Grand Theft Auto V Trailers: Michael. Franklin. Trevor.

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Grand Theft Auto V Trailers: Michael. Franklin. Trevor.

Grand Theft Auto V is coming September 17th, 2013. Pre-order now and visit for more details.

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  • Hey everyone, we hope you enjoy these trailers, each showing a little more of the three playable characters in GTAV – Michael, Franklin and Trevor. We expect you will have lots of questions about the game, and while we might not be able to answer them all here, we look forward to sharing more info between now and release on September 17th.

  • Those are some wicked trailers. This game truly looks outstanding.

  • Yeah buddy!

  • The game looks great!

    Will we ever see any new GTA games on Vita?

  • The animations look amazing, really nice job R*, can’t wait to play it. Any news on a collectors edition?

  • any plans for a next gen version? would love to get this on ps4

  • Will it be day 1 digital title on PSN Store ?


  • Good trailers.

    will we see gameplay before September?

  • So hyped for this game. These trailers are awesome. Trevor’s story looks extremely fun.

  • Collector’s edition? The GTA IV one is still the best, most practical collector’s edition I’ve ever purchased. I still use everything in it.

  • @killersense I agree completely!! I am getting the PS4 and would like this to come to the next gen. Also since it is going to be released in September. Why can’t it do the same thing that the new Assassins is doing and come out with the PS3 and PS4 versions.

  • @10 completely agree.

  • ^If there is a cross-gen version. It would be nice to know before 9/17.

  • @Sid Shuman is this the PS3 build?

  • 100% great Rockstar’s; game truly looks its going to be fun.

    • Thanks! We hope you and all other PS Blog readers enjoy these trailers and we look forward to sharing more on the game between now and the September 17th release.

  • Good to see Rockstar on the PSblog again promoting a new GTA. I can’t remember any posts about GTA4 before its release.

  • Must have. Rockstar have never dissapointed me and I know they will not do it anytime soon.

  • I still use my GTA IV lockbox everyday!

    Love to Rockstar.

  • Awesome trailers! Please tell me CJ makes an appearance. Can’t wait to play this.

  • Will these be on PSN tonight so we can download them to our ps3 on our 50 Inch TVs?

  • Another amazing game by rockstar my copy of of the game is paid off.. :-)
    is there any chance there will be a collectors edition

  • This was awesome!! I am going to put my pre-order today!! thank you Rockstar!!

  • will we see a demo to try this game out!!!!

  • Will there be underwater combat or exploration?

    If yes, please elaborate.

  • come on guys, if you think they wont have this for PS4 you souldnt be allowed to play. i mean really, you have to ask?

  • looks awesome cant wait. Trevors trailer is the best haha

  • PS4 version please Rockstar!!!!

  • Cant wait for a gameplay trailer! :D

  • Can I get a early copy? LOL

  • epic !!!!!! great choice of music for the michael trailer.

  • cooooooooooool

  • GTA game for PS Vita. PLEASE! They will sell!

  • I’m so excited! Trever looked hilarious. Is it September yet? Sep 1st is my birthday, w00t!

  • Ya know, GTA started on PlayStation….The delay of the game to Sept 19th….It sounds like a launch title (as a nod to PlayStation) for the PS4!! They want all the sales they can get with this game, and as popular a game as this is they know that most if not all sales will happen at the launch of the game. So if they release it at the release date of PS4, everyone who buys a PS4 will also buy GTAV, increasing sales. Then they still have PS3 and Xbox360 to collet sales from, but won’t have missed out on PS4 sales (which if PS4 wasn’t released until months later, they would miss out on those sales) This then implies that the launch date of the PS4 would be mid Sept, which would be so much better than late Nov. That’s my theory anyway, and I’m sticking with it.

  • They always make the trailers everything the gameplay is not going to provide.

  • RenderMonk:

    GTA started on PC. I remember.

  • Trevor is a madman….NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Looks like we will have to play through all 3 stories to get the TRUE ending. Now that some Gangsta Sh^T.

  • Hey, can you go back to Liberty City in this edition of GTA?


  • @Four24twenty

    GTA was originally developed for the PC and PlayStation in 97/98. But the first incarnation of Grand Theft Auto As we know it, was originally made for PlayStation (as far as console gaming is concerned)

  • Hey,

    I’m just wondering if you guys are planning to have any collectors editions for the game? I asked months ago but you had nothing to announce at the time. Any changes to that? The game is coming out soon so I’d obviously like to know in advance so when I place my pre-order, I’ll know which to buy.

    Thanks! =)

  • So are we gonna be able to get this for PS4?????

    Btw is there a price for the ps4 already or not? :/

  • I cannot wait for this game :D It looks better every time!! I get more hyped :D and The Grove Street Gang is back thats awesome!! XD haha

  • If R*’s goal is to blow us away yet again, they’ve certainly achieved that goal ten-fold here.

  • Rockstar games always deliver my fave videogame company ever !! I hope they make a Rockstar Avatar one of theses days to show sum support

  • i’m a LONG Term GTA Fan and was very Happy how GTA:IV game out BUT i was very pissed that as a PS3 owner you made a deal with Microsoft & us PS3 GTA fans could not get NO DLC for a YEAR+ & that was a HUGE cheap low blow for us Loyal GTA Playstation fans. So i already payed for GTA:V and hope its even better BUT i swear if u make another **bleep** deal with Microsoft where i have to wait years to get ANY type DLC for GTA:V i will SELL IT BACK TO THE STORE and get different game. Its unfair & a CHEAP MOVE. Hold DLC 1-2week extra from nother system is understandable BUY years+ wait is Bull Crap.
    From ur long time loyal Playstaion GTA FAN, hope to hear a Reply from you Rockstar.

  • Ps4 please :-D

  • Hey R*

    why hasen’t there been a new Midnight Club game since MCLA?

    Signed a Midnight Club fan.

  • I am sooo geting this game! :D (Who isn’t?!)

  • yeah…

    I’m gonna have to go ahead and ask about a collectors edition and a PS4 version.
    (Possibly the PC version ported to PS4 at full graphics or close?)
    C’mon, Sony & Rock star, you wanna make this money?

    I’m giving it to you, here…

    Let’s make this happen.

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