Stealth B**tard is now Stealth Inc. – A Clone in the Dark, Coming to PSN

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Stealth B**tard is now Stealth Inc. – A Clone in the Dark, Coming to PSN

Stealth Inc for PS3 and PS Vita

Hello! It brings me great pleasure to announce that the renaming competition for Stealth B**stard, our wonderfully nefarious stealth-puzzle-platformer, was a complete success! Rather than picking just one of our favorite entries, we’ve chosen two and fused them together to create one ultimate, unified gaming title:

Stealth Inc. – A Clone in the Dark!

Stealth Inc for PS3 and PS Vita

Stealth Inc for PS3 and PS VitaStealth Inc for PS3 and PS Vita

It’s with this we’d like to congratulate Ash Baker for ‘Stealth Inc.’ (and for the other 250 entries submitted thereafter) and Ben Collins for ‘A Clone in the Dark’. You will both be awarded a PS Vita, a copy of Stealth Inc. – A Clone in the Dark when it’s released and you will both appear in the credits of the game! You are both stars and we are eternally grateful to you both for coming up with a clean name that our coarse minds were incapable of formulating!

If you yourself entered one of the above ideas for a game title but are not listed as a winner, this is because we had to accept winning entries on a first come, first serve basis… we simply do not have that many PS Vitas to give away! Take solace in the fact that your mind is powerful and the world is your oyster!

I’d like to express my gratitude to all 3,500+ of you that entered (yes, even those of you who submitted the perverted ‘Stealth Orgasm,’ the outlandish ‘Ze goggles! Zey do something!’, and the more classy ‘El Chappo Stealtho’). They were all worthy titles, but there could be only one… well, two!

I hope you are all as excited as we are for our new name and that you enjoy the new screenshots accompanying this blog post! Be sure to stay tuned for more updates as we head towards our summer release!

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10 Author Replies

  • The title says “a clone in time”. You guys should fix that.

  • Oh lols, the Stealth Orgasm XD Congrats to the winners :D

  • You can’t say bastard on the blog? Bastard bastard bastard bastard bastard bastard!

  • I like the new title, I wish I could remember what the heck I submitted myself. I’m really looking forward to this, I’ve been loving the indie games on the Vita (Machinarium, Dragon Fantasy, Thomas Was Alone…..).

  • I really don’t like that name and will not be buying it,,, don’t listen to me, I’m just mad for not getting a free Vita

  • Not buying on principle that a name change for the US is b$lls#&t.

    • The name change is actually for the whole world, not limited to just the US.

      Whilst we will always have a nostalgic fondness for the old title, we’re very happy with the new name as it will reach a wider audience as a result. Also, this version of the game is redone in 3D and is now HD, so the new name also helps to differentiate the new game from the old one.

      We hope you get a chance to try it out ‘Stealth Inc. – A Clone In The Dark,’ regardless of whether you buy or not!

  • still prefer the orginal name, but I also prefer this game to be on my vita asap! can’t put down my Vita ever since the spring indie promotion

  • Darn, I didn’t win. Looking forward to the game anyways!

    • Thank you for entering! We enjoyed making Hamish (one of our designers) go through all 3500+ entries!

  • Just wanted to say that I’m really impressed with your Vita port of Thomas Was Alone. Definitely spiked my interest for Stealth Bas- I mean Stealth Inc!

    • Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say. TWA is an excellent game and we are very happy that we got the opportunity to port it! We hope you enjoy Stealth Inc!

  • is this for the Vita only ? if its a regular psn game aswell i might get it. how many levels and length ?

    • This will be available on PS3 and PS Vita. Not only this, but they’re available on Cross-Buy, so one purchase will get you ‘Stealth Inc. – A Clone In The Dark’ on both platforms!

      There are 80 levels, spread over 8 worlds. There are speedrun leaderboards and secret collectibles hidden in every level, plus you can unlock 5 Gadgets (such as a Stealth Camosuit or Teleporters) to replay the levels over and over in different ways.

      It’s hard to put a time frame on how long this would take you personally to complete, as everyone plays at varying speeds, but it would probably take you at least 10 hours to unlock everything.

  • WOW! This game looks great and the subtitle “A Clone In The Dark” is pretty cool. I’m definitely going to download this since it has Cross-Buy for both PS3 and Vita. I’m really happy to see that Game Developers and Sony isn’t abandoning the PS3 even with the PS4 on the horizon. I read an article where a Sony representative stated that the PS4 isn’t a replacement for the PS3 but a mere addition to the family which is good because I’m not going to buy a PS4 right at launch anyway.

  • Sam Robinson, very niceeee. 10 hours to fully unlock all sounds good. i just saw a trailer on youtube. its exactlyyy my type of game. any level editor ? if not its kool. il buy this game day one regardles. cant wait for release.

  • Awesome name! Glad you got some good entries. Will be picking this up.

  • Looks Great!Love the New Title! Day 1 Download for me!

  • THANK YOU sam for answering the questions on this blog post quickly! I haven’t seen so many active replies to comments on the ps blog in a while :)
    Think I’ll be get Stealth Inc this summer, great name btw and also thank u PainofSorrow for asking the question thats always on everyones mind!

    • You’re very welcome, I try to answer all questions that I can. Thank you for checking out the Playstation Blog!

      Gamers that comment on the Playstation Blog tend to be very happy and of good nature, it’s a pleasure to reply to you all.

  • That’s a good pick for a name, much better than my own submission: Kettle Near Squalid.

    What was I thinking?

  • looks pretty good, will check it out when it drops. :)

  • “We hope you get a chance to try it out ‘Stealth Inc. – A Clone In The Dark,’ regardless of whether you buy or not!”

    after reading that comment, i may buy it just for that. I love when developers don’t get greedy and just want people to enjoy and play their games and help them out (two free vitas is amazing). I think thats what games should be about. Looking pretty great from the screenshots:D.

  • VG_JUNKY Your Welcome :)

  • look cool how much?? :) Names are names some names change all the time a fun title to play and enjoy is what really matters

  • is there a price range yet that i missed?:)

  • Dang, I can’t remember what name I submitted. But I remember feeling pretty clever. Just wish I could remember what it was!

  • Love the new name but of coarse I am still in love with the name stealth bastard. Will this game have cross-controller for those of us who like suing or vita’s as ps3 controllers for ps3 games?

  • Please tell me there will be a demo! One of the main reasons I haven’t picked it up on Steam is the lack of a demo. Yeah, it’s “only” $10, but when I have hundreds of games in my backlog, I don’t need to go around spending money if it’s not something I can try first and ensure it’d be something I’d like, and that’s especially true for Vita games.


  • Ah well, looks like “Arsenal Infiltrator Deluxe” didn’t make the cut.
    Congrats to the winners.

  • I think the original title was more memorable, but I’m still interested in the game.

  • It would have been nice to see a trailer for this game. But thanks for the post anyway.

  • I hope this will be cross buy if not, PS Vita purchase definately.

  • @ 28 it does have cross-buy. So you get the two. As for me I’m all the way vita:)

  • Aww… Come on! Why didn’t I win? “Perilous Stealth Shenanigans” was the perfect name for this game. I am disappointed. :(

  • I actually like this name more. I had no issues with the previous one though.

    Bring it on. :D

  • when can we expect this? I would love to play now!

  • really i thought my new perfect title for the upcoming game is Stealth Agent HD was super cool & awesome right?

  • glad to hear that it’s “Cross-Buy”!
    I’ve been gaming more and more on my Vita, hope more developers choose to bring their games to the Vita like you did!

  • Eagerly awaiting this game on Vita. Wish my suggestions had won, though :P

  • I’m looking to play this game!

  • Respect the reply. I apologise for the brashness.

  • Now this is a game, I think I may sink my teeth into.

    And with the Resident Evil sale, the plus membership paid for itself.

    Hope other retro games , will make games that have what appears this game will have in replayability.

    Nice touch on the Crossbuy, as one of my four sons, is bound to love it.

    Dang, and I thought A Silent Knight was at least worth an honorable mention :(

  • The Giant Bomb quicklook made this look great. Definitely looking forward to this.

  • This is a no brainer day 1 purchase.

  • I’m glad they renamed it.It might be a good game.

  • Fusion Frenzy, and the directv app would be great for PSVITA!

  • Hope it’s early summer. Game looks cool.

  • u might want to censor the title in a different way, as it currently looks like B “tard”, the quoted word being more offensive than the original expletive IMO. maybe go for b*stard. just a thought, not a comment on the game. gl


  • my submission was “Clone Gone Rogue”…i thought it was pretty clever

  • sry, i wasn’ paying attention …

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