New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited, Modestep Interview

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New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited, Modestep Interview


Today, we’re featuring an exclusive artist interview with Modestep guitarist and co-founder, Tony Friend. See what the rising electronic band have to say about their favorite video games and what games they can’t wait to play on tour.

SEN: How much of a gamer are you, on a scale of 1 to 5? (5 being a fanatic who follows every bit of news)

Tony Friend: I would say that I’m probably at a 3-4 at the moment, although if you asked me a few years ago I would have definitely said 5 but it’s hard to stay completely on top of everything while we are constantly touring and writing.

SEN: What’s the best game (on a PlayStation platform) you’ve played in the last year, and why?

Tony Friend: That’s a tough question, if I had to pick one game it would have to be Zombies on Call of Duty Black Ops 2. I’m not actually a big fan of the normal game, but I am completely obsessed with the Zombies mini game that comes with it. When I am at home, me and my housemates play the 4 player local games and try to get as far as we can on the Tranzit Mode. I love how every time you play, you have a slightly different experience and you have free reign to either attack, defend, create weapons or just see how long you can survive for.

SEN: On tours, do you play games regularly on the road with your touring team? If so, which ones?

Tony Friend: On tour the most played game by us and the crew is FIFA without any doubt. Pretty much every single night on tour ends up with a FIFA tournament. The great thing about FIFA is you can actually play 2 on 2 so we usually get into teams and see how well we can do. Also the banter is always the best when playing FIFA, our tour manager Steve is always bringing the smack talk.

SEN: What upcoming not-yet-released game has caught your eye, and why?

Tony Friend: Obviously, I’m looking forward to GTA5 which probably won’t come as a surprise as everyone else is as well! The new Battlefield looks pretty cool too. The last 3 were awesome and I lost months of my life to them when they first came out! I heard that it’s going to be the most realistic gaming experience ever, so I am definitely going to grab that when it comes out.

SEN: Have you ever flirted with the idea of working on a video game? If so, do you have an elevator pitch for a game you’d love to see somebody (or yourself) create?

Tony Friend: If I was going to work on a game it would be have to be a Zombie style game as they are the games I seem to get most obsessed with. All my favorite games have some kind of Zombie missions such as Dead Island, The Zombie expansion on Red Dead Redemption and Zombies on Call of Duty. Maybe If I could create a game that mixes Zombies with music somehow, then that pretty much covers my 2 favorite things!

SEN: What are your thoughts on PS4 so far?

Tony Friend: Well, obviously I am incredibly excited for it, I will be one of the crazy people camped out in front of the game stores at midnight to make sure I am one of the first to own it!

About Modestep:

On the heels of their major label debut, Evolution Theory, Modestep has become one of the hottest acts in Electronic music with an amazing live show mixing dub-step with live instrumentation. The band was featured at Coachella last month and will be playing major festivals in Europe all summer. Listen to Modestep now on Music Unlimited.

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