DC Universe Online: Origin Crisis DLC Brings Quantum Powers

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DC Universe Online: Origin Crisis DLC Brings Quantum Powers

DC Universe Online for PS3 - Origin Crisis

I’m thrilled to finally announce that Origin Crisis, the seventh DLC for DC Universe Online – goes live today. Origin Crisis is one of our most action-packed and, easily, our most challenging DLC to date, introducing some amazing group and solo missions. It is the culmination of many important events, and represents some vital new practices for DC Universe Online. The storyline is fantastic, and reminiscent of some of the great comic book story arcs involving alternate universes and the characters that originate within them. Who wouldn’t want to meet the Council of Batmen or Council of Lex Luthors, and alter the origin of the most iconic characters in the DC Universe? Origin Crisis picks up where our third DLC, The Battle for Earth, left off – after heroes and villains united against Brainiac, stopping his plans to remake the multiverse in his image. After Brainiac’s defeat, Future Lex Luthor’s designs on the Nexus of Reality and its promise of near-infinite power were revealed. The last we saw of that story, Future Batman arrived to stop Lex. It’s been fifteen months since those events, and now we get to see what has happened since, and the real story behind Future Lex Luthor and Future Batman.

DC Universe Online for PS3 - Origin Crisis

But of course story is only a part of the overall package. What do I get to play? The story weaves through challenging new cooperative four-player Operations and eight-player Raids. Travel through time and visit locations such as Crime Alley in Gotham City, or the House of El on Krypton, and play a major role in the origins of Batman or Superman. How different would Gotham City be if Bruce Wayne were corrupted and he controlled the city with the assistance of his Evil Batman alter ego, or if Bruce’s parents weren’t killed? What would a Metropolis be like if Lex Luthor controlled it with the aid of an evil Superman, or if Lex was a force for good? More importantly, your actions will decide the course of these events. Find the answers and more in Origin Crisis.

What we may be most excited about in this new DLC is our new Quantum Power set. It has been almost a year since we have introduced a new power set to the game, and this one delivers in a big way. A new Controller power, Quantum introduces the concept of manipulating Time and Space. Control the flow of time and manipulate the futures of your adversaries, manipulate space and generate graviton fields, and combine these new abilities for some very devastating attacks. The signature ability in Quantum has to be Quantum Tunneling. This allows the player to “blink” or teleport while simultaneously breaking the player out of control effects and preventing damage. Combined with its awesome new effects, Quantum may just become your favorite new power.

DC Universe Online for PS3 - Origin Crisis

Speaking of power, how about test driving a legendary DC Comics character in a solo mission? Origin Crisis’ new Iconic Anomalies let you do just that. Iconic Anomalies are high-end solo simulation missions that allow players to battle through the origins of iconic characters Huntress and Bizarro. Finally, Origin Crisis will include a wealth of new gear, weapons and mods to earn that will make your hero or villain more powerful than ever.

For current players, we look forward to seeing you in game enjoying the new adventures. Don’t play DCUO yet? Why not? It’s FREE! Download it now from the PlayStation Store, create your own hero or villain and start kicking butt today!

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  • passivefamiliar

    No comments? Huh. Well, DC online was a good free fun game. It was difficult to be part of though. The file is just massive to keep on my ps3. I hope it is PS4 compatible and if the ps4 has enough of a hhard drive I’ll get back into it.

    but till then, all this cool DLC will go over aa lot of peoples heads. Shame too.

  • Are trophies still disabled unless you subscribe?

  • I have wanted to get back into this game for awhile but I don’t know what the population is. Do people still play this game on PS3?

  • Lost interest once my main got to lvl30 and other characters started doing the same missions. Bought Green Lantern dlc but other than that nothing has been changed to make me want to come back to play.

  • The quick answer is that there ar plenty of people playing. The game itself starts at level 30. It is a good time waster in any event. The download does take a while so be prepared.

  • @2 Trophies are in fact disabled unless you are subbed.

    I used to love this game. I just can’t do it anymore sadly. :(

  • johnny_toastburn

    I played this game solidly for almost a year, but once the “rental” of abilities with Home Turf came out, the grind was just too obvious to ignore. I’ve no complaints, and I haven’t gone so far as to delete the game from my drive, but I haven’t played in a few months now and have no intention of returning.

  • Nice! Me and my wife have taken a break from DCUO, but we’ll definitely get back into it once we have the time!

  • I’ll be checking in throughout the day to answer any questions that come up.

    @johnny_toastburn: I assume you’re referring to the Mark of Triumph cost for Mainframe Boost abilities in your “rental” comment? We priced them the way we did knowing that with DLC 7 it was going to get a lot easier to earn Marks of Triumph (due to Mark conversion).

  • I really want to love this game and I still play it from time to time, but I’ve been in the game since beta and NOTHING has changed in all this time. Many of the complaints that we had in beta have still not been addressed and despite ton of DLC there’s still nothing new to do between 1 and 30. They just keep adding more pointless grinding end game content.

  • Level 1-30 content is part of the core game. The majority of the game takes place after reaching 30. Aside from events, such as Tides of War (the Aquaman Summer Event), we generally don’t add sub level 30 content to the game. That said, we have six mentors (three hero and three villain) that have specific content that I’d encourage players that prefer single-player style gameplay to explore (below Level 30). Once you develop a character that you like, I’d encourage you to develop them and take part in the higher-level group content. Unless you absolutely dislike group missions, the best stuff in the game is found in the higher-level Alerts and Raids. We also added some pretty cool powers and new player abilities since launch: Light, Lightning, Earth, and Quantum Powers, Utility Belts, Mainframes, and Bases.

  • This game still has dlc coming out, now that’s what i call keeping it fresh.

  • Right now is a great time to start laying or get back innto this game because of tue dlc. therewas only 1 point when i felt like the game was emptywhich was when blackops and battlefield released. after a few months the population shot back up. i already have 4 pieces of the new dlc armor and i have to say it was a challange but its a learning processand its just great!

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