Divekick: The Roster So Far

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Divekick: The Roster So Far

Seeing a character is one thing. Playing as them is another. But really, what you want deep down, is to get to know each of the playable characters in a fighting game. What are their motivations, birthdates, likes and dislikes? Without this knowledge, how can you form the emotional bond needed to find success in Divekick? As such, we’ve collected each of the presently known characters’ bios for you — tune into twitch.tv/irongalaxy every Monday at 9:00PM CST for new character and content reveals.

Divekick on PSN - Dive


Health: 1,000 // Power: 1,000,000,000

Dive was raised in West Philadelphia with his fraternal twin brother, Kick. When trouble brewed at their local park, the boys’ mother sent them to live with their Uncle Sensei in Bel Air to learn how to Divekick. Dive strives to perfect the art of diving into the air, using his love of math to ensure that he is always at an angle that will lead him to victory. His massive study sessions and dedication to his schoolwork have left him with less time to focus on his kicking, however.

Date of Birth: 12/07/1988
Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA
Blood Type: Type A
Likes: Math, Electronics, School Work, Hair Products, MSG
Dislikes: Uncomfortable Shoes, Dressy Shoes, #4, Forks

Divekick on PSN - Kick


Health: 1,050 // Power: 1,000,102,050

Kick was raised in West Philadelphia with his fraternal twin brother, Dive. When trouble brewed at their local park, the boys’ mother sent them to live with their Uncle Sensei in Bel Air to learn how to Divekick. Kick strives to perfect the art of kicking, and is sure that success on the Divekick circuit will help him launch a music career. His focus on chasing the local honies has lead him to neglect his dive training, however.

Date of Birth: 12/07/1988
Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA
Blood Type: Type B
Likes: Women, Sneakers
Dislikes: Hoodies, Gang Violence, Mayonnaise

Divekick on PSN - Mr. N

Mr. N

Health: 600 // Power: 19,998

Uncle Sensei may have sent Mr. N to the losers bracket, but his career ended later that day after Mr. N paid a massive sum to have the brackets rigged in his favor. Officials noticed the foul play too late, and the tournament was in such disarray that the entire event was cancelled and everyone was disqualified. Unable to afford fees for the following year, Sensei was forced into retirement. Mr. N can usually be found riding to coattails of his best friend, upcoming Divekick superstar Dustin Weinburger, and is usually behind any sort of foul play that may occur at a tournament. Mr. N owes the mob a lot of money, and is constantly on the run.

Date of Birth: 01/23/78
Place of Birth: Houston, TX
Blood Type: Type B
Likes: Winning, Moba, Gambling, Girls
Dislikes: Keits, Giants, Animals, The Mob

Divekick on PSN - Redacted


Health: 1,800 // Power: 1,219,000,004

A pregnant Skunk Bear was forced to flee her Canadian homeland due to hunting activities. While traveling south, tired, hungry and alone, she drank some toxic waste that mutated her into a much larger, smarter form. She caught the scent of a very rare type of cigar and followed it to the hills of Bel Air, where she settled and now lives with her three Kits.

Date of Birth: 10/01/2000
Place of Birth: British Columbia, Canada
Blood Type: Unknown
Likes: The smell of Sensei’s Cigars, Chewing on Sensei’s Cigars, Stealing Sensei’s Cigars, Protecting her young, The smell of Jeans
Dislikes: Cajun spices, Swiss cheese, Anything with only one eye

Divekick on PSN - Kung Pao

Kung Pao

Health: 850 // Power: 1,697,800,913

The art of the Divekick is well known in a parallel dimension, called Downworld. Kung Pao is champion of this realm. Her strength, loyalty, dedication, and leadership may be unmatched, but her world has been overthrown by her evil step-father, Theodore Khan, and his army of color coded ninja thugs. She fought alongside a small but passionate group of rebels until she accidentally kicked a hole in the fabric of the universe and fell through it. She landed in this dimension and has thus far been unable to find a way home to save her friends, and her world.

Date of Birth: 49/87/230798
Place of Birth: Dragon City
Blood Type: Type O
Likes: Trampolines, Defending the weak, Her hat, Her friends
Dislikes: Theodore Khan, Color coded ninja henchmen, speaking slowly

Divekick on PSN - Dr. Shoals

Dr. Victoria Shoals

Health: 420 // Power: 400,680

Shoals is the youngest and brightest Podiatrist in her field. She works mostly in the sports medicine field, and spends time researching Ped Urino, a very rare infection seen only in the feet of professional Divekickers. Shoals wakes up one morning to find that she has somehow contracted Ped Urino, commonly called Foot Dive, on her face! She dons a mask and builds powerful iron boots to allow her to compete in Divekicking competitions, in an effort to get closer to the people she’d need to study to find the cure.

Date of Birth: 3/9/1977
Place of Birth: South Burlington, VT
Blood Type: Typo O
Likes: Athletic men, Professional sports, Academic writing, Taking notes
Dislikes: Forgetting anything, Mirrors, People who are not career minded

Divekick on PSN - Uncle Sensei

Uncle Sensei

Health: 1,100 // Power: 1,137,041,897

Uncle Sensei and his sister became obsessed with tournament Divekicking at a very young age, even before the sport had any popularity. After returning from the Invasion of Grenada, Sensei had finished his tour of duty and saved enough money to finally follow his dream. He purchased some land on which to build his Dojo and entered his first Divekicking competition. Shortly after, his 10 year winstreak helped to explode the sport’s popularity, but his inability to manage his finances left him broke and in early retirement after a mysterious disqualification. He now spends his days trying to earn what he can training Divekicking students at his Dojo, and doing his best to take care of his beloved nephews, Dive and Kick.

Date of Birth: 11/4/1960
Place of Birth: Clearfield, PA
Blood Type: Type AB
Likes: America, Divekicking, Food, Blue Grass, Family
Dislikes: Hunger, State Officials, Lawyers, The oversized rodent that keeps stealing his cigars

Divekick on PSN - Jefailey

Alex Jefailey

Health: 895 // Power: 40,800 – 1,000,000

Jefailey runs a large and well known series of Divekick tournaments called JEO (Jefailey Effort Orlando). Despite controversy, Jefailey likes to enter and compete at his own events. He views himself as his greatest promotional asset, and his growing ego has recently caused former allies to turn against him. He means well, however, and will continue to compete in order to get more people to buy badges for the next JEO event.

Date of Birth: 8/19/1982
Place of Birth: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Blood Type: Type O
Likes: Jemaniacs, Jebaiting, His bobble head, Money, Running tournaments
Dislikes: Jefailure, Collusion, On-site registration, Life altering Revelations

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