Episodic Adventure Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery Coming Soon to PS Vita

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Episodic Adventure Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery Coming Soon to PS Vita

Greetings PlayStation.Blog. Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery is an episodic PS Vita adventure brimming with weird and wonderful characters and a host of brain teasing puzzles. We’re delighted to show you some screens from the game, and give you some insight into the world of Jacob Jones.

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery on PS Vita

So firstly, the polite thing to do would be to introduce you to our hero, although he’s a slightly younger hero than you may be used to. Without further ado, meet Jacob Jones, the latest arrival at Camp Eagle Feather, the newest and best Summer Camp.

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery on PS Vita

Now Jacob isn’t one to mix with other kids – he prefers the great outdoors and the company of his parents, so spending his summer with a load of weird kids at Summer Camp isn’t exactly his idea of fun. However, when he stumbles upon the mysterious Bigfoot, his summer takes on a whole new twist.

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery on PS Vita

Developed using the powerful Unreal Engine 3, it has a charming visual style and a artistically unique world which is inhabited by vinyl toy characters. Coupled with this we have all of the technical bells and whistles you would expect to find on a cutting edge PlayStation Vita title.

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery on PS Vita

Since the PS Vita system was announced we firmly believed that developing a casual and accessible title, whilst using the latest technology, would allow us to create beautifully imagined worlds that sit perfectly on the PS Vita system’s gorgeous screen.

By working with some of the world’s best puzzle creators, as well as the BAFTA nominated writer George Poles, we feel that we have surrounded the talented team at Lucid with true experts in their field, and created a truly beautiful and unique world for you to explore.

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery on PS Vita

Look out for more from Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery in the coming weeks as we delve deeper into the background of the main characters, reveal a little about what’s going on at Camp Eagle Feather, and also reveal how some of the fiendish puzzles were constructed. Stay tuned!

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  • Looks interesting, any idea of a price of release date?

  • I like the art style!

  • Looks so cute!

  • Looks really nice. Will we get to walk around and explore as Jacob or is it solely a puzzle game?

  • is this a PSN release or retail?

  • 5# It says “episodic Psvita adventure” so I think it’s a PSN game.(+ it’s also releasing on PC and iOS)

  • @ Nick Davies.

    Looks like a fun game. However puzzles usually aren’t my thing, but with the adventure mixed in I think I’m going to give it a try. Is there an adventurous plot mixed with puzzles along the way? I’d like to learn more about the game.

  • Wow, that’s a really wonderful art style! Looking forward to playing it.

  • So a true vita exclusive. If so, good, we need more games like this.
    Now regarding the game, is it an explorable world? If so, consider me a firm buyer.

  • Looks very cool.

    Really like the art style!
    I hope we get a release date soon.

  • I love the concept and art style of this game! ^.^ Day 1.

  • Anyone else having their vita freeze up on the playstation store when they try to download something since the firmware update?

  • @ SmokeAdellic

    Yessir. Have to hard restart every time I try to download something.

  • Looks excellent, I’m really looking forward to this one!

  • Look great! hoping for more details.

  • Fine, I hope it arrives soon. I love puzzles.

  • Looks amazing and I love me a good puzzle game, cant wait for this and Tearaway!

  • Not sure if this is one for me.
    But SOE and Sega , have made some really good games thus far.

    Very glad to see more kid friendly games.

    And since The Cave is free to Plus members, I may just need something else to tinker with, once I play it.

  • That is, if I can get off Resident Evil 6.

  • My vita doesn’t freeze unless I’m trying to download a game while running game. If I download first, then play the game, I’m fine.. I’m sure it has something to do with RAM allocation.

    This game looks fun. It’s not a Vita exclusive, though, right?

  • You had me at Bigfoot…tear.

  • I’m intrigued!

    Please consider having Episode One free to PS+ users. That’d be a great way to get people interested and emotionally invested to want to continue on.

  • Yay, more Vita games! Looks promising.

    @12, no, I’ve d/l’d Soul Sacrifice to both my Vitas after new patch, but no freezing. But like Zionine, I wasn’t trying to play anything at same time.

  • I love puzzle games… but what I would like to see the most is Sega releasing a Columns HD game for PS3 and Vita that has online multiplayer and leader boards. Wouldn’t that be fun?

  • @ SmokeAdellic I had the store freeze on me right after I bought Thomas Was Alone, I then restarted my Vita then the seemed to download just fine.

    Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery looks like it will be an interesting game, looks like a type of game I was for to come to the Vita.

  • seems lke i can download one game but if i try to download a second game is when it does it…sounds like some people are in need of a patch.

  • Looks like another great Vita title to download… but SONY please release a 64GB or greater memory card.. running out of space over here.

  • Sony your killing me here, in both a good way and not so good way.
    Why I can’t I hold all of these PlayStation exclusives XD

  • Sony! Release a 120GB MEMORY CARD!

  • why is vita getting a bunch of crapy games
    lately they are so random crap i wouldnt buy this
    i need somthing intresting this crap whats going on with the vita i only own 1 vita game
    and its also LAME why its COD BOD realy boring i dont even use my vita to play please inform us of
    better games

  • I may be inclined to check this out after learning more.

  • Layton clone, huh? I was expecting a point-and-click but I’m still interested.

  • @LURKING_WOLF, If the only Vita game you own is CoD, you’re doing it wrong.

    Seriously, that is effing laughable.

    I for one welcome unique games like this to the Vita!

  • I was going to say meh when I saw the title but then I heard it’s from the people who worked at Bizarre Creations. The guys who made Blur and PGR. I’m in!

  • These games coming out lately look good… for KIDS… but c’mon Sony…. I didn’t buy a Vita to play kid games. Start coming out with real games or I’m going to end up selling the thing. Soul Sacrifice is out, although after playing the demo I’m not even sure if I like it. From what I got from playing a bit of the demo is you talk to a book who “warps” you to an arena. I thought there would actually be some exploration or something like a RPG like Final Fantasy or Ragnorak Oddesy (sp?).

    Please start bringing out real games like Uncharted Golden Abyss or AC Liberation New games are constantly coming out for PS3 but I havent’ added a single game to my wishlist for Vita since I bought the thing in December lol..

  • I am in love with that art style. If this is half as good as Professor Layton, then it’ll be awesome.

    Bring it on!

    @32: You do realize that Professor Layton isn’t even the first game like it right? This is hardly a “clone” of anything.

  • Love the art design. Graphcally, the crisp edges (AA) and depth-of-field effects are a very nice touch. It will be interesting to see if the Vita can handle some basic Global Illumination and other dynamic lighting techniques.

    Interested to see the story and puzzles. We loved Puzzle Agent, Blue Toad Murder Files, 7th Guest, Myst, and other great titles (which we’d love to see on Vita!) — so this looks right up our alley.

    Any GLBT characters/choices/reveals in the game like Blue Toad Murder Files had?

  • This looks very cool. Sony is doing a great job at bringing varied, quality download-only games to the VITA. Now if you could just slash the prices on memory cards, maybe there would be a decent size market for this games.

  • more VITA games = goood :D
    but the memory card prices really need to drop to lower the price of entry for people…

  • Every time there’s a cool new game for Vita, it turns out it’s coming to PSN for ps3 as well… Will there ever be really cool new IP’s exclusive for the Vita? I really wanna buy the system.. just.. there’s almost no point to it when I can play everything for the vita on my ps3.

    Is this exclusive to Vita? Please say yes.

  • Looks like a Double fine game! hopefully the gameplay is the same :P

  • @40: PC, iOS, and PS Vita.

    And, it would get more exclusives if people would buy the damn thing. Personally would rather play most PS3/Vita stuff on Vita.



  • I like the style. Looking forward to this game!

    @42: Personally, I like to play PS3/Vita games on both systems. I play on PS3 when I’m sitting in from of my big tv/monitor, but then I switch to Vita when I want to lie down and relax on my bed, or when I go to eat dinner, or on my way to work. Cross-buy/play is really an awesome feature that should be used more! Guacamelee demonstrates this feature at its best.

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