Watch_Dogs on PS4: Conversations with Creators

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Watch_Dogs on PS4: Conversations with Creators
Watch_Dogs on PS4: Conversations with Creators

Today we’re pleased to debut a Watch_Dogs developer diary as part of PlayStation’s “Conversations With Creators,” an ongoing series that focuses on PS4 game development with some of the most accomplished game studios in the world.

In this video, you get to meet two of the driving forces in the Watch_Dogs dev team: Dominic, our senior producer and Jonathan, the creative director. Together, they discuss the vision of Watch_Dogs and ultimately, some of the development details for the PlayStation platforms.

By working in close collaboration with PlayStation, the team is working to harness the full power of the PS4. This gives them the opportunity to create a truly no-compromises experience with high-resolution environment textures and advanced special effects. The game experience, much like the city you’ll get to play in, will be rich, deep, and detailed.

As Jonathan and Dominic explain in the video, connectivity is at the heart of the Watch_Dogs experience. We already know Aiden is connected to his own environment, but we also want to give the players new and different ways to connect with each other, and working with PlayStation makes this possible.

In the end, we want to let you experience what it truly feels like to be in a hyper-connected world, whether it be in single player, multiplayer, at home, or even on the go.

Remember, you can always visit the Watch_Dogs Facebook page and Twitter account for great content and conversation. You can also pre-order your copy on the official website.

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  • This game is going to be one of my first PS4 games

  • Game keeps looking better and better.

  • the title of the article in the blog home scree says “PS3 development”.

  • If they actually prove how the PS4 version will be better I will get it for PS4 instead of my Wii U.

  • When will I be able to preorder the game watchdogs at my local retailer for the PS4? Because I am getting three Ps4 when the systems available and this is going to be one of them :-)

  • When will I be able to preorder the game watchdogs at my local retailer for the PS4? Because I am getting three Ps4 games when the systems available and this is going to be one of them :-)

  • Cant wait for this and Killzone. PS4 is gunna’ be amazing!

  • i know thats not the proper place for this comment,but plz some one help me. why i still not getng back 20$ back for my 100$ attentionely spend on psn for the march psn saving project? i would save 50$ if i knowed thats not true for baying soul sacrifise on ps vita instead of waisting my money on TvS an Mcheal jackson experiance.

  • Hey Ubi. When you said that you wanted to take the Watch Dogs experience out of the living room, did you mean that there will be a companion app for the Vita? Or that the Vita could be used for remote play while away from your TV? Or maybe you’re talking about an Ubisoft app for all kinds of mobile devices, similar to what Most Wanted had done, where the same user exist across any platform.

    Anyway, will be interested to hear when the next details come out.

  • and why i cant find any where to sort out about my probleme? if thats how playstation is treating its whorth client i swear NEVER BAY ANYTHING AGAIN

  • This and inFAMOUS are the games I’m getting day 1 for PS4

  • mc_issa, you’ll never solve your problem here. Try the support forum atleast. There are plenty of people discussing this.

  • @8, @10: Try this twitter an write to them directly

  • @8: use this page: Twitter. c o m/askplaystation (remove the blank spaces from com) There you can ask them.

  • This game is going to be a beast on the PS4.

  • @+ mc_issa

    call Sony customer support number, they’ll take care of that issue quick fast.

  • the game feels too much like AC :/

  • I’ve had this pre-ordered since the PS4 announcement, I can’t wait for this game!

  • Ubisoft, if you had the main character use his phone to hack my bank account to pre-order this game for me I wouldn’t be mad at you. :D

  • Front page header says PS3, fix please.

  • Right. Now start working on a PS4 game from the ground up.

  • Love this relationship, keep up the great work!

  • “prove how the PS4 version will be better I will get it for PS4 instead of my Wii U”

    aaahhhh ha ha ha ha! if you are not trolling i feel sad for you son.
    the wii u struggles with current gen games let alone it was slammed as a “next gen” machine.

  • Getting this on PS4.

  • This is the game to watch… dogs

  • I like these sort of PS Blog interviews, keep doing these!

  • @ 4 Pikmologist – One must be nuts to even think in get this game on wiiu instead of PS3 and even more PS4.

    Whats going on in the main PSBlog page it says “PS3 development” I came here only for that…oh well anyway watch dogs looks great since its announcement…the concept is really fantastic and very neat for a game….I would really like to buy…but I wont be supporting PS4 so I’ll have to pass because I wont buy a poor port.

  • This is one of the four games I currently plan to buy at the PS4’s launch. Really getting antsy about not being able to pre-order the system or any PS4 games yet. Come on, Sony! Release whatever info is necessary so stores will open up pre-orders! I’ve got $600 saved so far and that’s only going to keep growing!

  • Very nice, I know Killzone: Shadow Fall, infamous: Second Son and Driveclub are all possible launch title games, but I wasn’t super-excited for any of them. This game is a must have and will justify my PS4 pre-order (the Vita, which I now own, is the only Playstation system that I did not buy Day 1; technically an older family member bought PS1 and PS2 on day 1, but I was only 10 when the PS1 launched =p). Also I’ve seen various people mention that this game looks like Assassin’s Creed (here and other places). I saw some elements of Assassin’s Creed when watching the nightclub part of the gameplay video, but there is so much more (although keep in mind that the same team, Ubisoft Montréal, is the main studio behind the game). Also this is a modern-day cyberpunk dream (a genre I love).

  • Also even though I am not a Wii-U owner (nor do I plan on becoming one until late in its lifespan; that’s what I did with the Wii anyway), I can imagine some pretty cool things could be done with Aiden’s handheld device on this system. It’s kind of spooky when you watch the trailer though, as more and more important systems are being left in the hands of computers and we have already see how that can be exploited. I can totally see a “test city” (in this case, Chicago) being exploited to the fullest. Heh Ubisoft is killing me with their multiple editions though. I think I will end up with the UPlay Exclusive Edition; as cool as the Dedsec Edition sounds, I think it will be too pricey. Hopefully it won’t sell out before I get my hands on it (no idea when PS4 pre-orders will go on sale).

  • @PlayStation Blog I visit this blog mostly to read the articles but also to watch any video on the post as well. When you put up a video that isn’t a YouTube video I can’t watch it due to the type of player your using while I’m using Android with Google Chrome as the browser. Please fix this and would be nice to add the ability to read and comment like the desktop version.

    @Ubisoft I plan on buying this game on PS4. I hope the graphics are being pushed more on the next gen consoles to justify allot of gamers that still own a PS3. And have some extra features in the game that you can’t get anywhere but on the PS4. Selling the Next Gen version of Watch Dogs is a good promotion and push to sell more people on the PS4 as well. Either way I’m buying a PS4 not just for this game but for allot of the other games that where announced as well. Look forward to seeing come exclusive DLC on the PS4 version of Watch Dogs. Thanks for Reading.

  • Ruffussroughcutt

    Freakin’ awesome !!!! Can’t wait , whoooohaaaa ! Ok I’m done .

  • Buying on PS4, hopefully it has better performance all around. Larger draw distance, more on screen, better AA, frame rate, etc.

  • Any playable female or GLBT characters?

    Will the game have HD audio assets on PS4?

    I assume 1080p native is a given ;)

    Also curious about the Vita companion app that’s been hinted at several times…

  • Looking forward to seeing more of these PS4 developer interview videos. And this game is definitely one I’ll be keeping an eye on. Oh, and I too am curious about this continued interaction with the game from mobile devices (hopefully a vita companion app)

  • DAY 1! Must buy!

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Meh. This game will be a good rental. Meh. Meh. Meh.

    Just kidding. :)

    I just wanted to see what it felt like to act like an ungrateful snobby little turd. And… yuck. I don’t like how it feels. Experiment over. I’ll never do that again, I promise.

    In reality, I’m super pumped up for this game. It looks extremely involving. Highly detailed, innovative, and deep. It looks like the type of game that’s really going to encourage stretching your imagination. Which I like.

  • Cant wait. Looks like I will be playing this in November.

  • I really hope the PS4 version knocks the socks out of every other versions out there

  • Conclusion: PS3 version will be a scaled down port.

  • I wish E3 would hurry up and get here and be over with already!!!

    I’m tired of waiting to get my PS4 and PS4 games pre-ordered.

  • I’m getting this on the PS4. With that said, saying that a game designed with current consoles in mind is going to take advantage of the “full power of the PS4” sounds a bit rich.

  • This game looks amazing, inFamous: Second Son and Watch Dogs will be the two games I buy first (hopefully Second Son releases at launch).

  • nice. Ps4 all the way

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  • @+ NYPUNK88
    tnx dud so help full :D

  • DonkeyKongKilla

    Actually looks cool, not sure if I’d be getting my hands on a PS4 when it releases or within a year of it released but I’m definitely looking forward to the PS4 in the future. Also, I hope that ps3 discs work on it. it’d be a shame to have what happened on PS2 to PS3 happen again. I heard the discs were suppose to be bigger via rumors so it could hold more graphics. but If there’s no transfer over to the discs in some way, then it’d be a huge disappointment.

  • I’ll deff hold on till the PS4 comes out to play this one…if it comes on the PS3 first ill wait for the PS4.

  • ok wait we whant more datail first i that this is the game finaly they crated a new good game like bf3

    but you forgot a few thing

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    plz respond

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