FanFest: DUST 514 Deploys May 14th on PS3

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FanFest: DUST 514 Deploys May 14th on PS3

Hi all – I am writing this in the midst CCP’s annual EVE convention in Iceland, our biggest FanFest yet. By now you have probably heard news of the upcoming launch date for DUST 514, where DUST 514 concludes its Open Beta phase, set for the very appropriate date of 5.14.2013 upon which we fully release the first and only full “Free-to-Play” shooter ever on console.

We could not be more excited to truly begin the uprising of our DUST Immortal Soldiers into the EVE Universe of New Eden. We could not ask for a better partner in PlayStation to release DUST 514 on PS3 and we could not have achieved all of the groundbreaking work without the support, feedback and passion of our Beta testers and fans.

DUST 514- Gallente Attack

Being surrounded by the enthusiasm of our community – both online and at FanFest in person – is an incredible experience for a developer. We spend countless hours working on the game, finally meeting and brainstorming with our users face to face is an incredible pay off, as we celebrate with literally thousands of fans here in Reykjavik in and those that are following us online.

Entering the second decade for EVE Online (May 6th is the 10 year anniversary), announcing the launch of DUST 514 and experiencing the excitement of our loyal fans, CCP could not ask for a better weekend.

Even though DUST 514 is concluding its Beta phase with the phenomenal Uprising update – which includes tons of new stuff, from the major graphics update, to huge new features like player controlled Planetary Conquest – this is just the beginning. We have more major updates throughout 2013 and for years to come, just like we have done with EVE Online for the past 10 years. We are honored to have you on this journey with us.

Get your Fittings ready, with the Uprising on 5.14, the EVE Universe wars on the Planets of New Eden now truly begin.

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  • Does free to play mean the game itself is free, no purchase price and no in game costs?

    Or is this just going to be another Defiance where you can play online for free but has micro-transactions, etc… ?

  • Wait…this isn’t released yet? …What Dust 514 did I download like 3 months ago then?

  • Didn’t like the game, it looks like PS2 game, with horrible lags(at least at beta).
    Planetside 2 destroys it.

  • Just started playing the beta two days ago. High learning curve but once you know what you’re doing, it becomes really fun. Played Skirmish until 3am.

  • yeah didnt like the free open beta game played for about 3 hours and said not good.. so I went on to something else.. but at least sony is embracing the free 2 play style of games .. one made it through the door so lets see what else we can get that might be good.. you all needed to start somewhere.. but really not this one..

  • Can’t wait to play more and hear about ow the trophies will work as well as the vita app.

  • For the guys who tried the game for a few hours when it first launched the beta…. you need to go back and try it again. It has gotten better and better as the beta progressed. On may 6th they are releasing an upgraded build where the entire UI has been reworked and the graphics enhanced. Then the official launch will be on the 14th. For more on the graphics updates and new features you can probably find videos on Youtube.

    There are in game costs such as buying gear to upgrade your merc with but thats part of the in game market. And i believe there are micro-transactions but you dont have to subscribe to get certain features of the game like some games do.

  • most impressive CCP, you win me back as soon as uprising build is live am leaving everything and make dust514 my main game Thanks for your hard-work it really shows how you care about your fans and game.

  • Is there a gallery out there that shows the progression of Dust 514’s visuals? I think that would be pretty cool. It’s improved quite dramatically.

  • dust 514 for some reason for me anyways, it’s one of those games that you go back to. the only thing i hate about this game is the players it’s like they never played a team centric game before. great game guys.

  • I just started playing this again today. I had a good time with it. Are you guys going to add trophies inthe when it goes final?

  • I was about to download the Beta. Will the final game use the same file? Because if not, I wiil wait to download the full game.

  • Important question that wont be answered:

    Will trophies finally be implemented?

  • @Trioptical

    There’s a gallery of images from the Fanfest keynote that shows the improvements to the landscapes between this update and the one coming on May 6th here, if you scroll down to the map shots:

  • as for seeing new build just youtube dust 514 uprising….or better yet go to the CCP website….I’ve the new build and it looks like it upgrades all the areas that people complained about

  • For sure come back after the 14th May thats the official release, its still in beta now, the GFX and content will be massively better then the beta

  • For those wondering how free to play works in dust 514

    game is 100% free to download, just like any demo on PSN except you get everything.

    you have the option of buying certain items, these items increase XP gains by about 50% you can buy weapons and armor, but these are almost always worse than the best items you can earn with in game money. there are also basically visual things you can buy the basic tech 1 armor (which is real cheap in game) has a version you can buy, the only difference is it looks better.

    so basically, you can play for free, never pay a penny, and be as good as the other players. the problem is the longer you play he better you get, so old school players like me will have a bit of an advantage the other problem is even a small group of friends can basically mean auto winning match after match. 2-3 people working together can not only turn the tide of battle, but completely destroy the other team.

    Fun game, worth playing, it’s free, get it, hopefully they have a matchmaking mode where teams can’t join as a group though

  • Here’s a link that shows the before and after visuals:

  • I want to like this game, but the overall experience is pretty much piss-poor. Graphically, it’s an eye-sore. Everything is very basic, like a late PS2 game/very early PS3 game. There is no grass sticking up from the ground or small rocks, everything is very flat, there is no ambient sound in this game and any sound that does exist in this game sounds piss poor, gun sounds and others are not very good or convincing at all. The lighting is a disaster and so is the atmosphere. You have to get that right in any game! It almost looks like this game is running in 240p and being upscaled or something. Is this game being streamed to me? It is very laggy, I realize it is a beta but it’s been that way for the past year – there’s a LOT of work to do because this game looks NOTHING like what I see on the screenshot above, haha

    This is not being rude, it’s just the truth, you may have great gameplay, but your game lacks its own look and feel, everything about it feels generic.

  • Awesome game, gets better and better. And @16 You nailed it with the micro’s.The way I feel though is the micro transactions give experienced players the edge rather then the usual MMO style of giving the new player the advantage for money. I too am not a huge fan of the lop sided wars, but I have played matches where it feels oh so satisfying when you and your team manage to make a come back against those super powers.

    This game just keeps getting better and better.

  • @ #17. you have no idea what you are talking about. If you actually check how the game is going to look, you would know that they are adding a huge graphical and audio update to this game. Weapon sounds are different now. And the grass and rocks thing you are talking about is going to be in the newest update.

  • @19

    Yeah, after I left that comment I scrolled up and checked other comments and they were also talking about the upcoming patch, needless to say I can’t wait to see it! I’ve been hearing about the patch for quite some time but it has not come yet so I was wondering, but nice – I’ll definitely look at the game when they update it!

  • @#18

    The screenshot is actual gameplay. I’ve been in the beta since June of last year, and they made allot of improvements. I was very critical of CCP, and to a point still am. Having Open Beta with the game in a poor state would have chases allot of people away.

    I’ve seen gameplay of the new build, and it looks solid. Plus all the new features coming with it.

  • I have played on and off but never did quite figure out what I was suppossed to do. Looked at various sites and read the in-game tutorial; didn’t help. Can anybody point me in the direction of a good tutorial for a Dust 514 noob?

  • @22

    They are supposed to be adding new/different tutorials and simplifying a lot of the more complex stuff to make it easier for new (or returning) players to get into the action and make their mark on the universe.

    If those guides aren’t enough, you can always join one of the in-game player-run corporations that deal specifically in helping people understand and get better at the game. Dust University is one of the more well-known and more experienced of these.

    If you still have questions/concerns, you can always try to ask in team chat (using a mic is probably the best way to ensure an answer) or looking for a squad with an empty space or two and doing the same thing in squad chat. A lot of us vets are more than willing to help. You can also send an in-game mail to me (Parson Atreides) and we can squad up to help you out if you want. Again, it’s probably more helpful to all parties involved if you have a microphone.

  • ” tons of new stuff, from the major graphics update, to huge new features like player controlled Planetary Conquest”
    I see a lot of potential in this game I hope it lives up to being part of the EVE Universe. I am excited to hear what Planetary Conquest is all about

  • @ boomstickbhg , its worse , its pay to win model , at least in Defiance you can play quests and sidequests and avoid PvP but Dust514 is PvP only and focused on pay to win , buy better gear and weapons with real $$$.

  • @25

    1. There’s no weapon, item, vehicle, etc in the game that you buy with Aur (currency you buy with real money) that doesn’t have the same ISK (currency you get through playing) equivalent. The only difference with Aur weapons, items, vehicles, etc is you can use them at lower skill levels, for example level 3 instead of 5. Once you get to level 5, then you can choose to keep using the Aur version to save on ISK, or use the ISK version which has the exact same stats.

    2. They’re adding PvE in an upcoming build. If I had to guess, I’d say it’ll be in one of the next two.

    People see “free-to-play” and instantly think “pay-to-win” without learning much about the game first.

  • It’s good to finally see this game come out!
    I played a bit of the beta sometime last year, but not very much, so I’m looking forward to diving into the full release soon.

  • Can’t wait for May 14th! Love how it plays currently. It will improve drastically when Uprising launches. So to any of those who quit. Try it again May 14th! It will be much better!

    And to those few who claim that Dust is a pay-2-win game. Its not. Every $$$ purchased bit of gear has an ISK variant. Those that don’t are going to be removed in the coming months.

  • Reading the comments on this post makes me even more firm in my stance about open betas. People play betas thinking they’re a demo or indicative of the final build of the game. They think because there are problems, the game sucks and they don’t want to play it. They spread the word on the beta saying “the game is bad” and it does cause a negative impact on how the final product is received.

    I think betas should be reserved for those who know its purpose and actually contribute to it rather than those complaining how they didn’t like it so they won’t get the final game when it comes out. There should be some sort of process to form a beta tester pool from the community that devs can be sure they can count on.

  • alright i have waiting long for this ^_^b all this news is awesome!
    cant wait great job great game to i hope this is release for PS4 cuz this is bearly released
    we are only gonna have one year with it and i want a PS4

  • @29 The thing about betas is sometimes they take suggestions for improvements. Once it gets out of beta, then it might go downhill. I know one game that had this happen and I’m still playing it after this long.

  • and PS3 PS4 cross play and EVE PC cross play even vita

  • I just downloaded this maybe a week ago and played for an hour or two and actually thoroughly enjoyed it for a free to play game. They don’t really ram the purchases down your throat and it’s still possible to make a non-crippled soldier with that they offer/what you earn for free. I’m interested in what this major update brings as well.

  • @31 That’s the point of a beta. To test out the game and make changes to the game based on feedback. But too many people go into betas thinking that this is how the game is going to be.

    There are usually considerable changes from the betas and final product. I don’t like the idea of open betas. You can still have closed betas with people from the community who will actually help to improve the game instead of forming a final opinion about the game based on experiences in the beta.

  • @34 I was in a beta for a few years. Despite that game being no longer in beta and released since then, it remained free to play..
    I stick around with it, as I know a lot about the game for 5 years now. Not every day you get to talk to a beta player as many would leave once a beta has ended.

  • Haven’t tried this yet, and won’t until it’s out of beta, because that’s what a beta is… not going to show off the full game and have some issues (sound and sometimes graphic)

  • Still happy to of been apart of the beta since last June! :) and May 14 is quite an appropriate release date.

    Cannot wait!!!!!

  • Hey! This is pretty random but can you guys get some footage of the multiplayer mode in Killzone Mercenary. You see, I am really starving for Killzone Mercenary. It would be quite nice if you get some footage of the multiplayer mode!

  • If you’re lost trying to get a handle on DUST, check out this guide for beginners:

  • Sorry DUST. I’ve tried and tried but I just can’t get into your gameplay. This being my first MMO, I think I got scared off. Trying to setup a “good” dropsuit was a nightmare and extremly confusing. I’m forced to spend real money to get something that isn’t all that much better than what I had. CCP should have consultants on call to hold peoples hands through the first few hours of gameplay. So again, DUST, I’m sorry but you have to leave my hard drive.

    Did anyone else think Section 8 when they first played?

  • You downloaded the beta. And it is free to play, but using real money helps greatly as expected. In particular you can purchase skill boosters and gear which would otherwise require skill (experience) points.

    It’s not really a pick up and play game. The more time you devote to your character, the stronger he/she becomes. So noobs are at quite a disadvantage. The level up system is quite intimidating at first, but once you figure it out it’s hard not to appreciate it.

    And ccp is a pretty cool company……htfu :)

  • So apparently all I had to say about Dust and some of the people’s comments on it just wasn’t allowed. no message as to why, even though I didn’t swear or argue with anybody. Gave some useful information that people would’ve liked to know. Too bad sony didn’t want it to go through. Sorry guys.

  • @42… From what I understand the new build that is being released on May 6th is going to have a tutorial for new players. You may wanna wait to pass judgement on Dust until you see the changes they are making for the official release.

    @43… I am going to reiterate what was said by #28:
    “There’s no weapon, item, vehicle, etc in the game that you buy with Aur (currency you buy with real money) that doesn’t have the same ISK (currency you get through playing) equivalent. The only difference with Aur weapons, items, vehicles, etc is you can use them at lower skill levels, for example level 3 instead of 5. Once you get to level 5, then you can choose to keep using the Aur version to save on ISK, or use the ISK version which has the exact same stats.”

    As for the skill boosters they are a bonus to EARNING skill experience in matches.

    As for noobs being at a disadvantage… I see it being no different than any other FPS. If you start later than the launch expect to be behind other players… its part and parcel to gaming.

  • Yes! I loved this game, came with my PS3 and it is beast! Just want to know if there’ll be a single player mode. That would be the only letdown

  • My playstation crashes just after the game starts. It’s weird how the ps3 just crashes and I worry if this will harm my system and should I delete the game. I was looking forward to playing it when I downloaded it from the PlayStation store but if it crashes my ps3 every time I start it, what’s the use?

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