Hohokum Coming to PS4, PS3, PS Vita in 2014

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Hohokum Coming to PS4, PS3, PS Vita in 2014

Hohokum on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita

It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce Hohokum as a Sony Santa Monica project, coming to PS4, PS3 and PS Vita in 2014!

Hohokum is a collaboration between artist Richard Hogg and Honeyslug, a London-based game studio. It is a whimsical colorful game with an emphasis on playful exploration and creativity. You take on the role of a curious flying snake-like character. A technicolor, calligraphic, worm-like, kite-like being! The way you move around the world is very expressive and kinetic and kind of mesmerizing to play.

Hohokum on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita

Hohokum on PS3, PS4, and PS VitaHohokum on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita

One of the main aims for Hohokum is to create something where the usual pressures of videogames – constantly being told to do things, fearing failure and being challenged to earn progress – were all absent. This is quite a challenge, but we’re really excited about how it’s coming together. There are goals and secrets to discover. There are even Trophies. But at its heart Hohokum is a playground, a place to wander about, perhaps even lose yourself in.

It is kind of awesome to be able to finally say that. We have been working away on the game for the last year, maintaining strict radio silence. Before that we had a Hohokum-sabbatical in order to make Frobisher Says for PS Vita. So it has been around two years since the public saw anything of Hohokum that was when it was an IGF finalist and then followed by Indiecade.

Hohokum on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita

But now the cat is out of the bag! I guess it was in the summer of 2011 at Indiecade that our involvement with Santa Monica Studio began. We have come quite a long way since then and they are still the perfect fit to be working with on this game.

We can’t wait to show people all the new additions in Hohokum at E3.

For more on Hohokum, check out Game Informer’s story.

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  • That graphics reminds me a lot of Locoroco. Look forward to see more of this. :)

  • Cool! love the announcements today! cant wait till e3

  • The art style – my God, it’s just so adorable. As Gamerzlimited said it’s quite reminiscent of Locoroco. Really looking forward to seeing more!

  • Looks like Noby Noby Boy mixed with Patapon. I want this =D

  • Thank you Playstation for making games other than 1st person shooters. The creativity I’m seeing from these posts today are making me more confident in the future of gaming.

  • Are you planning on bringing the cat, urm, game to PAX Prime in Seattle?

  • This and Doki-Doki will make me rediscover my love for my vita. I would actually love if the general trend was to make more of this and less shooters

  • Looks just like Hohokum to me. Which is exciting news – and stoked for more PS4 games! Looks delightful indeed, yes.

  • I wonder if most games on PS4 are still gonna be 720P.. by how little effort most devs put on the ps3 I think we’re gonna see very little difference between both platforms. Save for Battlefield 4 I bet 90% of the games are gonna looks the same as in the ps3

    • Hey there! Hohokum is gonna run 1080p / 60fps on the home consoles, and full resolution / 60fps on Vita!

  • It reminds me of some of my favorite games like Loco Roco and Katamari!
    I’m so happy Playstation does these kinds of games and not just the same old space shooters everyone else does.

  • also reminds me of Locoroco PS3 and maybe NobyNoby Boy, which is a good thing!

    will it be 1080p native on PS3? HD audio assets?

    who’s doing the music?

    • Yep 1080p, and we’re planning on supporting surround-sound.

      I am biting my tongue right now about the music. So excited about it, but saving it for another announcement I’m afraid. Stay tuned!

  • Just curious: Would this be one of the first titles that’s cross-buy/cross-save with PS3, Vita, AND the upcoming PS4? Or will purchases be separate? Or is all of that still being considered?

    Cannot wait to see more of this game soon!

  • Thanks so much for all the nice comments everyone – really chuffed you folks are into it! We can’t wait for people to get their hands on it! <3

  • Please show game play soon. Tickle me intrigued. ;)

  • Competing with Doki-Doki Universe maybe?

  • Love that Sony man… Finally getting my hope back for the future of gaming…

  • Art style is very cool, but I need more info on the gameplay!

    Damnit, E3, why do you have to be a whole month away?!

  • It’s good to see games from more indie developers bringing great games to the PS Vita!!!!!!!!!!

  • David Nottingham

    I have to say Hohokum is a beautiful game and one I can’t wait to play. Such great visuals and also, the team are a bunch of super lovely peeps! Plus it’s fun to say. Hohokum!

  • The art direction looks amazing and the gameplay so different. It’s love at first site! Good job Sony getting this game for PS4/Vita. :X

  • More indie damn it! MOAR.

  • Loving the art style. Color me intrigued.

  • Come on guys, sell yourselves a little! You can tell us that you made Frobisher Says!

  • The use of color and super rad visual style has REALLY piqued my interested.
    Not to mention that it’s made alongside Sony Santa Monica!

    PS4 just keeps getting more, and more games! It’s fantastic!

  • oh wow i cant wait for this game in my ps3 :D

  • I thought I recognized Richard Hogg as one of the guys behind Frobisher Says. Can’t wait for the new game!

  • This looks really awesome! Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to learn more about it!!

  • Love Frobisher Says.

    This looks awesome, can’t wait to see what it looks like on the Vita’s OLED screen! Makes me want a new Patapon and LocoRoco just thinking about it.

    • It looks amazing on the Vita screen! I am a massive perfectionist with my art and in my opinion the vita is where it looks best. We get a good framerate too.

  • Read below that this game is being planned to be a PS4-PS3-Vita CrossBuy.. PLEASE MAKE IT SO! Thank you for being awesome!

  • Wow!! So many indie games. Can’t wait to get my hands on this game. Looks legit and cute.

  • It’s amazing how excited I am for this game-I-have-no-idea-how-it-works just because it’s CrossBuy.

  • 3 way cross buy / save. SOLD.

    Also, thanks a lot for your commitment to 60fps. It makes the feel of the game so much better.

  • I wanted to ask, will there still be a commitment to PS3 playstation plus once the PS4 is out, it’s something I lways wanted to know, I mean, I assumed so, because you keep adding PS2 and PS1 classics, but it’s still bugging me.

  • what an INTERESTING NAME for a game….HO-HO-Kum..lol its missing two E’s and replace the K with a C..and its a M RATED GAME..lmao

  • Fook This looks awesome!!

    Why isn’t everyone a gamer!!

  • Who’s making the game?
    How do we get in the industry?
    Are you guys hiring?

  • Game looks good. I approve.

  • Santa Monica has touched some pretty awesome games. This looks like another winner to me.

  • This is going to be a excellent experience on the Vita and PS4 on a big screen with surround sound but I wonder, is this going to have cross-play by any chance like Co-Op? Feed back appreciated!

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