The PlayStation Recap: What We’re Reading

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The PlayStation Recap: What We’re Reading

This week on PlayStation.Blog:

Ratchet & Clank are making a movie, the super low-fi — but impressively narrated — Thomas Was Alone landed on PS3 and PS Vita, Beyond: Two Souls made an appearance at Tribeca Film Festival (check out the new trailer here), we gathered a list of all the currently announced fighters in Divekick — including more statistics about them than you probably want to know, we saw a new Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer, there’s a crazy Tomb Raider sale happening on PSN right now, we announced the unfathomably adorable Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery, and more.

What are you playing this weekend?

  • I’m playing: Thomas Was Alone, PaRappa the Rapper
  • I’m watching: The Beyond: Two Souls livestream and new trailer from Tribeca
  • I’m listening to: Phoenix’s new album, Bankrupt!

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  • Thank u sooo much for the sale on Tomb Raider. Been waiting till it was the right price for me. Please have more of these flash sales in the future.

    • Justin Massongill

      I think we did one on Assassin’s Creed III not too long ago, too. I hope we can do more in the future too!

  • Will be a Tetris discount for PS3 like in the European Store? I like the game, and i want to buy it.

    • Justin Massongill

      Haven’t heard anything about a discount on Tetris, but check back on Tuesday when we post the full PSN update — if there’s a discount it’ll be in there.

  • Hey Justin! Very stocked for BEYOND after seeing the 35 minutes of gameplay! Reminder: Code Geass, Steins;Gate

    I’m playing: Shadow of the Colossus, Just Cause 2

  • That Divekick roster is looking more & more hilarious – bios as well. Please keep us posted with more info. on Divekick in the future, Justin. By the way, happy late late birthday lol awesome Journey cake too.

    I’m playing: Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, Sooooul Sacrifice demo & still on the boderlands.
    I’m listening to: Nujabes – World Without Words

  • Nothing about remote downloads and the new download queues appearing in the webstore last week? It should get some mention here.

    Playing: Plants vs. Zombies for Vita
    Watching: NBA Playoffs

  • I’m playing: Thomas Was Alone, Demon’s Souls, Ratchet & Clank All 4 One, Guacamelee, LBP Vita, Sound Shapes, Metal Gear Peace Walker, Mutant Blobs Attack
    I’m watching: Game of Thrones

    • Justin Massongill

      I got through Thomas Was Alone in one sitting — I kept telling myself I’d stop, but after this one more level.

      What do you think about it?

  • I’m playing: Littlebigplanet Vita, Fallout 3, Sleeping Dogs

    I’m watching: Brain Games, other tv shows

    I’m listening to: various songs on the radio

    I’m waiting for: Tuesday to hurry up and come!

  • hi justin
    for soul sacrifice, do you have any info for digitaly preorder? really want the preorder feature >.<'
    thanks in advance

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