PlayStation Home Update: Spring into Acorn Meadows Park

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PlayStation Home Update: Spring into Acorn Meadows Park

This week in PlayStation Home just in time for spring, VEEMEE opens the games to the Acorn Meadows Park, the Cinco de Mayo Adventure Pack arrives from Juggernaut, and the Magic Lamp Set arrive from Granzella this week. There’s more below, and don’t forget to join the PlayStation Home Community on the PlayStation Forums.

VEEMEE – Acorn Meadows Park + MyBedroom

Acorn Meadows Park

Spring is here, and it’s time to experience the great outdoors in VEEMEE’s Acorn Meadows Park.

With wide open grassy spaces, rolling green hills, leafy hedges, oak trees and a beautiful lake, Acorn Meadows Park is the perfect place to relax, hang out with your friends and meet new people. You can exercise your dog, mess around on the lake with a friend in a pedal boat, or take a bicycle ride for two. Why not take a ride around the Park on the miniature steam train and tour the park in style. Feeling hungry or thirsty after your exercise? Buy a steaming cup of Joe from the coffee kiosk or a hot dog or ice cream cone. For the dog lovers amongst you, spend your time with your favourite VEEMEE dogs in the Dog Park or take them for a run around the Park. If you don’t have a dog yet don’t worry; you can choose from six new best friends in the Park store.

As a special welcome from VEEMEE, every player is given 200 Acorn Vouchers for free the first time they enter Acorn Meadows Park.

Use your Acorn Vouchers to enjoy the many activities available in the park. The more you do in The Park the more experience points you earn. Cash in your experience points to buy an ice cream, a coffee, or even a bike! Each time you level up you will be given even more free Acorns. There are loads of ways to earn experience points in Acorn Meadows Park. There are also lots of rewards up for grabs, with tasks and challenges galore. Can you find them all? Check out the Notice Boards around the park for more information. Acorn Vouchers can also be purchased in the Park store – buy or earn them; it’s up to you!

VEEMEE are delighted to bring a bit of nature to PlayStation Home. Over the following weeks and months, more and more challenges, rewards and activities are going to be added to Acorn Meadows through regular updates. We hope you enjoy them! We would love to build future content for you so let us know what you think by posting on the Official Home forums, sending us a tweet, or emailing them your ideas.


This week VEEMEE releases the stylish Black Marble range of MyBedroom furniture, the final suite in the series. As with the previous ranges already on sale, the Black Marble suite features an interactive double bed you (and a friend) can lie on as well as wardrobes, cupboards, chests of drawers, a mirror, a vanity table with stool, and a bedside lamp. In addition to this final range VEEMEE have also released a Four Color Bundle. This bundle contains all of the items from the Teak Wood, Burgundy, Birch Wood and Black marble sets in one great value bundle. Sleep well.


Juggernaut – Cinco de Mayo Adventure Pack

Celebrate Mexican culture with Juggernaut Games and the Cinco de Mayo Adventure Pack!
Invite your friends over to take a swing at your Pinata to win prizes and dance to the tunes of the Mariachi Meerkats. Bring a touch of the Southwest to any personal space with a tumbleweed creator, or relax in front of a cozy Chiminea.

From mariachis to maracas, you’ll find everything you need to celebrate Cinco De Mayo in style!


Pottermore Clothing

Be sure to visit Diagon Alley™ in Pottermore™ at PlayStation®Home this week because Twilfitt and Tatting’s are open for business! Twilfitt and Tatting’s boasts the latest in magical attire for the discerning witch or wizard!

Atom Republic – MiniKarts

Zoom around Home at top speed with Atom Republic’s Minikarts: you’ll be spoiled for choice with 9 colors to choose from! The exhausts smoke, the engine roars, and flames come out of the exhausts as you boost.

Also, be sure to check out their new, fun and silly emotes: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Geek.


Granzella – Arabian Costume, Blazers + Cheerleadering

Arabian Costume

The richly decorative exotic outfit set and matching magic lamp set have arrived! The Exotic 5-piece Set includes a top, pants, shoes, and hand accessories for both men and women. In addition, for men, a Plumed Turban is included, and for women, an Exotic Ponytail & Hair Ornament is included. The Magic Lamp Set 5-piece set includes two types of portable items, the Genie of the Lamp and Sprite of the Lamp, as well as a Genie of the Lamp Figurine, Sprite of the Lamp Figurine, and a Magic Lamp. The Genie of the Lamp and Sprite of the Lamp portable items will move around the player when used and follow by floating behind. Dress in exotic outfits, and be accompanied by a genie!


The blazer-type school uniform has arrived, allowing you the freedom of combination!
Blazers, pants, miniskirts, hairstyles… Dress stylishly and a youthful mood will blossom from within! With each miniskirt, there are a variety of 7 types of stockings which you can freely chose to wear.


With a cute and vigorous cheer, pom-poms and cheerleading outfits are available in sets, 3 colors to choose from. The iconic cheerleading pom-poms are locomotion items enabling you to perform 3 types of dance cheers.

Two types are included, the classic cute type, and a stylish sporty type. Hairstyles, shoes, and boots are tailored for each of the three sets! Each set includes 10 pieces!

Dr Pepper

ATTENTION. This is an urgent broadcast from the Dr Pepper TEN®. We have infiltrated your system. Our group has been scouring the gaming community in search of you. We know who you are and according to the prophecy, only you can liberate all of Mankind from the horrors of unmanliness.

Challenge yourself to some of the manliest missions ever imagined. Emerge victorious and you’ll be rewarded with incredibly manly avatar gear and free Dr Pepper TEN® (while supplies last).

Our shuttle is hovering in the HUB for a limited time. Find us. Your destiny awaits.



We hope you’ve enjoyed your time spent on the Clearasil Kart Racing track and are happily sporting your cool racing helmet. As we promised when the game launched two weeks ago, the second reward item is now available: a custom racing jacket! This item can be earned through the accumulation of points simply by playing the game. Hopefully you are familiar with the course by now, but can you shave any seconds off your previous times? Show your friends who the best racer is by donning the custom jacket, courtesy of our friends at Clearasil.

Lockwood – Drey

Drey’s latest collection encompasses looks for day and evening. The Sweetheart outfit is smart and practical enough for meetings with its pale pink vanity case and chunky platform sandals, while the plunging top and cute collar bring enough sexiness to be a hit on the dancefloor. The Starlet oufit’s sweeping gown and fur stole are more obviously partywear, but the gown is actually made up of separates, meaning the strappy midnight blue can actually be teamed with jeans or trousers for a more casual look.

The guys have the choice of the dashing Aviator, comprising of a smart leather jacket and turn-up slacks, or the stylish Mariner, which includes a more formal jacket and loafers. Again, both outfits can be dressed up or down with the addition of jeans or shirts.

It’s all the usual versatility you’d expect from Drey.


LOOT – Men In Black™

Coming from your friends at LOOT™ are five new Men in Black™ locomotions that will have you riding – and flying – around PlayStation Home. Be like one of the Agents, saving the galaxy in style with your very own Monocycle and Jetpack. Wanting something a bit more…Animal? Channel your inner Boglodite and cruise about on Boris’ Bike. There’s also the Flying Bike and Flying Platform, from the Men in Black: Alien Crisis™ videogame, where you can take your adventures into the air!

nDreams – Sale

Have you ever looked in the store and then realised you don’t have enough for everything you want? nDreams are here to help with a fantastic Sale on ten of their items offering a huge amount of savings. Check out the nDreams sale over the next four weeks and grab yourself a bargain.


x7 Update

This week in exclusive VIP nightclub x7, there is a new exclusive value bundle, and a ton of new Billabong and Wrangler clothing items from VEEMEE available for early-access to members. Head to x7, take the elevator upstairs, check out these fine items, then dance the night away!

Mall Update – The Virtual Item Showcase, Volume 86

Magnus is back again, sharing with us all the hottest new items this week. Check out the video below for all the details. Highlights include Cheerleader outfits from Granzella, MIB locomotions, and the awesomely absurd companions from Juggernaut Games.Enjoy this week’s Virtual Item Showcase.

See you in PlayStation Home!

Want to chat more about PlayStation Home? Hop on over to the Home Forums! If you’re having trouble with Home, head to the Home Support forum.

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4 Author Replies

  • Bicgoozgetten-69

    This update looks so nice It makes me proud to be a PlayStation 3 owner Great Job!

  • The_4th_Hokage_X


    It’s been years since I’ve used home and it has blown my mind. It’s amazing! So much fun! Here are my 2 cents.

    1. Locomotion idea: teleport: avatar starts at point A, hold square button, avatar ghost walks anywhere in a 10-15 foot radius to point B, let go of square, avatar teleports to point B.

    2. I’ve met some really cool couples on home, we have all mentioned having the abilities like on the Sims, to get just a little more intimate, *kiss on the cheek, or lips* *amourous hugs* u get the idea… Show more affection then blowing a kiss lol.

    3. I just have to say it, Naruto costumes, I wanna have the 4th hokages clothing while keeping my Venice beach abs lol.

    That’s it, I love home, although I recently lost 3million on texas Holden :( lol

  • Awesome update, gonna snag me a minikart. Cade, are you gonna have a best games for the month of April post?

    • The Top PSN Games lists for last month? Yup! I got the data yesterday, and I’ll be cobbling it together. Look for it in a couple days.

  • PS Home is awesome, this new stuff is really exciting. But I’m not putting another cent in PS HOME till I know everything will be transferred to Playstation 4. I hope sony mentions what’s the future of ps home soon.

  • Whats going on with home ? I am not seeing any of the new stuff for sell . I am not the only one having this problem ,I have like 3 friends that also do not see the new stuff for sell. I would be spending sme money but uumm I cant if its not in the stores ..I tried clearing the cache, deleting home and reinstalling ,signing off the network and then signing back in but still nothing.

  • Yes. 4 weeks of N dreams sales. So while they might not have what I’m looking for this week, they might in the upcoming weeks. good job.

  • oh NA SONY.. , were I can found the Cheerleading ?!

    • Look in the Granzella store. You can find it in the Mall or in the Navigator on the right.

  • Awesome!

  • Nice updates as of late!
    As for a few things I’d like to see in Home I have a few ideas, as yes, I’ll be happy to purchase them if they end up going into existence:
    .More skin color options. The natural skin options are all lovely but like with how Plus members can change their hair and make-up to any color they can pick on a color wheel I think a similar idea would be amazing for more skin options. On my part I’ve wanted lavender skin for a very long time and I’m sure other users would like to be colors beyond the normal skin tones even if it’s a Plus only deal.
    .More thong items in Home. Though I love my Cammy outfit I noticed that there’s a lack of thongs even though items that show great amounts of cleavage are everywhere. I feel that thongs would a cute and sexy addition to swimwear, lingerie and for anything else a user might use them for. (Mostly wanting them as a female option but open to men having them too.)
    And lastly I have to agree with The_4th_Hokage_X on this:
    .hug,kiss,couple animations.

  • @7 I have no idea. I don’t see it in the PS Home store.

  • Great !!!!

  • @7

    I went to the store in Edo & found them there as bundles under “New Item”. Try that.

  • Neko_Girl_Alice

    Something is wrong with the New and Featured Store. I can’t find any of this update’s new releases in it, just stuff from last week. Comment #12’s advice on finding the granzella items at Edo worked, but that still leaves a lot of other releases I can’t access.

  • @Neko_Girl_Alice:

    For the mini GoKarts – Those can be found through the “Boosters” tab under Atom republic store (if anyone is stil having trouble) . Guessing all the content on this update can be found though their actual store & not the “New Items” tab.

    Also, the Acorn Meadows Park kiosks seem to “break” at times & become inaccessible. Hope there’s patch update.

  • Greetings Cade an everyone on playstation home *bows* … from the way i talk yes i am indeed a homeling an me an a few others mostly the clubs Slytherin House1 &2 an Siytherin house an boundbyslytherin all one leadership all one voice ^.^ are wondering when pottermores new releases are going to show i look foreword to ur reply as always ^.^ …. btw great update X-D

  • none of the stuff r loading 2 rent. the bikes or the peddle boats!

  • hey wth is going on with the acorn space? im at 1000 xp and havent leveled up at all i have a friend whos at 3500 xp at level 11 yet i havent leveled up yet? and the boats and bikes are down. plus i have to say to the pppl who make home spaces , nice money grabbing theme going on, i mean the races are free but if u run out of the 200 u get to start leveling up is slow to neear impossible wihtout buying acron tokens to play anything else and enjoy anything there, plus other spaces are ” fre to play” to a certain extent after that u are REQUIRED to buy in to fully enjoy the games there. cade why? and when can u tell me when the space is fixed i want a bike from acorn.

  • With Disney now owning the rights to Star Wars and the 30th anniversary arriving this month, can we expect to see anything as we did for The Empire Strikes Back? It’d be cool to finally receive some new costumes and hopefully a few companions i.e. Yoda, R2-D2, and whatnot. Any information would be great.

  • On another note, when might we expect to see the other half of the Cantina open?
    Here its been 3 years since the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back with many other personal spaces and public spaces being released in those 3 years, yet dust collects on a section of the Cantina that was supposed to open years ago. What gives?
    Don’t get me wrong, I like many features on Home and glad to see some really cool virtual items coming out, but it seems the reasonable comments get ignored while pointless, kiss psn’s behind comments get plenty of attention.

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