PlayStation Home Update: Sunset Lounge Expands the Dream Universe

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PlayStation Home Update: Sunset Lounge Expands the Dream Universe

This week in PlayStation Home, Lockwood introduces the Sunset Lounge, Atom Republic launches exciting new locomotions, and HellFire games has new Aqua Mounts to fly around on. There’s more below, and don’t forget to get engaged with the PlayStation Home Community on the PlayStation Forums.

Lockwood – Sunset Lounge, Air Band Animations + Lock-a-doodle Update

Sunset Lounge

The Dream Universe has always been about enjoying the finer things in life. Now, as a special thank you to all Dream Universe patrons, Lockwood have created the Sunset Lounge, an exclusive public space accessible only by owners of Dream estates.

To celebrate, two new outfits are available in the Exclusive Commerce Point. The white pinstripe suit and gold dress are the perfect attire for an afternoon of Blackjack in the Sunset Lounge’s beautiful seafront casino. Blackjack is absolutely free to play, and there are rewards for the best players.

If that all sounds too formal, then slip into some swimwear and take a dip in the incredible ocean, or feed the fish from the unique glass jetty.


Air Band Animation Pack

Rock it like a stadium star without letting a clumsy ol’ instrument get in the way. The Air Band animation pack gives you the option of that old classic air guitar, plus the lesser known air saxophone, air vocalist and air drummer. Join up with some friends and show off your rock star style!


Lock-a-doodle Update

New doodle packs are available for Lock-a-doodle! We have Figment and Stitchkins themed packs in the store, owners of the pre-order pack will see their game automatically update with theses two gems. We also have a fool throttle pack available exclusively via the Gift Machine.


Atom Republic – Lightspeeders

Explore Home in style, riding this slick animated motorcylce: neon lights cycle through all different colors, and at high speed a streak of light will stretch from your tail lights!

Digital Leisure – Rainbow Fish Pack

Oh man, new fish pack, full on, all the way. What does this mean? It means Digital Leisure bringing you another expansion to your aquarium! The Rainbow Pack is filled with 4 very colorful fish that will add an extra splash of color to any tank. With this pack you’ll receive a Mandarinfish, a Rainbow Notho, a Cortez Rainbow Wrasse, and a bi-color Parrotfish. Check out your aquarium and see how intense these new fish are! Now go on and feed your fish, and make your aquarium how you want. It’s your aquarium – your rules!


Granzella – Silky Blouses + Carp Streamers

Silky Blouse

Each of the three Color Variations on the Silky Blouses include 4 items. A blouse and skirt as separate items are perfect for mixing and matching with other items, but we also include the blouse and skirt as a single item for a perfect fit for when you want to stun in full matching outfit. And OMG, how about those pumps?! You’re going to look great no matter how you wear these!

Carp Streamers

The Self-assembly Carp Streamer Set includes an arrow streamer and base which can be decorated with up to three carp streamers. In addition the set includes a Miniature Carp Streamer. Decorate your personal space with a carp streamer swimming gracefully. You can move like the wind on riding on top of a Locomotion Carp Streamer. The R1 button will present a menu allowing you to choose from 3 different sitting positions. Available in black, red, and blue variations.

HellFire Games – Aqua Mounts


A brand new batch of Aqua Mounts arrives this week from Hellfire Games! Swim through the air and instantly boost your speed to 150% with the new Savage Hammerhead, Graceful Manta Ray, Beluga Whale, Mercury Shark, Lovely Pink Dolphin, and Golden Shark Aqua Mounts, available in the Home Tycoon Train Station and Novus Prime.

Simply access Aqua Mounts from your Inventory, and your speed boost will automatically engage when moving at full running speed.

Konami – Dragons + Wings

Dragon Mounts

Konami releases 8 dragon colors this week. Who doesn’t want their own pet dragon? Fly around in these locomotions and shoot fireballs at the crowds below!



Konami sweeps you off your feet with wings and broom items! Whatís different with these wings you ask? You can now switch on and off your flying! Will you float with Angel wings? Or Demon Wings?


nDreams – Fighter Planes + Stunt Scooter Locomotions

Fighter Plane Locomotions

Take to the cockpit of your very own Fighter Plane and soar around PlayStation Home. Keep hold of square to receive a speed boost and say goodbye to those bogies on your tail.


Stunt Scooter Locomotions

The Stunt Scooter Locomotion allows you to ride around Home dodging in and out of everyone. With a trick emote built in you can show off your skills to your friends.


VEEMEE – Billabong, MyBedroom, Wrangler


There is a great new selection of clothing this week from Billabong. Hats, shorts, shirts, sweaters, trousers, dresses and 2-part bikini bundles are all included in the collection with stand out items such as the Black Heather Bezzle Fleece for men and the Just Peachy Beach Me top for women as well as the Love Bucket dress which is a timely addition to your spring wardrobe. There are also two new elegant 2-part bikini bundles; the Reina Charcoal Bundle and the Nicole Black Bundle.




VEEMEE releases another range of MyBedroom furniture this week. The light and airy Birch Wood is the third in a range of four MyBedroom colour styles and is available now in the VEEMEE Store alongside the previously published Burgandy and Teak Wood ranges. In keeping with each of the two ranges already on sale the Birch Wood suite features an interactive double bed you (and a friend) can lie on as well as wardrobes, cupboards, chests of drawers, a mirror, a vanity table with stool, and a bedside lamp.



If you thought the Wrangler clothes released last week looked good just wait until you get a load of this week’s items. There will be a range of shorts, tops, jeans, jackets and sweaters including the men’s Black Outer Jacket and Shirt Combo and the women’s Bonnie Raincoat and Jessie Shirt. With the stock from all previous Wrangler publishes still available in the VEEMEE store there are plenty opportunities to mix, match and create your own style. Go on! Release the fashion guru inside of you!



x7 Update

This week in exclusive VIP nightclub x7, there is a new exclusive value bundle, a new freebie for the ladies, and a bunch of new Lockwood Drey clothing items available for early-access to members. Head to x7, take the elevator upstairs, check out these fine items, then dance the night away!

Mall Update – The Virtual Item Showcase, Volume 85

Magnus is back again, sharing with us all the hottest new items this week. Check out the video below for all the details. Highlights include new Airband Animations from Lockwood, Lightspeeder motorcycles from Atom Republic, and new Aqua Mount locomotions from HellFire Games. Enjoy this week’s Virtual Item Showcase.

See you in PlayStation Home!

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  • when are we going to be seeing Black Rock Shooter outfits and items on home for America? You would think since the games in America now the would release the home items to come with it.

  • Ps Home is great. im loving new ish dropping every week. i own wings likw angel white and black sets will they let me fly or would i have to purchase new wings?

    • It depends on the individual pair of wings. Often you need to ensure they are the “locomotion” type of wings, as many of those do allow your avatar to lift up and float around.

  • you know what pshome and defiance have in common? theyre both permanent beta tests that expect you to buy microtransactions, i just love capitalist america sometimes….

  • hey i saw showcase item steam punk space when we are going get it?

  • Konami’s wings look like garbage, lol. Ignoring how late they are to the wings party…

  • I wanna see more Doctor Who and Pottermore!

    I bought like everything for both but you guys really need to speed up load times, taking 10 minutes to load the shop and another 10 to load after buying is unacceptable.

    I also really wanna hear anything about the future of home on PS4.

  • I’m with CherylRose… when will LOOT be putting out the Doctor Who Wave 2 item bundle? I love my TARDIS clubhouse…and I’d dig some old/new alternate interior layout skins for it! Plus, some outfits of past Doctors would be amazing! (Please gimme the 6th Doctor’s gaudy coat! LOL)

  • Any word on Novus Prime’s newest expansions yet? I am itching to see what’s in the works for Novus Prime!

  • And they said Playstation Home was a fad, that it wouldn’t last LOL

  • PART 1 : Am I the only one who clicks on these PS HOME updates on the blog just to see / laugh at what new crazy stuff HOME has??? lol, I remember being in the BETA in HOME years ago… I NEVER thought it would turn into the crazy “house” it is today!! :P I stepped into it again last summer I think… saw some crazy outfits and some new areas, but nothing that would catch my eye more than a few minutes. I just don’t get it I guess, but to me it just seems like a big 3D chat for people to mostly hang out in………. am I right? I’m just curious to know… do you people who actually “play” HOME actually play the mini games SONY releases or do you mostly use HOME to just to chat with people you know / people you don’t know..? Just curious. And also, this DLC reminds me of the little big planet costume DLC… just curious how many people actually buy it. Must be profitable since SONY keeps making it I guess.

  • Part 2: I would love / WOULD have loved to see the PS4 launch with a version of HOME.. (I say WOULD because SONY obviously didn’t mention it when it announced the PS4 and it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be a focus or a main feature of the PS4’s menu or anything…who knows though…) but I would love to see a HOME on ps4 that CAN support VOICE chat in ANY public area within HOME, so you could walk around in this virtual world and talk to people and of course chat with all your friends in the “pregame” to a battlefield, uncharted, or socom match for example.. and also a HOME where you can watch MOVIES together and share your own music and your own videos / photos with friends too, a lot faster than is possible now… THAT is what I thought HOME was going to be on the PS3… and I think that was the original vision… just the PS3 wasn’t powerful enough to handle all that…. PS4 should be able to… so how about it SONY?? THAT is the HOME which would not just be for a niche market but would be a KILLER app for your PS4…

  • Is there going to be a PS Home release for the vita, please recommended.

  • @12: No plans. Post #12 awkwardly enough.

    Still no word on PS4 either. So yes, seems like there’s a real plan there to keep going past PS3… /s

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