Splinter Cell Blacklist Trailer Emerges From the Shadows

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Splinter Cell Blacklist Trailer Emerges From the Shadows
Splinter Cell Blacklist Trailer Emerges From the Shadows

I’m stoked to speak with you guys about our latest trailer for Blacklist, which we’re calling “Stalk. Strike. Silence.” If you’re a Splinter Cell fan, you know that there’s a rich history to the franchise. The idea behind Blacklist is to embrace those roots by bringing back most of the core elements and merging them with the advanced gameplay and graphical evolution of the more recent Splinter Cell games.

Splinter Cell Blacklist for PS3

We’re also bringing back that sweet, dark, geopolitical drama that Tom Clancy fans are familiar with. In Splinter Cell Blacklist, the high-level storyline centers on a group of rogue nations coming together to create an ultimatum; they’ve had enough of the American occupancy on their land. This collective institutes a countdown, warning the United States to back off… or else.

That ‘or else’ involves specific threats to American interests. That’s where Sam Fisher, now the leader of his newly formed Fourth Echelon unit, their mobile command center, the Paladin, and the classic Splinter Cell globetrotting come into play.

Looking at this trailer in particular, we wanted to re-establish Sam for both our existing fans and those who may not be as familiar with the character. You may already know that the core objective for a Splinter Cell is to get in, handle business, get out and leave no trace of their presence.

The way of ‘the ghost’ is still very much still a part of Blacklist; that tense, no-contact, no-detection way to play. But there’s also something incredibly satisfying about getting your hands dirty as well. Splinter Cell fans can attest to the first key element of this trailer, and likely, correlate that to why they responded so well to the classic games in the first place. There is really nothing quite like the ‘Stalk.’ Seeing your target… and planning how you want to deal with it.

Sometimes you want to be quick and efficient; other times you drag it out a little more, just for the thrill of it. Do you bring the fear to their doorstep by letting them know you’re there, or do you put them down, without them having any knowledge of your presence or what happened?

The ‘strike’ is that execution phase. Lethally or non-lethally, Sam Fisher is a deadly weapon. He’s got all the tools to do what needs to be done, often before the enemy even knows what hit them. The ‘silence’ is the soothing hush as the dust settles with your threat now in the past tense – one way or another. That is the sound of Sam Fisher.

We hope you liked the trailer… and with that being said… I’m happy to stick around to chat for a bit. Hit me up with any questions you may have in the comments below, and I’ll answer what I can!

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  • Not much of a Splinter Cell fun…but this game looks AWESOME!

  • I’ve been trying to tell myself “no more games” to save money for the PS4, but OMG Splinter Cell is always so amazing. I may have to not eat or something so I make sure to have money to buy it and a PS4. LOL

  • Im really looking forward to the singleplayer campaign in this one. I’ve heard down the ‘pipeline’ you guys may have something it store for us in terms of co-op as well which has me even more excited. I love “couch” co-op where I can just sit down with a buddy and go through the grind. Nothing better than that.

    I really like how the team is allowing us to have different approaches this time around and with each come their different rewards. It gives a value for our dollar with more replayability. If I want to go in run-and-gun and mow everyone down, I can, but I can also sneak in and complete my objectives with stealth which is more true-to-life of Splinter Cell.

    Really looking forward to more information on Splinter Cell Blacklist, Zack. You guys are doing an amazing job so far.

    -CharlieINTEL Team

    • Thanks a lot!
      It’s definitely an exciting time as we round the final corner. The team is really stoked with the buzz that’s been generating over the last few months! Glad you’re on board, DigitalHitmann!

  • Haven’t played a splinter cell since the coop of the chao theory. This one looks great and can’t wait for it.

  • I hope not everything is done for you ala quick time events…

  • Ok Zack when do you plan on realizing the other puzzles pieces??? Looks like SvM to me!!! Can’t wait for more info to be released!!!

  • Releasing

  • Really excited for this one! I love the choice the gamer gets of being stealthy or going all out if you want to.
    Very cool & Ubisoft usually makes quality games.

  • Any way I can convince you guys to turn back on the Chaos Theory PC servers? They were shut down last month and I’m feeling the withdrawal.

    Failing that, when are you guys going to talk about Spies Vs. Mercs in Blacklist?

  • I bought splinter cell trilogy and it was awesome i am gonna buy blacklists too

    Awesome games

  • lol yes those

  • Planning on playing thru the first the splinter cell games via the HD trilogy on the PS3 (first time ever, freinds been bugging me to try theset trailers for blacklist have pushed me over the edge to finally try). Any advice on how long each title will take me?
    On a side note you guys should be proud the title looks amazing can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    • Thanks a lot!

      Honestly, the time it takes to complete each game varies SO much between players.
      It really depends on how methodical you want to be. Whether you ghost to avoid any contact, or sneak and KO.

      I’d strongly advise that you take your time and appreciate the sneak.

      I’d also caution you to ‘quick save’ often!

  • Just asking when do you expect to complete the puzzle?

  • Thanks for the advice, and good luck to the team on the home stretch! Now to find me a copy of the trilogy….. (to Best Buy!)

  • The anticipation is getting the best of me!!! I love SC but the SvM multiplayer was just WOW!!!

  • Zack the multiplayer will it be spy vs mercs? please answer IM MAD FAN OF SPLINTER CELL i cant wait for this game. Please dont delay it coz i will cant buy it after summer.

    • There is Spies vs. Mercs, yes. But there’s also much more!
      I can’t reveal anything now… but you’ll get some insight very soon!

  • Hmm, a Splinter Cell game would be really cool on PS Vita ;)

  • Zack, there was a ham and cheese sandwich in the first floor fridge when you were here a couple weeks ago and now it’s gone so my important Splinter Cell Blacklist question is: Did you eat my sandwich and WHY did you eat my sandwich and will you replace my sandwich and how SOON will you replace my sandwich?

    (Keep up the good work, buddy.)

    • I am a huge fan of sandwiches… but I don’t eat ham.
      You’re going to have to keep investigating!

      (and thank you for the kind words, but it won’t get you a replacement H+C sammich!)

  • Will Black Arrow or Megiddo (from Conviction) make any sort of appearance in Blacklist??
    I felt like Megiddo would become a bigger enemy in a sequel.

    • Megiddo is definitely a big deal! …but the specific threat in Blacklist is called ‘the Engineers;’ a group of rogue nations fed up with American occupancy on their respective soil.

  • zack will the game have costume selection like in conviction?

    • There is tons of customization in Blacklist! The suits work a little differently, in that you unlock various parts which impact various aspects of your playing experience.

      Some gear will be tailored to increasing the amount of gadgets you can carry, while others will help with damage control.

      The idea is to further emphasize playing Blacklist how you want. Ghost, Panther, or Assault.

  • Thanks for taking the time to answer :) Looking forward to when the game is released. Big fan of the series, books and all. Will the comic be exclusive to the collector editions? or can it be purchased seperately?

  • Alright, that’s all the time I have right now.

    This was a lot of fun!
    Love me some Playstation community!

    We’ve got LOTS to talk about… so keep those eyes where they need to be.
    Hopefully we’ll get to do this again down the road.

    Thanks for the questions and take care!

  • Thank you so muck Zack YOU ARE THE BEST!

  • Hey Zack, just wanted to let you know. My friends all went out and bought Double Agent last weekend to play the multiplayer together. To whcih I responded.. why..why on earth would you buy THAT version?! Chaos Theory had the best multiplayer.

    So I resintalled Chaos Theory and have been playing it again only to remember how AMAZING it is!!!

    So… can we expect a similar amazing experience in Blacklist? I want all the gadgets, guns, spyvsmerc, fun levels, and competitivness of the old Spy Vs Merc!!!

  • damn… too late.

  • Any chance we get a late release of Splinter Cell Conviction for PS3? Just like what’s happened to Mass Effect…

    I would really like to play this game…

    As SC Blacklist, sure buy!

  • is it true that Sam only has a grade eight education and that he started his career by arm wrestling at the local rec center?

  • I want a Ghost Recon on Vita. ): One that’s like the GR we got last generation.

  • Hey, Zack, I just looked at the flyable airplane CE pre-order, and man that is beyond sweet! If there was a flyable Enterprise with the new Star Trek game today, I would have happily paid $200 for that CE, stupid Bandai.

  • I don’t know if I should buy the game, because it has no Michael Ironside. Yes, just because of a voice actor, it changes my opinion of purchasing a game!

  • I like your avatar Zack, could we have them on the store please?

  • I have this game on preorder. The only thing that disappoints me is the lost of Michael Ironside. How can Ubisoft replace such an Iconic role with a new voice? It just doesn’t feel right. Other than it looks like the classic Splinter Cell games. They departed that with Double Agent and Conviction. Splinter Cell is known for stealth and those green goggles. I am happy they are back!

  • Ubisoft, can you make Splinter Cell Conviction come to PS3? I don’t have a Xbox and I was really disappointed that it only was exclusive to one console???

  • Never played splinter cell but just might check this out.

  • okay!

  • This game definitely looks promising! I definitely may pick it up! People have forgotten about this game, make more trailers and interviews boasting about the cool elements making a comeback to this game! Don’t let it get buried under the next-gen excitement!

  • Man I love SC and bought a second copy of Conviction to play system link with my boys, but the new voice is really turning me off. Probably why he only has a short line at the beginning of the trailer. So as to not turn off long time fans.

    Should have just retired Sam, and made a new character. Fisher will always be Michael Ironside to me.

    Sorry, just how I feel. We’ve had new Ghosts introduced over the years and same goes for Rainbow Six. So I don’t see why you didn’t just retire him and let a younger character take over. Actually, I do know why, “Story” and background of his character. I just don’t want to let go. Sigh.

  • You guys need to change the scope of the story and of the game.

  • WARNING: The Splinter Cell series has become so bad that it has lost the Michael Ironside seal of approval.

    If the game is not good enough for Michael Ironside than no way is it good enough for me either. Chaos Theory was near stealth perfection and then the series has nose dived into dog doodoo.


    I’m intrigued. Guess I should pick up the trilogy as well.

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