The Last of Us: Meet the Infected

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The Last of Us: Meet the Infected
The Last of Us: Meet the Infected
The Last of Us on PS3

I’m ready for The Last of Us. This morally grey gem from the brilliant minds at Naughty Dog combines exploration, scavenging, and brutal hide-and-seek combat against hordes of deadly Infected that prowl the remains of a ravaged United States. June 14th can’t come soon enough!

Not long ago, we asked The Last of Us Creative Director Neil Druckmann and Game Director Bruce Straley to give us an intimate tour of the game’s sights and sounds. Among many other topics, our new interview details the disturbing origins of the game’s Infected, an idea which sprouted from nature documentaries. Our discussion also plunges deeper into the turbulent but vital relationship between Joel and Ellie, as unlikely a pair of game protagonists as you’re likely to find.

Please watch, and then leave your thoughts in the comments below!

The Last of Us on PS3

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  • DonkeyKongKilla

    I don’t know why but the picture to the left looks like Jar-Jar from star wars headless to me. haha..

  • Looks great. Any chance we’ll get multiplayer news soon?

  • Is this day 1 digital in Europe?

  • I pray to God we won’t be screwed over by the addition of multitudinous DLC trophies.

    I REALLY want this game, and I will most likely buy it. But I will repeat myself over and over (just finished a match of Uncharted 3 MP), and honestly, I am up for challenge, but in MP skills don’t matter, latency does.

    Naughty Dog, support the game with DLC, I’m all for that. Hell, if there are single player DLC with Trophies I’d buy it day one, but PLEASE, I BEG YOU, I went through the torture of getting 100% in Uncharted 2, and I’m just starting Uncharted 3 and I feel like ripping my hair out. If the purpose of the addition of these Trophies is to inspire a sense of despair and frustration of galactic proportions, then they really succeeded.

    I am all up for a challenge, but again, PLEASE, I truly beg you, as someone who has Uncharted 1, Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3 AND Uncharted: Golden Abyss, all platinumed, to not add ridiculous MP DLC trophies.

    Thank you, and God bless you <3

  • Looks Awesome as always. when’s the multiplayer reveal coming?

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on this game. You don’t see much survival type games like this nowadays.

  • Got to say that this is my most anticipated game of all time!!! I have never been so excited for any game. I have been wanting this ever since it was being teased even though I really didn’t know anything about it. Hoping that this can be a Day 1 buy for me but not to sure. I was pretty disappointed seeing that it was being delayed until June 14th, but I can understand being that Naughty Dog wanted to make sure it was going to be their biggest and best work yet. And the more I think about it, it may come as a good thing as I graduate on June 7, maybe I can get this as a week late graduation present! :D

  • Just 5 weeks and 4 days to go! I cant wait anymore. It’s like torture. Feels like we’ve been waiting for this for a thousand years. I’m rushing through Defiance, Soul Sacrifice and Hitman just so I can get them out of the way. Don’t want to be playing anything else when this game arrives

  • I am very excited about this game can’t wait to have it in my PS3

  • Can’t wait to play this game. After playing some of the uncharted series and seeing the bits shown here I want to play this game sooo bad.
    Keep it up and deliver the best experience ever.

  • “June 14th can’t come soon enough!” – My thoughts exactly. =)

  • We currently looking at a double layered bluray here or what?

  • I asked this on your previous post but I think I got more chances to be answered here:
    Will TLOU be day 1 digital? I reaaaaaly want to play this ASAP but today I rather digital copies. So, basically, your answer will define if I pre-order it now or just add 60U$ credit to my psn account. Thanks! =)

  • I’d love to play this, as a lover of all things Uncharted, but honestly, the design of the infected just freaks me out too much.

  • @ #4: You don’t have to get the Multiplayer trophies to platinum the Uncharted games. Don’t blame Naughty Dog for your own doings.

  • Is it going to be a Day 1 Digital?

  • The stage 3 infected are so creepy, geez. Definitely going to aim for the head whenever i’m forced to kill one of those things (shivers)

    • They are BRUTALLY hard, and absorb a lot more punishment than you’d think. They’re a little slower than the Stage 1 infected, but don’t let them get near you!

  • @15 I am not blaming them. I’m just explaining how it is on the receiving end. And of course I know I don’t need DLC trophies for platinum; and I always buy DLC with trophies. But Uncharted 2/3’s DLC were just atrocious and un-humane.

  • EDIT: I like to have 100%. Blame my OCD.

  • Yes, of ALL time!!! :) it may also already be my favorite game of ALL time too :) Also forgot to mention that I can’t wait to see more on multiplayer. :) And thanks Sid, with E3, graduation, and the launch of this game, next month is going to be huge!!

  • I am wondering what would be the last good Exclusive for PS3 before the PS4 arrives would it be this or Beyond two souls. So far this game is looking pretty impressive except for the part of not seeing any multiplayer. :(

    Hopefully soon more details will be revealed on the multiplayer

  • Whoohah glad I bought GOW Ascensions, so that I can be one of the thousands to play it end of the month.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I see it’s already been asked (more than once), but I’ll too add my hopes that it’s a day one digital release. My PS3’s BR Drive no longer works, so digital would be the only way I’d be able to play it.

  • DonkeyKongKilla

    I thought it was already out! haha… Well, this game is still worth the wait.

  • PGDarkLordMalik

    I am getting a error# 2124 on video?

  • That game is my most anticipated game, we were suppose to play it tomorrow! I guess the delay will be worth it.

  • I have a question about mulitplayer. Is it couch co-op? online co-op? Uncharted style TDM? is it Dead Space 2 style TDM? Im kind of curious because there are little details about it, and the preorder bonuses mention something for mulitplayer

  • Man I wish that idiot didn’t send me a message spoiling the game’s ending (if it even was a real spoiler). Still picking up the game, but damn.

  • This comes out on my birthday, so when y’all countdown to the games release! I can’t wait mine has been reserved. Looks like I will have a great birthday, LOU and the new SuperMan movie!

  • How about another contest for this game?!!

  • Ok, here’s $120…. wait, what? it only cost 60 bucks? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  • I’m a little bummed out that you guys leaked the ending in a demo file. A friend purposely ruined it for because he’s an @ss. You guys didn’t see that coming from naming the file that?

  • @4: Uncharted’s online trophies that are for the platinum are for just trying co-op and competitive. Just do a match and you get it.

    All the various kill x number with y weapon are additional trophies not required for the platinum and added with the DLC.

  • @4: Saw your other comments. Meh, 100% doesn’t bother me. I just want my platinum. I only try keep 100% if it remains fun, like LBP2. Though I’ve yet to get back up to 100% with the Cross Controller DLC.

  • GAAAAAAH i want this game right now!!
    why did u change the release date -_- all of us would’ve had it by now

  • I can’t wait to play this masterpiece. I hope that there will be plenty of optional missions because 12-14 hrs of game play will not be enough. Although to be honest 12-14 is actually 24-28 hrs for me.

  • Really hoping this game will be VERY challenging! It gets me exited hearing it will not be an ez walktrou. :P

    NOTE: If it is Hard and Whiners start complaining, PLS DONT UPDATE IT TO MAKE IT EZ SO BABIES CAN PLAY IT! (Looking at u God Of War Ascension and Modnation Racers team!)

  • BTW this game looks like Uncharted and Resistance had a baby :P LOVE IT

  • Day 1 digital?

  • Agree with DarkOne_PR. How can a gamer improve their skills if they don’t push themselves to do something they cant normally do. Playing on very easy wont get them anywhere

  • So glad I have the art book pre-ordered as well as the game. Looks amazing.

  • Can’t wait!

  • I, have got to get the ps3 headphones for this game!! I would love the feeling of jumping everytime those infected catch me by surprise in surround sound…

  • TLoU is already GOTY…for real this game has potential to be the best game ever…can’t wait…this is definitely a day 1 buy.Also a note to ND:Please get rid of the MP and focus on side mission DLC’s…that would be lovely and very welcome.

  • Naughty Dog and Rockstar Games are about 2000 light years ahead of every other developer. The Last of Us looks incredible, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to sweep most of the Game of the Year awards along with GTA V.

  • Please put this on PSN. Thx.

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