Watch_Dogs on PS3 November 19, Out of Control Trailer

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Watch_Dogs on PS3 November 19, Out of Control Trailer
Watch_Dogs on PS3 November 19, Out of Control Trailer

Nik here, it’s nice to get another opportunity to chat with you guys. Today we’re digging a bit deeper into the human puzzle that is Aiden Pearce by launching our World Premiere Gameplay Trailer. Here you’ll get to know Aiden a bit better, and most importantly, you’ll discover what drives him to do the things he does. You’ll get a good picture of how he uses the city of Chicago against those who crossed him… and you’ll see how far he will go to make them pay.

We’re also happy to announce that Watch_Dogs now has an official launch date — the game will be available on PS3 starting November 19th. (We’ll be back to talk about the PS4 version and its release timing at a later date.) In addition, those of you who pre-order at GameStop will also get an exclusive Watch_Dogs poster, designed by the legendary comic book artist Alex Ross. The poster’s design is the inspiration behind the game’s box art and captures the essence of our hero, Aiden Pearce.

That’s the last of our announcements for now, but you can look forward to even more exciting info soon. Until then, you might want to watch the new trailer one more time… there are a lot of intricacies you may have missed. And for those of you who just can’t wait for more Watch Dogs content, we also have a brand-new set of wallpapers for you to use on your PS3 and PS Vita!

Watch_Dogs Wallpaper

960×544 (PS Vita) | 1,280×720 | 1,920×1,080

For more details on Watch_Dogs, check the game’s Facebook page and Twitter account. You can also pre-order your copy on the official website.

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  • Day 1 on PS4 Launch

  • Omg so cool. Also 39? He’s a pretty agile 39 year old lol.

  • So, I’m guessing the PS4 will be released either on November 19th or before.
    I doubt they would release two versions of the same game on different dates.

  • Day one purchase on PS4 definitely. Does this mean PS4 might be close to a launch on November?

  • PS4 Baby :D

  • PS4 graphics and gameplay YEAH

  • PS4 November 19TH Yeah

  • Yeah nobody is looking for this on PS3….but thanks anyways!

  • I would suggest Sony to ship the PS4s way before november.
    -To get an opportunity of more sales for Black Friday.
    -If there are outages, at least there would be plenty of PS4 shipped and reshipped for the holidays.

  • @Commanding Tiger and ZeroNow I was thinking the same, but it says in the post “We’ll be back to talk about the PS4 version and its release timing at a later date”

  • Yes I’m getting this PS4 day one too, I’m sure the PS3 version will be just as good though!

  • Still, the PS3 launched somewhere around November 19 back in 2006, so hopefully PS4 will be around the same time……

  • The PS Blog has a section dedicated to PS4. Unfortunately, it lacks any posts.

  • @four24twenty Come E3, I’m sure that will change ; )

  • Won’t be a day one pickup for me, but I will pick it up eventually.

  • meh…I know it’s just a trailer but the impression it gives of the game is really generic. :/

  • This game is still filled with plenty of games…

    Remember Me
    The Last of Us
    Lost Planet 3
    GTA V
    Beyond: Two Souls

    Oh man and I don’t know if I want to get the PS3 or PS4 version of this game.

  • @10: Just because it says that doesn’t mean the PS4 isn’t slated for a release around that time. Expected timeframe for the PS4 release is this holiday season. If they *don’t* release the PS4 in time for the black friday sales, they’re shooting themselves in the foot and losing thousands of potential sales.

  • I heard about the collectors edition on IGN. I would love for the collectors edition to be on PS4 as well. But thinking that the PS4 version comes out after the PS3, i doubt there will be one.

  • Just a poster for pre-order? That can’t be all. No incentive for me. But I’m getting this for PS4 anyway.

  • This game looks so good that i am not even sure if i want to buy it, since it makes me think that is going to be short and the landscape small.

  • @MOBBDE21
    Will be great on PS3 but it wont be as good as PS4. PS4 version will be more improved. Should do a little Google search and see for yourself why the PS4 version will be better. Much better. The touch pad will be used as the hacking device is one of the things.

    This is a PS4 buy for me too. And of course I’m going for the Vigilante Edition!!!

  • looks interesting. might rent it.

  • lf l decide to buy it for PS4, will l still get any of the special editions? Like the DEDSEC_EDITION…

  • @Vhaeraun Oh yeah, you’re right. I was under the assumption that this is a lunch title, but that may not necessarily be the case.

  • Nice trailer…I’m looking forward to this game…besides being super overrated…watch dogs has its potential…I would really like to buy this game on PS4 which without doubt will be the best version….but I wont buy the PS4 and I dunno if I should buy the PS3 version since they could do a great work with the PS3 version as well but Ubi dunno how to use PS3’s full potential.Will have to wait and decide because I wont buy the same game twice.

  • Assuming I can get a launch PS4, this game is on the top of my ‘fancy next-gen games to purchase’ list.

  • My question, what is the definitive game, the one on PS3 or PS4? I mean what system are they developing it for? The PS3 and PS4 will be slightly different. Or are they developing it for a high end pc and just porting to the PS3?

    I thought the PS4 was going to be PC friendly for developers?

  • + SweetReLeaf on April 29th, 2013 at 9:22 am said:

    Omg so cool. Also 39? He’s a pretty agile 39 year old lol.

    Age is irrelevant for people being in shape. I think there is this misconception that people in their 30s turn into brittle bones and can’t move as quickly as someone who is still wearing diapers.

  • Hi

    Does anybody know what time and date the sony press conference is at e3 2013?

  • so many good awesome games but to busy to play them all. :( only if i had more time on my hands.

  • That’s my birthday!!, free copy please?. lol.

  • CANNOT wait for this game! I think I can speak for everyone when I say thank you for making a NEW IP instead of rehashing the same 6+ year old franchise!

  • Getting it on PS4.

  • We need to log into to yahoo to be able to u se the wallpaper :\

  • @33 Not everyone. Also: Why are the themes on private? I can’t access them.

  • I thought the same thing when i saw he was 39…lol

  • The photos are private. I would really like that sweet wallpaper.

  • I can’t access the wallpapers….

  • Watch_Dogs on Vita!!!! Is the wallpaper a clue? Not the same game but some kind of PS4/Vita enhanced interrogation. I mean integration. Wouldn’t that be awesome?!!!!!

  • @lisatsunami: Its obviously just a vita version of the wallpaper so people can keep it on the Vita. I doubt its a full blown up version of watch_dogs for the vita so I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

  • Just a question. Does Aiden only put on his mask at specific times without player input or can the player use it at anytime should they want to conceal their identity like in Red Dead Redemption?

    They game looks great though. I’m getting the DEDSEC Version!

  • Ps4 version for me.

  • Amazon has the PS4 version listed at $99. Let’s hope this is a mistake because I’m sure as hell not paying that much for a game.

  • wow, this looks good

  • I think a great way to promote the new console would be to offer the PS3 version as a bonus for pre-ordering the digital PS4 version.

  • @44: that’s just a placeholder. Because if they undercharge, they as a retailer lose money because they have to honor the lower price.

    So, with any non-confirmed price point they overshoot. That way, when the price is confirmed to them they are safe from losing money.


    Couldn’t decide whether or not to choose between PS3 or PS4 so I went with my next best choice PC. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders temporarily.

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