoyed it, I don’t think that Ascension should have been made (personally). It is really hard to best GOW 3 with the slaying of gods and all. I just don’t think there is anyway to make GOW as epic as it was in the first 3 installments. I would really like to see something new (but similar to GOW) created. new story and characters but with that dark, brutal, and gory feel to it. i really enjoyed playing Dante’s Inferno. I know some might think that to be sacrilegious, but it very much had a GOW feel to it and the game-play was great but the story needed some work. Something to think about.


    A sneak peak of what to come ; )

  • Please Reply

    I got the collector’s edition of god of war ascension, and i got the season pass, and i got the hunter’s pack for free and the primordila pack i have to pay. Why?

  • @ Aaron Kaufman (in response to #3) – I do hope that you guys really fix the SP problems….the biggest is the audio issues…which even with the patch…still are in the game….and thats really annoying…especially for a GoW game….which is always top notch quality.

    @ 42 D_R_O_Z – Nice comment…I agree…there’s no way to top GoW3 since is the best game ever created and I too don’t think that Ascension should have been made.I would like something new too but not similar to GoW…since its hard to a game even be compared to GoW greatness….but St.Monica is the most talented developers out there in the gaming industry…thats a fact once you played GoW3…and they can make beyond excellent games….only a game from them or ND can make me buy a PS4.

  • @45 Welmosca but to me the blood, gore, and all around dark feel that the game has is what made GOW so good. I think everyone can agree that the story itself is what really makes GOW the best video game series ever created. It really is a epic story with a larger than life character. I think Santa Monica’s biggest mistake was making GOW 3 as epic as it was, I think they could have drawn it out a little more. like GOW3 you kill 1 or 2 gods and GOW4 a couple more. Then GOW5 a few more with Zeus being the final boss, and each time you gradually build up the suspense, the rage, and the story. GOW3 was like a young teenager that got way to excited when he got with a woman. We got everything all at once and it was over before we knew it. I also think that killing off Kratos ruined any future games, after all when kill the main character dies most times so does the story. But that is inevitably what made GOW3 my absolute favorite video game OF ALL TIME and I really can’t down them for that, but I think it really killing the series for good.

  • What the hell is wrong with your dlc ?? I pay for it and i can’t download it ?????? I tried many times and i can’t download it . As GOW fan this is not OK … i am disappointed ……

  • How about if you fix your DLCs so that i can download what i’ve already paid for ?

  • The same problem here !!!!! I did buy 5 add on and i can’t download it ?? Although the money is gone i receive nothing in return .. I don’t what is the meaning of this ? I thought we are GOW fans and they should treat us better than this even if there is a problem with the PSN store it they should to fix it as soon as possible

  • The same problem here !!!!! I did buy 5 add on and i can’t download it ?? Although the money is gone i receive nothing in return .. I don’t know what is the meaning of this ? I thought we are GOW fans and they should treat us better than this even if there is a problem with the PSN store it they should to fix it as soon as possible

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