PlayStation Home Update: Killer Plants Invade!

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PlayStation Home Update: Killer Plants Invade!

This week in PlayStation Home, Killer Plants from Outer Space invades, VEEMEE is sharing their 3D Printer with everyone, Hovercars zoom in from JAM Games, and Home Tycoon is offering a new sale! There’s more below, and don’t forget to join the PlayStation Home Community on the PlayStation Forums.

Fluffy Logic – Killer Plants from Outer Space

Get ready to do battle with the genetically spliced Killer Plants, created by your greatest enemy… your wife!

From the creators of Savage Moon comes Killer Plants from Outer Space: a new reverse tower defense strategy game for Playstation Home. Take on the role of Professor Fred Jean, bio-mechanical engineer extraordinaire, to overcome the hoards of killer plants skilfully created by Ginger, your enemy and wife. You have one advantage over Ginger; you can spawn up to 18 different creature combinations, each with special abilities and functions.

On a mission to find new subjects for their gene-splicing, bio-mech manipulations, Fred and Ginger Jean, husband and wife, crash their spaceship. Stranded on opposite ends of the Crab Nebula, they both determine to prove their case. Fred befriends the local fauna, instantly adding to and enhancing their natural defences. Ginger splices plant DNA, flora already adapted for fighting…and winning!

For more information on this exciting new game, check out this forum thread, highlighting the break-down, strategy, tips and tricks.

VEEMEE – 3D Printer, Billabong + Wrangler

3D Printer

Bring your personal space bang up to date with the laser-driven technical marvel that is the VEEMEE 3D Printer. No more (virtual) trips to the (virtual) mall for (the virtual) you. Instead you can stay at home and manufacture a wide variety of (virtual) items in the comfort of any personal space. Hologram Chair, Beast Companion, Ninja Throwing Stars, Seagull Hat or… Feet for Hands..? All these and more can be printed out in a few seconds for you and your friends. Keep coming back to your 3D Printer to see if anyone has bought gifts for you, and to check out the regular updates and promotions. Visit the Hub to be rewarded your very own free 3D Printer with 50 free vouchers and get printing today.


Visit the Billabong Store this week and check out the new selection of clothes on offer. This week there are new hats, shirts, shorts, sweaters, trousers, dresses and 2-part bikini bundles to try on. Don’t miss the amazing Orange Rastovich Peace and Aloha shirt for men and the Mo Mint Beach Me sweater for women. The stunning new Blue Penny 2-part bikini bundle is the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe.



Even more amazing Wrangler clothes this week. There will be a range of shorts, tops, jeans, jackets and sweaters including the men’s Technical – Black Olive Padded Bomber jacket and Tapered – Black Olive Chino pants. Ladies, don’t miss the Authentic – Rocky Gorge Jacket and the Jessie – Colony Blue top. All these items and more are available in the VEEMEE store. There are plenty opportunities to mix, match and create your own style.


JAM Games – Hover Cars

It’s time to get down with the Traffic Jam vibe. Climb aboard our hover cars, the JMX-315, and discover this new way to travel in vehicular style! In our flying transportation you can make the future of travel a reality in virtuality! Watch the fans spin and smoke and check out the rear jets!

Choose from a range of styles and let your paint job do the talking, join the Traffic Jam now!


Atom Republic – Traditional Dances

Perform timeless classics from around the world with Atom Republic’s Traditional Dance Moves: featuring Line-dancing, Belly-dancing, Indian dance, Hawaiian Hula, Capoeira and the Cossak jumpstyle!

HellFire Games – Home Tycoon $ale

Unlock Home Tycoon’s biggest expansion pack ever for 35% off this week in PlayStation Home! Now through May 12, the “Big Science” expansion pack is available for 35% off, plus all New City purchases are half price! Hurry, this sale will be gone at the end of the week.


Granzella – Beach Clothing + Kanazawa Independence

Beach Clothing

Bring your Beach Sandals if you go to the beach, and a straw hat too! The Beach Sandal set includes 10 color variations for both men and women, aqua blue, lime green, ivy green, orange, pink, royal blue, red, yellow, white, and black. Additionally, the Straw Hat Set, which softens the summer sun, is released also this week. Wear the Beach Sandals of your choice and enjoy the sandy beach! If you’re worried about the sunlight, be sure to bring a Straw Hat too!

20130508_Straw Hat20130508_Beach Shoe

Kanazawa Independence

Featured in the KIF, Lieutenant Suzumiya and Colonel Kurahashi outfits have arrived! The Military Uniform 5-piece Set includes a Military Cap, Hairstyle, Military Uniform Top, Gloves, and Military Uniform Skirt. The Swimsuit 2-piece Set includes a Swimsuit and Military Boots. Lieutenant Suzumiya’s Casual Wear 2-piece Set includes Casual Wear and Slippers. Military Boots are available for women and for both men and women a Headset is available.

So wrap yourself up in the KIF outfits and become Lieutenant Suzumiya and Colonel Kurahashi!

*Kanazawa Independence Front is a Military Science Fiction work set in the city of Kanazawa currently being developed by Granzella.

Lockwood – Doodle Packs

Expand your portfolio by using Lock-a-doodles latest Doodle Packs! Sodium fans will be pleased with the Sodium2 pack available exclusively via the Gift Machine. We also have Iron Fusion and Medusa packs in the store. Each pack includes new words, colours, stickers and stamps to enhance the Lock-a-doodle game!


nDreams – Vertigo Apartment, Xi Sale + Hoverbikes

Vertigo Apartment

Those who have played Xi: Continuum will tell you how great the Vertigo Apartment looks. It’s the most stunning apartment in Home. It is now available for anyone to purchase and enjoy. The apartment comes fully unlocked.
Note: For only a small amount extra, purchase the “Xi: Continuum – Axiom Agent Pack” in the nDreams shop and obtain the game version of this apartment and access to Xi: Continuum, the exciting PlayStation®Home adventure game featuring an evolving story, playable missions, and rewards.


Xi Items Sale

While there are new Xi related items being release nDreams thought it would be a great time to offer some deals on other Xi related items. You can now experience Xi: Continuum for less by picking up the reduced price Axiom Agent Pack. You can also pick up original Xi items for less including the Xi Party Apartment, Hover Bike Ornaments and a couple of Stapler related items.


Original Xi Hoverbike Locomotions

There will be quite a few of you who remembered playing Maximum Tilt during the original Xi, who have the Hover Bike ornaments. We hope you remember how to ride because the Xi Hoverbikes are coming to Home as Locomotions this week.

x7 Update

This week in exclusive VIP nightclub x7, there is a new exclusive value bundle, a new freebie for the men, and a collection of fun ladies Classic Miniskirts and Bodycon dresses from Lockwood available for early-access to members. Head to x7, take the elevator upstairs, check out these fine items, then dance the night away!

Mall Update – The Virtual Item Showcase, Volume 87

Magnus is back again, sharing with us all the hottest new items this week. Check out the video below for all the details. Highlights include Metal Wings from O-Two, a couple awesome Dance Bundles from nDreams, new Billabong items from VEEMEE, and a Bartender outfit from Granzella. Enjoy this week’s Virtual Item Showcase.

See you in PlayStation Home!

Want to chat more about PlayStation Home? Hop on over to the Home Forums! If you’re having trouble with Home, head to the Home Support forum.

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  • Add more games to PS Home arcade please

  • Why can’t I add my cabinets to my apartment in PS Home?

  • Wow, look at PS Home from a year or two ago to now. Great way to step things up. But will there be a Vita Home or a app for ps home for the vita. or at less crackle on the vita?

  • i log in to home today n all my konami items wtf

  • r gone ;

  • Dear Cade

    Can you please let the ppl at Granzella that their “Parted Triple-Braided Hairstyle (Women)” is glitchy.The hairstyle’s part in the middle is all bunched up to the point were there is no part just a clumpy mess.


  • yes same here my konami items are gone im like whats happing ? and its not only me my friends are also affected by this !!

  • Sony still posting Home and Playstation Mobile announcements? I guess we know why Sony has lost touch of new innovation and cling onto old things that are irrelevant. How the mighty has fallen.

  • thankyou cade plz inform ty again ^^

  • Are you going to let Granzella know? You seem to never want to reply to my comments.I want a divorce Cade!!!

  • Excuse me – but where is my Andys room – where is my Dolphy space and where are all my Konami outfits?

  • Ok I won’t leave you Cade but your on thin ice and thank you I truly appreciate it.

  • GLASSY! its not just me but my dolphy apartment and all Hudson dolphy items are missing from inventory. This is a bad issue that needs attention not to be igonred. Please help =(

  • i cant believe this sony better fix this or refund everyone this is very messed up!

  • Sony can’t refund all that money.Like I told my sis be patient they will fix this.

  • ACK! Line Dancing??? Don’t you all know that Rednecks + Boots & Synchronization = Trouble!!! LOL! Just kidding. The dance packs look really cool. But, with all these vehicle locomotions, we really should have a dedicated space (other than the Prarie) that’s big enough to use them. Has anybody suggested/considered creating a race track for those kind of Locomotions on Home? I think it’d be awesome!

  • Why is it Sony expects us to pay for virtual items when they can freely take them out from under us without reimbursement? After all it’s us, the consumer, that pays their luxurious pay checks. If it’s a licensing agreement or argument as it seems, we shouldn’t be the one to lose out. Perhaps those higher up in the company with their deep pockets should start refunding us.

    • No items have been removed from your accounts, there is just a temporary issue with inventory displaying correctly. We’re on the case though!

  • if we cant get our items back due to copyrights ect. sony better refund some serious money!

  • On another note. Can we expect to see anything coming out for the 30th anniversary of Return of the Jedi?

    This month, for anyone who isn’t aware or isn’t a HUGE Star Wars fan like myself, marks the 30th anniversary of the third film from the “Original Trilogy” and the sixth for the complete Saga.

    With that being said, can we finally expect to see a Darth Vader full-body outfit and perhaps companions as well, such as Yoda and of course R2D2 to go along with the C-3PO outfit that is currently available?

    Any information would be great CADE, since it seems the only responses provided to posts com from either issues where Sony might lose money, or the usual booty kissing comments.

    • That’s completely up to Disney as they now own the rights to the Star Wars franchise. As of now, I have nothing new to share on that topic at this time.

  • Tifa__Lockhart_

    Ok….got on today and all of my konami stuff is gone….WTF Home? Please fix this ASAP!

  • I absolutely agree with you G-DragonMyLuv. A lawsuit from those who have lost items would cost Sony more than reimbursing it’s users for items they’ve taken from us without warning or even the common courtesy of an explanation as to why they’re gone.

  • The-Mad-Killer-

    Dear Sony and workers of playstation home, I’m really pissed about this. I woke up this to see my black go kart i bought last week isn’t there now. And when i was at the store it had no record of me buying the go kart. No history of buying or anything soI want my 3.99 back right now cuz this is alot of bs.

  • Does anyone happen to know when the blog opens for comments on the day of the updates? It seems as though the first few comments posted in the morning of the update are responded to, whereas anything posted at a later time are ignored, unless otherwise responded to by other users.

    Basically I’m hoping to be able to comment when Cade is more likely to respond, since he is the “Inside Man”.


    • Are you asking about when comments are replied to? Generally I try to get in there shortly after the post goes live, then check back throughout the day as more comments roll in, since we all have other responsibilities to attend to throughout the day. So far, I’ve jumped back in 3 separate times now. Others have their own practice for this, but that’s mine. After about a day or so, we stop and move on. You’re welcome to continue the conversation in the Home forums, which is very lively and offers direct access to many others who can answer questions like this and more.
      PS Home forum:

  • Greetings *bows* well as stated in last weeks update post great update an i do agree with most about the star wars cantina an such … but i have an issue to post on cause my club is egre for an answer an i’m sure u can answer cade … i know we’ve bin told to keep checking back but now when i go to pottermores spaces its all empty not a single soul in them an my club an a few other lings an hooomans want to know when the release will be for more … but i think i can answer my own question … mayhaps it has to do with the fact that the next pottermore space is indeed hogwarts an its going to take a little bit more time to work out all the bugs an get everything in detail to pottermore an J.k.Rs specs am i right ^.^ well we will see …. Great update an i hope i get a reply XD … farewell all *bows as he exits*

  • ps i’m really excited about granzellas future an hope they come out with more spaces such as anime themed spaces an personal spaces XD

  • This issue has nothing to do with copyrights.If that were the case I wouldn’t still have my IREM stuff.You need to stop listening to ppl who aren’t Sony rep’s.Sony themselves don’t know whats going on let alone so random doofus.

  • Hover cars from jam games look bad I’ve been looking for over an hour and can’t find them anywhere?!I’m not nuts.they are no where to be found.And I’m not not even gonna start on all my missing stuff,as your probably so tired of hearing about it lol( although it really suck but I know it being worked on) but seriously,where are the jam games hover cars???

  • quick question about the free personal space from Ndreams (the complex). i had just bought all 4 of the add on’s at once and its not letting me access them in the personal space. it keeps sending me to the do you want to buy screen even though i have already bought them.

  • Got on tonight several items including my Tron outfits are missing??? They’re not showing up in any of my lists or in my purchases? It still shows them in the costumes store though, whats going on?

  • help plz.. my konami stuff is back.. which i say ty. but i notice that my hudson spaces are gone too.(hudson dolphy room , bonk living space ) also the 2kgames spaces are gone.( rapture metro apartment ). plz help…i just want my stuff back ty.

  • my trons outfits are also gone… they should just go over everything on all store … it seems is more than just konami hudson and 2kgames.

  • got my konami stuff bk but still missing my hudson gate stuff .what going on?

  • sorry too change the subject, but when is sony going to come out with the usb extra cable for the ps vita 3g and the 2 apps they said was comeing in the spring

  • @26 ….Greetings ummm hooman are u sure ur reading my comment right … o.O its not an issue its a question …. silly hoooman ^. ^ … an yes i do admit i did say issue cause my clubs call it an issue due to the fact that their favorite space is now a dead zone …. *sigh* such is psh … but as stated it was a question not an issue …. an also cade ik i answered my own question XD Farwell Hoomans *bows as he exits again* cant w8 til the mornings update …

  • when i logged in and saw a number of my items missing, rather than freak out and start threatening to sue Sony, i just checked my inventory in Storage and saw the missing items were there. so then i went through and moved the ones i wanted back into my main inventory. it was inconvenient but not a disaster. so if you’re missing things check Storage before going ballistic here (but if you do and your items are truly gone, by all means fire away! :o)

  • Hey Cade, I’m wondering when the issue will be fixed with the 3D Printer. Myself and others on Home feel left out because we are unable to receive the item or tokens when we venture to the Hub. Any information on that situation?

  • i cant seem to get the 3D printer no matter what i do is something wrong with the system

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