Soul Sacrifice Today, Bonus Content for Early PSN Purchases

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Soul Sacrifice Today, Bonus Content for Early PSN Purchases
Soul Sacrifice Today, Bonus Content for Early PSN Purchases
Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita

Soul Sacrifice is finally available in America today. I hope most of you will get the game and start playing as soon as possible.

For fans who would like to purchase the game via PlayStation Network, we’re pleased to finally confirm that — for a limited time — North American PSN purchasers will also receive the exclusive pre-order offerings that we’ve been promoting for physical reservations of the game:

  • Two Unique Costumes with which players can customize their character
  • Three Magic Items to aid players in battle:
    • Spirits’ Flamepike: Shards of the spear provided by Fire spirits. (Attribites: heat) Enables five combo attacks.
    • Spirits’ Blightstone: Explosive stone provided by the spirits. (Attributes: venom)
    • Spirits’ Fulgurwood: Root provided by the Thunder spirits. (Attributes: volt) It tracks enemies on the ground and attacks with thunder spell.
  • The Japanese voice-over pack. Get it for no added cost during the promotion!

My team has put a lot of spirit and passionate work into this great title, and I’m very proud of it. Once you play the game, you’ll be able to tell that I’ve sacrificed a lot to create this game. Please try and see what it’s like to sacrifice you, your friends and everything to enjoy this game to the fullest. The game has a lot to it, and the more you play the more you’ll see. Please go explore and find all the Offerings and use the magics to fight through. I’m confident Soul Sacrifice will draw you in instantly and I hope you share your experience and the joy of playing this game with as many people as possible.

Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita

My own life story has been the inspiration of this game. I was put in a lot of situations where I had to make tough decisions. I learned that things don’t go well just because you want to be famous or rich or a better person. You have to constantly think what you’re willing to give up or sacrifice to make things happen. In the past, in order to make interesting games, I had to give up on my sleep, or time with my family. I had to make these tough choices to create interesting games. I also had to give up my status and position when leaving my previous job in order to run my own company. But sometimes, you have to give up something in order to start something, and I thought bringing this to the game would bring realness to the game and create something that players have never been able to experience.

Soul Sacrifice on PS VitaSoul Sacrifice on PS Vita

Games are evolving to more and better reflect our emotions. Before, things seemed to be just digital and two dimensional. It was mostly only about whether you were strong or weak, whether could fight at a higher level or not. I believe it will go beyond that, using emotions and instinct, things that are less about a gamer’s ability. I think this will become more important going forward, and I am proud that Soul Sacrifice is among those games to further explore a profound emotional aspect and moral dilemma in-game.

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  • tomare que seja barato aguardo esse jogaço Ps Vita ilove You

  • try the demo, doesn’t like it ~ too bad..
    man ~ I’m waiting for my monster hunter SONY ~~~~!!!!!
    where’s my monster hunter 4 ?!

  • Cant wait till i get off work to play!!! I will sacrifice EVERYTHING for ultimate power! :)

    Thank you so much for this game!

  • I’m picking up my copy later today. Can’t wait ^_^

  • That’s a really awesome trailer for the game. And an interesting post on your thoughts while making the game. I hope it does well!

  • Oh and great job with the game Keji and Co. Just from the demo, I can tell its gonna be awesome.

    Hope you guys make a great Vita sequel for it.

  • I will be picking up my copy from gamestop soon. Thanks so much Mr. Inafune! I still haven’t played the demo yet, so hopefully if I do now I can still transfer the save over.

    On a side note, hopefully Sony updates the store early today, we don’t need a riot lol….

  • I really think I need someone to explain this game to me. I played the demo for about 10-15 minutes. Ran around very flat, bland, small levels and killed creatures that were poorly animated and all looked identical. The deformed cats looked… well… I guess they looked like deformed cats.

    The “sacrificing” aspect didn’t seem to add much to the demo. Choosing to sacrifice or save little groups of animated rats that all looked the same didn’t do much for me.

    I was hoping this would be a more “God of War”-like experience with some RPG elements. Can someone tell me that I was greatly overlooking something? I need a good Vita game, but, beyond the cut scenes, I wasn’t impressed by what I played in the demo.

  • @58 You have to at least get past all the missions in Chapter 1 to get a feel of the game. That’s the time you’ll be unlocking sigils and spellcrafting and I guarantee you that it would drain your time.

  • Damn, I just got my physical copy. Is the japanese voice track gonna be available for download for us non-digital buyers? Don’t care if it’s paid, I just wanna know if it’s gonna be available.

  • So the demo character doesn’t transfer…

    Now the pre order incentives downloads are stuck on the “preparing to download”…

    mmmmmmmmmm mmm awesome sauce Sony

  • Come on!!
    Update the store already pleeeeeeease!!!!

    I’ve been waiting for months, I time is going so sloooooow right now :(

  • Eh… good to hear but a little late :/ i spent some money yesterday during the sale… hopefully the limited time bonuses last at least this whole week, until then i’ll keep my retail copy pre-ordered.

    And i know the game just released today but by any chance is the “Free” DLC going to be coming to NA anytime soon?

    Anyways Thank you and i hope this game sales well. :)

  • …and now my Vita is frozen.

    I think a “Good Job” is in order.

    The only way this will get better is if I hard reset my Vita and it ends up being bricked.

  • @49
    Usually the store updates between the hours of 2-5 pm pacific time.

  • that is awesome news… I just got my pre-order code from bestbuy and it was just for the spells… I think I am going to get this on psn today and return that one when it shows up. Any clue on the file size? I need to make some room, 32gb card is pretty full

  • I hope it’s no more than 3gb of space. My 32gb card is almost out of space. I have to say though it is pretty convenient when you can upload your save data to the cloud and delete the files to make room and then redownload.

    Hontoni arigato gozaimasu Keiji-San!!!!

  • I just got my copy and i preordered it but when it showed up there was NO DLC ! I preordered it from Best Buy Canada and was under the impression ALL PREORDERS will receive the DLC. This is a MASSIVE disappointment Sony PLEASE look into this, as nobody that preordered from Best Buy Canada got the preorder dlc but all other retailers did. :-(

  • @3 I assumed that the reason for the delay in this announcement was so that this doesn’t cannibalize retail preorders, as you can already see is happening in the comments.

  • All I know is the UPS guy better hurry up with my copy.
    @69.If they are a PARTICIPATING retailer, then the code should be on your receipt.

  • I’m very happy to see that people who buy the digital version of this game (for a limited time) will be getting the pre-order bonuses that applied to physical copies of this game.

    if Sony is serious about encouraging more of its customers to buy digital versions of new games – then it must establish an ongoing policy of providing either pre-order bonuses or bonuses for a limited time upon release.

  • #62 My demo character transferred to the final version just fine.

  • Update the goddamn store already!

  • @69 djobduction: they might email the code to you. Why don’t you try calling their support line?

  • @73 Card Based/PSN? did you delete your demo prior or no?

  • So glad this is finally out! I hope it does fantastic and sells a boat load!

  • Will buy it on PSN tonight.

  • @76, don’t think it should matter. Game saves are stored separately from the game and aren’t deleted when games are deleted.

  • This is the BEST Vita game I have EVER PLAYED! It will be in the top BEST all time games I have ever played! I can’t wait!

  • @79 In the case of demos I think everything is deleted. When I go to delete the Soul Sacrifice demo it says everything including saves will be deleted.

    I don’t know if this is a issue due to me having a retail/cardbased version.

  • Jezus!

    Start New Game, then it says it found demo data and if you want to load it.


    Happy Gaming ^__^

  • when will the game avalable on PSN??? I mean what is the time?

  • I pity those people who didnt enjoy the demo, “poorly animated creatures”??? What did you smoke mam??? anyway this game is defnitely a system seller. If you have played the demo surely you know of the three bosses (Jack,Harpy.Cerebrus), there are 30 bosses all in all so 27 more to go!

  • Seriously, that was a great read Mr. Inafune! I am glad you are so very passionate about your craft. Your passion enriches my gaming hobby. I will be purchasing Soul Sacrifice digitally today. Thank you for the D1 bonuses as well. A true class act from a truly classy developer. Thanks Sony for helping bring this game to the Vita! My gaming life doesn’t get much better with Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen and Soul Sacrifice!!!

  • My wallet is ready sacrifice it

    I got my DLC Code, it gave me My japanese Pre-Order language, It showed the other DLC stuff BUT I don’t see them in my download list nore doo they show in game. Do I have to do something ingame to accept them.

  • Thank you for setting up the pre-order bonuses for us “wire cutters.” Greatly appreciated.

  • Just picked up my copy. Only needed the demo to tell me this is my GOTY so far

  • Gladly sacrifice my wallet for this game.

  • How limited is the limited time?

    A weekly deal limited? A flash sale limited? Or just an hour after we updated the store limited?

    The last one is the hardest since we dont know when the store will be updated.

  • Probably a weekly deal,would be unfair to do a flash or an hour deal at this point,because we got to know this information late .

  • Probably the first week only for the bonuses.

  • Too little, Too late, you should have had this information out weeks ago.

    Once more another epic failure by the PSN/people putting their games on PSN.

    There’s no way I or my friends will be buying the PS4 social media machine that happens to play games, when nothing involving the PSN ever goes well or easy.

  • Picking up my copy in about 30 minutes!!!
    Super stoked!!!
    Thank you Inafune-san!!!
    Hope people adopt this game and ends up becoming a successful franchise :D

  • @94 yea i feel the same way ,information for games with great potential shouldn’t be played with like this.I hope sony stops doing this .very unprofessional.

  • What time the game will be available for download?

  • Wish i knew the answer to that .than i won’t be camping the store so much

  • the bonus of pre sales already are included as well?

  • Yes sir it will be included with digital purchase

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