Muramasa Rebirth: Seek the Demon Blade on PS Vita

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Muramasa Rebirth: Seek the Demon Blade on PS Vita

Muramasa Rebirth on PS Vita: Momohime

Muramasa Rebirth on PS Vita

Muramasa Rebirth, the action-packed RPG from the developers of Muramasa: The Demon Blade brings the beautiful imagination and art of George Kamitani, creator of Muramasa, to life on PS Vita! In this exclusive trailer, brought first to PlayStation.Blog, we’re showing off the main characters — Momohime and Kisuke — as well as some sweet Demon Blade action!

In the world of Muramasa Rebirth, the princess Momohime is possessed by an antagonistic spirit, who desires his lost legendary Demon Blade and the power it holds. In her captive state, Momohime travels West in order to accomplish the spirit’s goals. With the power of the Demon Blades at her disposal, and the spirit’s sword wielding prowess, demons and gods alike will experience her wrath.

Muramasa Rebirth on PS Vita

Muramasa Rebirth on PS Vita: Kisuke

Muramasa Rebirth on PS Vita

Kisuke, the amnesiac fugitive ninja, finds himself on the run for a crime he has no memory of as he travels East. During a mission for his former lord, he comes across his target, a beautiful woman, who immediately recognizes him. Will Kisuke remember this beauty from his past and survive the onslaught of his pursuers? Only the gods can say.

Both Momohime and Kisuke’s search for the 108 Demon Blades will take them on a perilous journey filled with all kinds of ravenous monsters and deadly enemies. Each Demon Blade is equipped with a secret art that turns Momohime and Kisuke, already deadly with a sword, into unmatched masters of the blade. In this trailer, we show off just some of those blades and their awesome abilities.

This trailer is just the tip of the iceberg in Muramasa Rebirth. Stay tuned for more trailers, as well as footage for the impending four-scenario DLC release, with four new characters and new stages!

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  • Looks beautiful.

  • Looks great, its good some famous games coming for vita this june.

  • rafael_martines

    AKYSYS why you so God Like?


    Can’t wait when you guys confirm the localization of Blazblue Chrono Phantasma

  • Never played a Muramasa game. Looks nice and vibrant. Don’t really know much about 2D RPGs though. Is there loot, skills, character development, etc.?

  • I remember thinking about buying this game a few years ago, when I only had a Wii. Will probably pick it up this time. Would be even better with a Plus rebate at launch.

  • Can’t wait for this one! Looks amazing!

  • Ludwig-Beethoven

    Loved this game on the Wii, and I can’t wait to see it on my Vita’s OLED screen! Right on Aksys!

  • I’ve been waiting for this game since I first read of it’s release in Japan!
    Will there be a combo buy for the DLC or are they all just at a fixed price?

    I played the Wii version, and I’m looking forward to the portability and increased resolution of this one.

  • I tried my friend’s copy of the original Muramasa when it was first released, and I remember thinking that it was really cool. It’s was a real shame that the Wii version was so scarce, but that just means I have even more reason to pick up this version!

    From the updated resolution and art, to the new content, this game will be perfect on Vita!

  • Looks amazing but I may have to wait til it’s on sale.. Been spending too much on Vita games :(

  • I’ve always wanted to play Muramasa, but did not want a Wii. So I am particularly excited to see it come out for the Vita.

    I love Vanillaware and pre-ordered the deluxe version of this game as soon as it became available on Amazon.

    Thanks for bringing this to us, I look forward to getting my copy.

  • What is the length of the game? And Will it include trophy support?
    Can you talk about price point at this time?
    And how much space will I need to my memory card?

  • What is the length of the game? And Will it include trophy support?
    Can you talk about price point at this time?
    And how much space will I need in my memory card?

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      It’s roughly about 10-15 hrs per character. And yes, the game has trophies! Hurray!

      The Standard Edition will be $39.99, and the PSN version will be $34.99.

      You can also get the Muramasa Rebirth Blessing of Amitabha Collector’s Edition for $59.99 :D



      The game saves directly to the game card, so you’ll only require space on your memory card for the PSN version.

  • Already pre-ordered the special edition version and I can’t wait for this! Goodbye free time!!

  • Already pre-ordered. Can’t wait to get. Plus it’ll be on OLED and portable… probably easier on the wrists too :P

    Thanks for localizing AND for doing a physical release in the US. Great June lead up to Vanillaware’s next game in August.

  • Sweet!

  • is this a full retail release or a cheaper PSN release?

  • The vita needs better games, better variety..I’d love to see a western RPG also I have been banging this drum loudly and often but I’d love a shenmue, shenmue II hd on the vita ..

  • Any plans on working with a EU publisher for release in EU territories?
    I feel like im outside looking in on this title and the party inside looks beautiful…

  • Can’t wait! Already preordered. Say, Aksys, any chance of Demon Gaze or that awesome new Mind-0 localization? My wallet is ready! There are a slew of Japanese only Vita games atm, which is a real shame. I’d take any of them.

  • game looks like alot of fun..although there is a game that looks a lot similar to it..and you can DRAW with your fingers to SLASH your

  • Day one. Already have my special edition preorder in with Amazon. Really looking forward this. I mean, it has a dedicated jump buttion. A. DEDICATED. JUMP. BUTTON.

  • Can I play this version in the original Japanese or do I have to import to do that?

  • Any chance we could get this on ps3 as well? I’d much rather play it on my tv.

  • Forgetfulhearer

    It’s like you guys have been reading my mind.

  • Beautiful artwork.I started gaming in the 80’when I ran a video arcade.I have had my fill of these types of 2d.I just do not think I can pull the trigger on this one, as stunning as it probably is.I saw the bundle on Amazon. I thought of buying it for the components.I wish I could try the game out on a demo for a bit.

  • I know it’s not up to you guys, but if you can tell Vanillaware that I (and I’m sure many) would be down for more Vita ports of their other games as well. Can’t wait to play this and Dragon’s Crown on my PS Vita. :D

    Odin Sphere on Vita… *drools*

  • @17: Retail. There’s also a Limited Edition available. Aksys knows what it’s fans want. :D

    @20: I want both of those games. *sigh* So many good games trapped in Japan, at least we have the option to import. Not ideal for RPGs mind you, but it’s an option none the less.

  • Amazing – never thought this would hit any playstation device … can it play on PS3 or is a version scheduled for the PS3 in the future?

  • Should the “rebirth” imply anything beyond an HD (and OLED) rereleasing?

  • oh – missed your response @ #24 … that’s too bad.

  • It looks like a hack and slash (I was not expecting that). I am excited for this. :)

  • This and Dragon Crown are at the top of my PSVITA Day 1 Buy List.
    Can’t wait. As an artist myself, I’m a sucker for such talented art styles such as these :D
    Release Date?

  • Will definitely get this, looks great!

  • @30: Jump button, not sure what else to the core gameplay (if anything). But Aksys is doing an all new (better!) translation of the game.

  • 4 future DLC packs and new characters? Absolute day 1 purchase. Can’t wait!

  • action rpg! 10-15 hours per character! on vita! 1 question…will there be lots of upgrades?

  • guess i should of read to the end! haha. 108 blades. nice

  • This game looks great.

  • So Hype for this…but sad that there is no PS3 port. I can’t afford a PSvita. (A problem I’m sure a lot of people have.)

  • Why Vita? I want it on PS3. playing this game without a controller is not entertain at all.

  • Thanks for the info Frank.
    just pre-ordered my collectors edition at GameStop ;-)

  • OK you convinced me. I’m pre-ordering. Yay, more Vita games! I don’t have enough time!

  • Was really sad when this game came only to the Wii but i’m glad to finally have a chance to play this beautiful game. Hope any knowledge of preorder bonuses are made available weeks before games release.

  • Oh cool 2 days before my birthday. Had the limited edition preordered Day 1. Can’t wait for this on dat beautiful OLED. Oh and A DEDICATED JUMP BUTTON. Only reason why I skipped out on the Wii version. Thank you based Aksys

  • I’ll for sure have to reserve this now!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sweet! I’ve never played a Muramasa game before, but that’s going to change come June 25 ;) Keep the Vita games comin’!!!!!

  • Day one for me. Still have to decide if retail or digital though…

  • Already preordered and paid off. Muramasa was one of my favorite games when it originally came out and having it on the sweet OLED screen will just make it better.

    Also going to echo the statement that y’all should port Odin Sphere over to the Vita as well.

  • Beautiful looking game! I hope that the gameplay is great as well… will there be a demo?

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