PlayStation Blogcast 073: Who Watches the Watch_Dogs?

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PlayStation Blogcast 073: Who Watches the Watch_Dogs?
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Today’s show is a little late — but for good reason! Today we infiltrate the mind of Watch_Dogs Senior Producer Dominic Guay for an update on the PS3 and PS4 powerhouse. Then the gang learns about the wonders of pickle rolls (bon appetit!) and we discuss our all-time favorite films. Then we expose next week’s new PSN and retail game releases for May 14th, share new Listener Letters, and play a particularly enlightening voicemail.

Stuff We Talked About

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Sid ShumanNick SuttnerOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast: Justin MassongillDominic Guay

The Cast

  • Sid Shuman – PlayStation Social Media Manager
  • Nick Suttner – PlayStation Account Support Manager
  • Justin Massongill – PlayStation Social Media Specialist
  • Dominic Guay – Watch_Dogs Senior Producer

[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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2 Author Replies

  • Downloading now!

    By the way, I heard you guys discussing the new office campus in the last episode, I hope the move is going well! One of the guys that are on our podcast (The DLB-Network Podcast) works over there at the PS offices too and said the new offices are nice but different – they will really take some getting used to, he says lots of sun shining in and glare on their screens, haha, time to invest in curtains! =P

  • Nice photo of Nick.

    Perfect timing on the post, just going out for a run.

  • I had a close friend growing up who was wicked spoiled by his mother and she would go shopping every friday for his snacks and groceries and she would come back from the store with literally two 24 packs of Mountain Dew and about ten boxes of keebler elve cookies weekly and this kid would destroy at least at least 8 9 or 10 Mountain Dews daily as well as a gross amount of cookies and he was the skinniest guy in our group of friends. But the Mountain Dew eventually caught up to him as an adult and he had to get basically a complete new set of implanted teeth because they became so bad from the Mountain dew.. My point is you guys talking about Diet Coke and feeling bad about having 2 in a day is nothing on this kid.. lol…Game On..

  • Best comment from the host about Diet Coke- “I’m off that stuff” hahahaha the best.

  • Y does the Podcast restart every time I press the Post Comment button?? Wicked annoying!!!

  • Every day I get more excited to the idea of pre-ordering my PS4
    E3 can’t come fast enough

  • By the way great show :-)

  • Do you guys ignore emails sent by users from other countries? Or is it just that you receive quite a lot of emails and have to pick up the relevant ones?

    • We read every e-mail, just a matter of which ones are most appropriate for discussion on the show. Feel free to resend though!

  • The reason Iron Man is working on that specific suite the entire movie is because of the type of suit it is, that is why they showed all the different types of suites at the end it wasnt because he needed a suite he needed a specific suite with the tech he specifically put into it that he can call and have it form around him or if he wanted to the suite would be able to fit and form around Pepper if he told it to so that it would save her like it did. that was the whole reason he worked on that specific suite all movie.

  • Wonderful! I was mentioned on the podcast lol :P

  • Also is it really pronounced K-nytt and not Knytt?

  • Okay I have had enough. I used to always look forward to listening in every week, but it seems that since Jeff and Rey stopped being on the show, I have just slowly started dreaded listening in every week, especially since the new year. All you guys seem to want to talk about now is movies and tv shows and just anything that has nothing to do with games. And now you guys are asking for food recipes and thinking about talking about the next week’s Blu-ray movie releases? Really? I mean I haven’t listened to this episode yet but I look into the “Stuff We Talked About” and I see that 4 out of 6 of the bullets have absolutely nothing to do with games. And whatever happened to the Gem of the Week and Content of the Month (which only lasted for one month)? Every show has to start off with Sid talking about how bad his hosting is and how he can never get Nick’s title right. Which I guess at least your telling the truth about yourself as your hosting a gaming podcast but always talking about everything else but games. Then finally you go into the next weeks releases and then the rest of the show seems to be 90% about movies

  • How about this… How about you guys bring back the Gem of the Week and start going a little more in depth and talk more about the new releases, then pick your favorite content out of that week whether its a game, demo, DLC, whatever. Then at the end of the month, pick your favorite game or any content from out of that month. Also, why not pick a certain topic in games to talk about. And it could be anything from a certain game franchise, to a certain game genre, or feature in a particular game or anything. And maybe talk more about your experiences like you guys did with The Pinball Arcade. Sid, I remember you saying that you will be talking a lot about your experiences with Black Ops II zombies. What ever happened to that? Guys, I care about the PlayStation brand and I care about this podcast as I am a day 1 listener, but if this keeps on, I am going to have to stop tuning in as it is becoming a waste of my time. I tune in for games, not for movies and food.

  • (In response to Terminator543’s comments) I know this is a gaming podcast, but I enjoy listening to you guys talk about nongaming stuff, especially the food discussions. I feel it gives you guys a more personal feel rather than it seem like you guys are just pitching us something or reporting the news. But on the other hand, I think you could implement some of Terminator543’s ideas like talking about your favorite content from the upcoming week, or sharing some more recent memorable gaming experiences. Just my 2¢ (I didn’t even know there was a cent symbol on an android keyboard lol)

    And nice new pictures by the way (is Nick’s a cup?)


    Haha, you went pretty hard on them! HOWEVER, you do have some points and ideas that are really well said, I wouldn’t completely ignore his comments podcast hosts! I also find myself rolling my eyes or zoning out and barely listening when movie topics are read and when… food recipes (?) are also read off. Haha

    I DO however like to hear about your lives, or the funny thing you may have done over the weekend, etc like any other good podcast, that’s good because I don’t like to listen strictly to PS News, releases, and games – that would sound more like a press release than a podcast! However, that being said, devoting 50%+ to food recipes and movies is a bit funny and should be avoided. =P

  • I would say spend 10 minutes or less reading off all the crap like releases and news and stuff we already know about, and then delve into what you guys have been playing, what you’ve been doing in the PS offices, funny things you did in the past week, but try not to go too far off track to where this goes from the PlayStation Blogcast to the Blu-Ray Movie Blogcast if you know what I mean, haha. I love the exclusive interviews given on the show and if possible, give more exclusive PS info and things that we’ve not heard of yet, etc.

    I love the show still! It’s still one of the best podcasts I know and for me in no way I would stop listening anytime soon, but keep it all a little more focused on you guys as hosts with your experiences and stories, along with games. It’s fine if you talk about movies, but you’ve been doing it a heck of a lot recently, haha

  • Yeah, I do agree somewhat with BlindMango and BlueBl1zzard. I mean, I am not saying to go all corporate and it end up being just some sort of press release. I mean, what sets Sony apart from other companies is the fact that they are more easy going and laid back. But there is a limit, and I think that these guys have definitely pushed the limit. And the reason that I always tuned in is because this is where we can get official news on all things PlayStation. And yes, I do like when they talk a little bit about their everyday lives and stuff. But it has gotten to the point where they might as well change the name. I suggest that if they really want to go that much in-depth with movies, then they should just do a second podcast. I’ve just gotten really frustrated with it because I believe this podcast has lost its roots.

    • Thanks for all the comments guys, all points well taken and thanks for taking the time to write out your feedback. A couple of things:

      – The podcast is very much a passion project for Sid and I; we plan and record most of it after hours, and we do it because we like doing it and feel that it’s needed, not because anyone is telling us to.

      – Back to that time issue, I just haven’t been able to play many games this year, between working on the PS4 announcement, GDC, and now E3, etc. As a result I generally have less games to talk about myself, and in service of still making it a decently lengthy show, and because it’s fun for us to blow off some steam, we let ourselves go on non-game tangents. But we’ve probably taken it a bit far recently, we’ll see about reigning it in somewhat.

      – Some segments that have gone missing like Gem of the Week aren’t because we’re slacking, it’s just because nothing springs to mind to talk about beyond the ones we’ve covered, and we don’t want to force it. It’ll return though, maybe just not regularly.

      – Sid and I both imagine a glorious future where we have more time to commit to each episode as part of our days, and make the show that much better. Hopefully we get there. :-)

  • Old Snake, not only did he look elderly because of abnormal aging, he was 42 by the time of MGS4.

  • Please fix PSN Fatal Frame 2.
    Is seriously broken. Many are having problems with it:

  • I’ve always wondered: How exactly do you choose and play the soundtracks from the Sony games for the mystery themes? Is there some huge shared folder of PS game soundtracks on the company network, or are you randomly choosing games from a shelf and manually recording the audio?

  • Just a couple comments. I love the movie talk. Keep that going. When there’s limits on what subjects you can talk about, it makes the whole thing sound less fresh. Farm fresh, I guess? Couple other things…

    1. The first person to pop into my head when you mentioned an older protagonist would be the main character of Nier. While he may be one of the ugliest designs in videogame history (really, I held off on buying the game for the longest time because I didn’t want to play as an elderly S&M caveman), the game itself really makes you feel for the character and then, when you do new game plus, makes you feel awful about yourself for reasons I won’t spoil.

    2. Don’t listen to the people at IGN about anything. Blazblue is pronounced “Blaze Blue.”

    3. I actually played Mass Effect as femShep. And I agree about Jack being like people I knew…which made it all the more odd that my femShep couldn’t get into a relationship with her. I’ve known a lot of women like Jack over the years and they all were open to both types of relationships. In fact, Jack even says she has done that in the past in her dialogue. Was always confused by that.

  • Lol, nice pick of Nick. Smiled and had a good laugh about it being here instead of your regular head shot.

  • Oh hahahaha that’s the beard wash bottle! Nice one guys, it really does look like Nick

  • If Sid Shuman drank 6 diet cokes a day then Nick Suttner must have drank 6 beers a day if he thinks Ang lee’s Hulk is a good movie. I rather watch Blade trinity just for Ryan Reynolds and I saw the Hulk a year or so after it came out. Please don’t ban me

  • @ Nick

    I said “A Moogle Kupo d’Etat”

  • Oh, if you do say any of my responses again, my screenname is actually C. Lupula. I remember there was confusion over that the last time you guys read one of my comments.

    Anyway, another note that I forgot in my last comment…Defiance, the show takes place in St. Louis. Defiance, the videogame, takes place in San Francisco. It’s an attempt to broaden the world and have the game and show connected.


  • PsychoSploosh69

    Great episode as usual. I liked the conversation about director Shane Black. Long Kiss Goodnight was a great movie, and the 80’s movies you were referring to that he wrote Sid was Lethal Weapon 1-2.

  • Great episode. Can’t wait for Watch Dogs!!!

    Have you guys thought about posting weekly charts featuring the top 20 most played games on PS3 and on the Vita? Xbox does it and I’d love to see what are the most popular games on PS. It would help when thinking about purchasing a MP game.

  • I like BlueBl1zzard, terminator, BlindMelon’s thoughts. I know there are only so many gems, but the part of it that was fun was that you took turns every week. Maybe you could find a random PS person in the office and do an “interview” with them to talk about their gem (even if it is a repeat) for about 5 minutes.

    I really enjoyed the email and the discussion about old protagonists. This is much of what the others mentioned, you can have off-topic discussions that are gaming related but necessarily about a specific game. Either way I look forward to this podcast every week. Even though I haven’t seen half the movies you discuss.

  • another note that I forgot in my last comment…Defiance, the show takes place in St. Louis. Defiance, the videogame, takes place in San Francisco. It’s an attempt to broaden the world and have the game and show connected.

  • Nick, if you intend to bring Gem of the Week back, might I suggest looking at PSM games?

    To embed myself in the “what have we been playing” discussion would be to talk about Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. I’m one trophy away from a double-platinum. I have this to say about the game for those on the fence…

    Having done some overtime in Sony FPQA on Sly 2 and 3, having beaten them all originally on PS2, having obtained the coveted triple-platinum in the HD collection, and now having obliterated this fourth iteration of the series – made not by Insomniac Games but instead by Sanzaru Games – this is the best version hands down.

    It’s evident from the beginning, but more over in the end, that Sanzaru are fans of the series and know the content after masterfully HD-ifying the trilogy for PS3. They have taken some creative liberty with the characters storylines that fans of the series should take interest in (no spoilers, sorry). Gameplay is extremely familiar and Sly’s ancestor’s mechanics are creatively woven into Sly’s world, so far so that he adopts several of their moves.

  • (2/2)
    To make a long review short, fanatics of collectathons will undoubtedly feel at home within the 5.2 worlds of Sly 4. Collecting bottles in the hub worlds again (missing from Sly 3), collecting Sly hidden sly masks throughout missions and the hub worlds, collecting treasures, and obviously PSN trophies have kept me busy for days. Not to mention the fact that it was Cross-Buy entitled by getting it on PS3. Furthermore, it’s Cross-Save enabled allowing me to upload the save to the Cloud attached to my PSN ID and download it to the PS3, then back again on Vita.

    Blogcast crew, you guys are great. Keep me in mind if you need a fourth wheel to balance out the show one of these days!

  • nick and sid the show defiance takes place in st louis

  • and is pretty awsome if you have not seen it check it out and the game is pretty cool to

  • I have to say this is the best podcast you guys have ever recorded. Such good discussions that really made me think back on what games have been most effective in giving you a role.

  • I love the blogcast but I cringe every time they start talking about movies, not because I don’t love movie talk but because a lot of the movies they talk about as being good just aren’t. The Hulk, wow is that bad, Edward Norton did a much better job with that character, MUCH BETTER. Also The Master was a bad movie, it was Oscar bait and was just horrible in the end, the acting was so overrated. I like differing opinions, but it is like they are trying to say the exact opposite of what I would say, or most others for that matter. Still like the show but we obviously like completely different movies.

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