Rymdkapsel: Minimalist Space Strategy and You

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Rymdkapsel: Minimalist Space Strategy and You

Rymdkapsel - PS Mobile

A year ago, I started making a game about a space station. I wanted to make a game that had all the fun parts of an RTS but none of the fiddly, stressful bits. The more I removed, the better the game became and that’s how Rymdkapsel came into being.

Rymdkapsel is a game about building your station; imagine a real time strategy game where you don’t have to worry about ever leaving the cozy comforts of your home base.

It’s not all smooth sailing though, when your base grows bigger as does your need for space and resources. All this expansion will surely attract the attention of the dreaded enemy. This leaves you with the task of balancing your quest for expansion with the safety of a small, tight, structure.

The philosophy of less is more goes on right through the entire game. This idea of removing-to-make-better isn’t a new one for sure, it’s something I’ve been exploring in many prototypes for years. I’ve made a one button dungeon crawler (glorg), an implementation of Tetris that only requires one dimensional touch input and a crazy tower defense that lets you skip around in time to get to the fun bits faster.

Rymdkapsel - PS MobileRymdkapsel - PS Mobile

You control the game by dragging rooms from the upper part of the screen down and attaching them to your station. All rooms need to attach to a corridor, which form the backbone of your construction. The lower part of the screen has the task list, here you can drag minions between different tasks such as construction, engineering or food service. Once the enemies come around, you’d better have a weapons room and make sure it’s manned too.

The soundtrack and all sounds are made by Niklas Ström. The game features a single track, but it’s a whopping 15 minutes. Inspired by the lush forests of Sweden, but somehow transposed into dark, lonely space. Niklas whipped this up in a few days almost a year ago and I’ve listened to it thousands of times since then and I still love it!

The entire game is made by me, Martin Jonasson, sometimes known as grapefrukt games. I’m a longtime flash developer and game maker, but this will be my first game for sale directly to players. For more information on grapefrukt games, please visit our website.

Oh, and if you’re feeling up to the challenge; the record among my testers is lasting 54 waves. Best of luck!

PS Vita owners will be able to download Rymdkapsel from the PlayStation Mobile section of PlayStation Store later today for $4.99; Owners of PlayStation-certified devices (see the full list here) can obtain it through the PlayStation Mobile Store – click here for full instructions.

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3 Author Replies

  • What’s the story behind the name?

  • I usually don’t buy anything off PS Mobile that’s more than $2 but this looks too cool to pass up. Any idea on the size it takes up on the Vita?

  • Oh, PS Mobile. Man, I ought to get me a Vita at some point. My biggest qualm with RTS has been keeping track of units across a vast map, so this proposition strikes me particularly.

  • This one looks neat!

  • Is this like all other RTS games where you have to move units everywhere? I am horrible at RTS games, but I think in this one you’re always inside your base?

  • Oh it’s part tower defense, according to the website. I dunno if I’ll like this.

  • I know it’s kind of an inconsequential comment, but I think the game looks lovely! Super sold on it based solely on visuals.

  • I don’t suppose there’s any chance of a demo? Especially when something’s got a relatively unique premise, I’d prefer to try it out first.

    IdontgottadaVita, but I’ve got an Xperia Ion. Always good to see PS Mobile getting some love.

  • Having been one of the lucky few to test this game before it’s now imminent release I want to take this opportunity to tell people about what an amazing little game this is. Every time I sit down to play, an hour passes before I even realize what happened. On the bus, the flight or basically anywhere you would normally play a mobile game, this is a must-have.

  • whatisdelicious

    I’m in. Really love the minimalistic art style, though I hope it’s not too hard figuring out what everything is.

  • Upgrade it into a PSN game and Im sure it will be a hit. Most people dont check the mobile section. Me included.

  • When the online community gives so much praise, over stuff like this.

    You know, you are not in the real world anymore.

  • Pay me to play it, and I might find a positive to it too.


  • Why not get over the copyright issue with Nintendo, and bring us back titles that could be updated instead.

    We would all be happier.

  • On a positive.

    If you created this for a computer software class, I still you props, and two thumbs up.

  • Looks really cool. Visuals remind me of Zaxxon and the gameplay like Outpost.

    What quality are the audio assets encoded at? I don’t mind paying $5 for a PSM game, but 128kbit/sec MP3 audio like most iOS/Android games really lowers the value proposition for me.

    • Martin Jonasson

      The music is indeed a 128kbit/sec MP3, mostly so I could keep it a reasonable size. All the sound effects are however uncompressed, for your listening pleasure!

      Interestingly, the audio assets make up about 90% of the entire games size, the music being about half of that.

  • This looks really great. It’s just too bad no one will ever find it because the name is so awful. I can’t even fathom how to pronounce it.

  • @17, it is Swedish (I think) for “Space Capsule.”

    To people who have played it. Is it easy to play for people who suck at RTS and tower defense games?

  • I’m getting message when trying to buy:

    “This content may not yet be for sale or is no longer for sale. (NP-2247-5)

    • Martin Jonasson

      As far as I can understand the Playstation Store updates earlier than the Playstation Mobile Store. The PS Store is run from America, and the latter is Japan. So, for a few hours the game was featured but not available yet.

      This should all be remedied by now, sorry about that.

  • I’m in NA and I don’t get that message.

  • Bought!!! Already put a whole hour into it!

  • This looks amazing, too bad I can’t play it. :(

  • It’s highly likely that I just bought this game right now because, and only because of this blog post. Hopefully I enjoy it as much as the $5 I spent.

  • This blog post convinced me to buy the game on the VIta. The game sucked me in and the next thing I looked down and several hours had passed. Best game on the Playstation Mobile Store by far.

  • Just beat the game. Very fun. Got kind of intense at the end.

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