Fatal Frame 2 Hits PSN Tuesday, Series Director Speaks

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Fatal Frame 2 Hits PSN Tuesday, Series Director Speaks

Editor’s note: Following yesterday’s restrospective on the original PS2 Classic Fatal Frame, series director Makoto Shibata returns today to talk about the development of Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly, which comes to PSN next Tuesday.

Fatal Frame II Crimson Butterfly

The Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly project started relatively soon after the first project concluded. Since we received lots of feedback that players got too scared to complete the game, we shifted our attention to making the storyline more interesting, to encourage such players to overcome the scariness in wanting to see the end of the story.

The storyline is based on a dream I had after the initial project concluded. Thinking back about it, I recall it being a complete dream in many ways. The dream was scary, magical and traumatic, and it had a perfect plot — even with a title and a structured ending. Thus, it was simply a case of how to interpret the dream and recreate it as a game.

In a psychic horror scenario, it is normal for ghosts and spirits to not appear in the exact locations where they previously appeared. Even at any exact locations where spirits died, one can feel the presence every now and then. Also, the way a given spirit makes an appearance may be different on occasion.

Such never-ending loops of thoughts are the core characteristic of psychic horror.

One may notice a slight difference in what the true meaning of the story concludes when playing the game. The more times you play through it, the more different outcomes you’ll feel every time as a result. This is actually a reflection of what happened when I was trying to figure out the meanings behind the dream I had mentioned earlier on. This never-ending illusion is something which has been reflected in the game. I recommend it to anyone who has not encountered any spiritual occasions in real life, to try and get an idea of what they are missing.

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  • One of the best horror series out there. Keep them coming!

  • Nice update. Wanted to try them out for a while. Is there a good chance that the third game will be on PS store in the future?

  • if they had a new one for vita it would be awsome or a new ip exclusively for vita as long as it was horror survival. Vita needs SURVIVAL horror.

  • Fatal Frame 2
    PS2/PSN Version – i.imgur.com/EDVFa39.jpg
    PCSX2 on PC – i.imgur.com/wp1ci6A.jpg

    Copy/paste image links into your address bar. Click on images for full size.

  • I don’t know why they moved to Nintendo only. They should continue this amazing game on all consoles. I wish they would make one for PS4


  • Contemplating whether to buy this and the first one on PSN or wait (and hope) until Tecmo releases an HD collection.

  • These were on my list years ago when PS2 was still around, but never got around to them. Which is the better game overall, the first or second one?

  • One of my fave games of all times.


    The first one is INCREDIBLE, this one imo is BETTER

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, bring over 3 and 4 as well – 1st day buys for me

  • @6: If they’re releasing them as classics, the odds are against them releasing them as an HD Collection.

  • Not sure if I like that this game has been added. Its a great game, but it scared the heck out of me when I was younger.

  • So i only read a couple of lines ……did they change the game because it was too scary for some people to even finish? I would love to play this series from beginning to end, i have never heard of this game till yesterday. But i wont play it if i cant play it the way it was originally released.

  • Best story in the franchise! I seriously lost sleep while playing through this one! I was just thinking to myself, “It’s great that FF1 is on PSN, but it would be awesome if FF2 was available”. A simple refresh after posting in the FF1 thread and I see my wish was granted! Thanks so much Sony and Tecmo! And again, please consider finding some way to continue releasing Fatal Frame games on PlayStation!

  • My favorite horror game of all time. I loved the story in Fetal Frame 2. I wish you guys came out with an HD collection instead. I rather buy that knowing it has trophy support to give me more reason to play it again.
    Better yet release the remake that came out for Wii, but for PS3 on PSN. I’ll buy that on a heart beat.

  • Fatal Frame 2
    PS2/PSN Version – http://i.imgur.com/EDVFa39.jpg
    PCSX2 on PC – http://i.imgur.com/wp1ci6A.jpg

  • Awesome PSN Store updates:
    15 Jan : Forbidden Siren
    09 Apr : Fatal Frame
    07 May : Fatal Frame 2
    ?? ??? : Fatal Frame 3
    ?? ??? : Clock Tower
    ?? ??? : Clock Tower 2
    ?? ??? : Clock Tower 3
    ?? ??? : Haunting Ground

    Survival Horror is Coming Home Again. Believe!

  • Thank you TECMO KOEI for listening to my comment! Now bring us FATAL FRAME 3 and we’ll be candy (sweet).


  • YES! Thanks so much guys, this is fantastic. After dismissing the series for so long (I’m not much or a horror fan, typically) I have heard nothing but praise for this series and decided to check it out. I can say with all sincerity that I love it. Its a fantastic approach to horror and very unique in its premise. I am now a believer and really appreciate you guys bringing 2 to the PSN. If it were not for these releases I would not have had interest in this very special series.

  • OMG OMG OMG! Please release the other Fatal Frame games too, I’m buying them ALL.

  • i bought soul sacrifice just so i could give it a 1 star rating :)

  • Not surprised after last nights post about Project Zero here on PSBlog. I always wondered why their names were changed to Fatal Frame for the US market. Zero: Akai Chou was a cool sounding name Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly. And with the US market we abrebiate it FF, but the problem is FF is overshadowed by a more popular franchise.

    Anywho, I’ll say it again, I would love some FF Avatars…though I know there are ion on the JP PSN. But of MGS and Summon Night 3 can have them, why not Fatal Frame.

  • i want nightshade ps2 in classics! i will keep posting this in every
    post i see of updates i really need that game i love shinobi!!! my fav
    ninja game!

  • WOOHOO !!!

  • HD collection please, I will pick these up but would prefer not to do it thrice.

  • great news and a HD collection could be in the works who knows. @20 That is dumb if you actually did do that.

  • Parasitepaladin

    DELICIOUS CANDY!? But really, this is one of the scariest games of all time. Bravo.

  • Awesome. Day one buy.

    Keep giving me your games, and I’ll keep giving you my money!

  • If only Capcom would give us ….

    Capcom vs SNK 2 – PS2 Classic
    Megaman Anniversary Collection – PS2 Classic
    Megaman X Collection – PS2 Classic
    Megaman 8 – PSone Classic

    ….and lots of others :(

    I wouldnt mind me some Xenosaga as well …. or dot/Hack :(

  • believe me guys if its on PS2 Classics its never gonna get an HD “rerelease” Collection lol

  • Great, I love it.

  • I know this is not the place to say it but it would be better if there is are PS2 Classics on Vita.

    Like me I do not have a PS3 only Vita and having a ps2 classics on the best handheld gaming console right now is an answered prayer.

    Surely I know that all ps2 games wont work on vita only some but imagine this, playing fatal frame on the vita in the middle of the night lying in your bed covered by blankets/comforters. Now that is the best way to play a horror game.

  • I WILL for sure get the second game once it’s finally up on the PSN store. I already got the first one without hesitation. I’m a big fan of the series but I never get to finish the second game. This time I will since the second game is finally a PS2 classic. Hopefully the third game will be up on the PSN store as well because I never really played the third game.

    Thank you very much for putting up the first and soon, the second game of this awesome series! Hopefully you guys put up the third game! I may speak for us all here and that we want the third game too! It would be awesome if you guys localized the fourth game with PS Move support!

  • Pretty sad that you deleted my post in the other thread simply because I linked to a game that pay homage to Fatal Frame, DreadOut. It’s for the PC, so it’s not like it’s competition.

    It’s also sad that Vita doesn’t have PS2-classic support. How hard could that be? Hoping for a surprise announcement at E3.

  • This is great. One thing we’re missing in more horror games. Day 1 buy here.

  • @21 If you really bout Soul Sacrifice just to give it a 1 star rating, you wasted your money. Almost a full 5 star rating by what I just saw. The developers are laughing their way to the bank and I am laughing cause that won’t change a thing. Thanks for the support for a possible sequel? That is more than likely what your money is going to ^_^ Cheers!!!

  • That reminds me I have to go rate Soul Sacrifice a 5 star, thanks.

    Back to topic: I’m a scaredy cat so you have all warned me not to try these games. But it’s always nice when we get more games.

  • WOW! Mr. Makoto! i just simply can say: I’m your fan!
    Thanks for this info, it makes the games more interesting and i like you recall it to personal experiences even dreams. I love the Fatal Frame Franchise as i said before, too bad the new games aren’t available on America, i miss this franchise so much. But it is simply amazing that i can get it on PSN!
    Thanks for this! :D

  • Never played this series looks interesting but……SHENMUE would be better!!!! Please bring the shenmue series to playstation!!

  • Any chance of getting ps2 games on vita….also any chance of updating vita firmware so we can actually download games again because it freezes when you try to download from the vita store.

  • Inuboykendo1000

    Oh wow… to the people thinking Fatal Frame IV or even a Fatal Frame HD Collection can come to PS3 I’m sorry… they can’t. Nintendo are co-owners of the series now. I know the first one came to PSN, and this game is coming to PSN but that’s because Nintendo don’t co-own the original 3 games. Tecmo owns those games and have the rights to the first 3 games. Remakes and newer games are with Nintendo/Tecmo. If you mention Ninja Gaiden 3: RE, that’s a different matter. Trust me guys, I’d love to see a new Fatal Frame game on PS3… since Nintendo aren’t releasing them. I wanna play FF4…. :(

  • I recently bought all three PS2 discs.
    I have no problem buying these on PSN.
    If you’re into scares, go indulge in these true classics!

  • Really really supposedly so called gamers were complaining of the 1st game being scary. That’s why they couldn’t finish it, what a bunch of wankers.

  • uh…should i wait for a HD version (if possible) or buy… -_- dam it i really want to buy the game as well as the first :/

  • Damn all they have to do now is release the 3rd one. I never got a chance to play that one.

  • I don’t think there will be a HD collection. I read some where about nintendo owning like 53% of the license or something like that. Spirit camera on the ds wasn’t that great.

  • These are fantastic news!! I bought the first one and just beat it last week, so i’m pumped for this. I actually beat the second one a couple of times on both PS2 and the Director’s Cut, and i loved it. I will buy this one for sure!! Though IMO the third one is the best. PLEASE Sony bring that one too!!
    BTW i’m still patiently waiting for Haunting Ground and Rule of Rose :D

  • @41 You’re right, and that’s something i really hate, because Nintendo released two FF games, and none came to America. I bet we forget about seeing a new Fatal Frame coming around here, thank you Nintendo…
    FF4 looked great! too bad there’s no way of playing it.

  • There won’t be an HD collection but getting both the first two Fatal Frames in a matter of weeks is great! Loving the PS2 classics lately, these are some really great games.

  • Anyone care to chime on if this has stood the rigors of time? Never played any of the series but have always had a mild curiosity.

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