Thomas Was Alone: Out Today on PS3, PS Vita With DLC

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Thomas Was Alone: Out Today on PS3, PS Vita With DLC

Thomas Was Alone for PS3 and PS Vita

It’s done.

A game which began as a Flash game made over a weekend because my girlfriend was away and I was a bit bored, is today coming out on PS3 and PS Vita via PSN and PS+.

That last sentence was a bit of a mouthful. I apologize.

Thomas Was Alone for PS3 and PS VitaThomas Was Alone for PS3 and PS Vita

Thomas Was Alone is a game about friendship and jumping. As you can see from the images and videos no doubt littered amongst this post, it is also very much about rectangles. If you’ve got PlayStation Plus and you’re in the US, you’ll get 20% off the game for a limited time, because of the Spring Fever sale. Which is awesome. Daffodils rock.

This version will also give you first access to some new stuff. There’s a new DLC episode which tells the story of Benjamin, a new square with a jetpack and big ideas, and a commentary mode in the main game where you can listen to me going on and on about how clever I was putting the game together.

Thomas Was Alone for PS3 and PS Vita - Benjamin's FlightThomas Was Alone for PS3 and PS Vita - Benjamin's Flight

It’s spellbinding. I’m listening to it as I write this, because I’m on a train and it’s either that or Bowie’s new album, which I’ve listened to twice. You should really listen to Bowie’s album too. I’m not here to plug that though, so I will move on.

I’d very much like to take this opportunity to thank Curve Studios, who made this version of the game. They did a great job, and it plays really nicely. They are better coders than I am. I’d also like to thank Bossa for doing an awesome job of getting the word out.

And once more thank you, Sony. Sony is a mega corporation; a big goliath of awesome tech and excellent button iconography. And for some reason, known best to themselves, they decided they wanted to let us indies play with their toys. Thomas is one of a massive wave of upcoming indie titles, which I hope will find whole new audiences. If you’ve never played an indie game before, take a chance on one of these games (not necessarily mine, obviously). We’d like to give you the opportunity to play slightly, well, differently.

I can’t wait to see what you guys think of our little game.

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  • Excited to see the new DLC for it.

  • Mike.

    This post is awesome. Beautiful. Wonderful.

    It made me smile a big whole bunch!

    I’ve been looking forward to trying Thomas Was Alone, and I will most definitely be downloading the game tonight when the store updates!

    I love your honesty and personality in this post too!

    I believe the video game industry could use more people like you, and more games like this for that matter!

    Thank you.


    -Stephen marro

    P.S. I had no idea there would be DLC! Benjamin sounds like my hero!

  • I have absolutely been loving this steady stream of awesome indie games, I’ll be buying this as soon as it goes up tonight. When will the DLC be out and how much will it cost?

  • How much will the DLC cost?

  • Excited to get this when the store updates. Thanks for putting it on PSN!

  • Definitely nabbing this tonight.

    Question: Cross-save?
    Question 2: Shared, or separate, Trophy lists?

  • PSA:

    North America:

    “If you’ve got PlayStation Plus and you’re in the US, you’ll get 20% off the game for a limited time ”


    “If you’ve got PS Plus and you’re in the EU, you can download the game as part of the IGC at no additional cost.”

  • Thomas the engine is better than this lame a$$ game, only a moron will waste money on this sorry game.

  • Great post, really looking forward to this.

    The Vita is really beginning to find a role and shine as a perfect home for Indie talent, something that will hopefully continue with the PS4.

    Good work Sony for seeing the opportunity and supporting the little guy.

  • I’m a total moron so I’ll be picking this up!

    I really enjoyed the post and I’m intrigued by what the developer will say in his commentary – way to include that in the DLC so it feels special.

  • @8 Sombody’s butthurt (>w> )>

  • I’ve already got this on Steam, but I’ll probably still be picking this up. What I played of it was fun, and though the Steam version may have controller support, I’d love to add this to my collection of PSN games.

  • This game has all the indie games clichés:

    1) Puzzle Platformer
    2) Pixle graphics
    3) Pretentious story

    Indie games are becoming more conformist than Call of Duty shooters.

  • now the wait for the store to update begins…. ಠ_ಠ …… >.> ……..(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻……..D: ………m(><)m

  • #13, maybe you should watch footage of the game before passing erroneous judgement.

  • @13 wow thats abit harsh.

    But i think its not a good thing to start an article out by stating this game began as a flash game you made when you were bored. That doesn’t exactly instill me with confidence in the game. Hearing that EU is getting the game free also feels like a slap in the face making NA psn members have to pay.

  • Getting this and God Mode!

  • Looking forward to picking this up. I was a bit confused by the teaser on the blogcast for Thomas Was Alone DLC, interesting that it’s apparently new levels. Do they feature story and narration, or are they just pure puzzle gameplay?

  • @13: I don’t know how you’re confusing vector art with pixel art. But you don’t know how to spell pixel, so maybe you don’t actually know what they are, either?

  • @8 – I’m a moron then, cuz I’m definitely picking up this game.

    @16 – I love that he gave us the back story as to how he came up with this game. He’s an independent developer…does it surprise you that this wonderful game came from humble beginnings? And then after saying that you aren’t “instilled with confidence in the game,” you complain that you aren’t getting it for free like the EU? Don’t really get you, Ryumoau…you’re a pretty negative guy.

  • just tried the online Version. pretty fun. i might pick it up along with fire pro wrestling. how many Levels and is there a story ?

  • will definitely get this game! the simplistic platforming, narration and music sums it up

  • Looking Forward to this. :D

  • I’m gonna go listen to Bowie’s new album now…and probably buy this.

  • Have been on this Blog since the beginning and I have never been turned off of a game from a blog post as much as I have with this one.

  • I’ve been waiting for this game to be released ever since the announcement came out! I can’t wait to play Thomas Was Alone! I love platformers! They’re so fun! ^_^ Also, I didn’t know there was going to be DLC! I’ll be looking forward even more to the store update now! Thank you so much making such a great game!

  • Bring it on!

  • Will be purchasing as soon as the store updates!

    I am also digging the new Bowie album, but it took a few listens to grow on me. The first single was a poor choice, IMO — the rest of the album is much stronger. A great mash-up of his ‘outside’ and ‘heathen’ albums’ styles. I’m so glad I got to see him on his last few tours; I never forgave myself for missing out on seeing Frank Zappa live. (Though I have seen Dweezil Zappa many times, so maybe I can forgive myself ;))

    You may also like the TV Mania album called “Bored with Prozac and the Internet?”

  • copy/pasted (and verified) from an earlier comment:

    **start quote**
    North America:
    “If you’ve got PlayStation Plus and you’re in the US, you’ll get 20% off the game for a limited time ”
    “If you’ve got PS Plus and you’re in the EU, you can download the game as part of the IGC at no additional cost.”
    **end quote**

    i don’t want to be just another complainer, but it would be nice to have some transparency around why the US and EU have such different PS+ landscapes. when the games offered each month in the IGC are different in the US and the EU, to a large extent it is debatable and a matter of personal opinion which games are ‘better’ to be getting. but when you have content that is offered at a small discount for one group and offered for free to another group at the exact same time, there’s no longer a debate as to one service being better than the other…

    so again, not trying to be a complainer. i’m just curious sony…. why are you treating the EU better than the US?

  • It’s up! Bought.

    Now the 2 hour wait until work is over . . . . . :-/

  • Does the cross save work in this game because every time I sync it on the ps3 and go to play it on my vita it always starts me at the beginning of the game on the vita. Is anyone else having this problem or am I just having a duh day?

  • @doutee
    If it’s like Sound Shapes, you need to upload from PS3, and then download to Vita, everytime. (then upload from Vita, download to PS3, to go back) Did you remember the download step on Vita?

  • Yup I had no problem with sound shapes. I guess I will have to practice. Thanks aro52

  • Looks like an interesting game hopefully I can try it out soon.

  • @doutee
    Hopefully in the PS4 age, it all just syncs automagically, but until then, as clunky as it can be, it’s just nice to have the ability to cross-save!

  • I’m not sure about this game just like dive kick, I’ll need a demo because not sure about these to PS Vita games.

  • bought it, love it. thank you for this wonderful game, Mike, and congrats!

  • @doutee I’m having the same problem. How can cross-save be so simple on Guacamelee!, with two simple options of Upload to Cloud or Download from Cloud, with this being so complicated? Since my Vita won’t sync and let me start at 2.3, where I stopped on my PS3, when I sync now with my Vita (which thinks I’m at 1.1), will it sync and make my PS3 go to 1.1 also? There is nothing that tells if it’s coming or going, and either way it’s not working. So frustrating, cause this game has its shapes in me already. Terrible pun, don’t care.

  • @tusunami, this is a PS3 game as well as a Vita game. It’s not exclusive to the handheld.

  • Game is amazing~ DLC is awesome too~

    If only I could find the other trophy pickup in Y+1, X+1. Found one in 9.10, but can’t find another anywhere. :/

  • I can’t wait to play this – looking forward to it when it’s available on the Australian store!

  • @somebignasty I think I figured it out late last night. It seems when u sync it from the ps3 to the ps vita you need to go to the chapters select area and manually pick your level. I haven’t been able to get the game to resume from one system to the other. I hope that this helps.

  • @doutee I figured that out too and was just about to let you know! haha thanks!

  • I’ll bite and try it out. The YouTube trailer provide a little more perspective. Not sure how much I’d play of it. I do like how the indie developers are adding sound and commentary to what would otherwise be pretty boring looking games.

    Pretty obvious we’re simply seeing a resurgence of very old game development methods being enhanced with sound and little graphical tweaks – nothing wrong with that if the game is still enjoyable (imo).

  • Wait a sec, did I just see it was $9.99. Isn’t there some kinda introductory price? I guess that’s what the DLC is supposed to make up for.

  • Alright so I finished the main game and want to play the DLC, which I already bought. I’ve installed it but can’t seem to play it, is anyone else having this problem? I assume you get to it via chapter select, but the very bottom, where I assume would be the dlc, it instead says ‘locked’. I even went and redownloaded the DLC but no difference. Unless anyone else knows what the problem is, I assume I’ll have to redownload the whole game.

  • Nevermind, I found it. Didn’t realize it was “Target” haha pretty dumb of me =p

  • I am having trouble syncing my ps3 save to my vita. Can someone tell me what stupid mistake I am making? lol.

    I am on lvl 7.8 on my ps3. when I go back to the main menu i press “Cloud sync”. then I go on my vita, and while starting the game it signs onto the psn network. so before anything, I tried just pressing “Resume” on my vita, and it starts at lvl 1. so then I restart the game, and when it starts up, I click “Cloud Sync”. then try playing again, and it still starts on lvl 1….

    Any ideas?

  • P.S. I read the previous posts, and even when I go to “chapter select” it only has lvl 1 avalible…

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