LittleBigPlanet update: Marvel Arcade Pack available now!

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LittleBigPlanet update: Marvel Arcade Pack available now!

For all you LittleBigPlanet fans who are enjoying Sackboy’s adventures on your PS Vita we are delighted to announce a brand new game add-on: The Marvel – Arcade Pack!

The Marvel – Arcade Pack contains three fantastic new mini-games, each of which will challenge you in very different ways. The level pack also boasts a whole host of new create assets to play with and bring your own creations to life!

But enough of us blabbering away, you can check out all the fantastic content the pack has to offer in the brand new trailer.

Also available – The Marvel Heroes Costumes!

You’re ready to save the world from constant peril but do you look the part of a dashing superhero? Sackboy has a huge collection of over 30 different Marvel Superhero Costumes available on the PlayStation Store featuring such fan-favourites as Spider-Man, Deadpool and Wolverine!

So make sure you’re ready to suit-up in your favourite superhero costume and race to the rescue whenever there’s any nefarious evil-doers threatening the citizens of LittleBigPlanet!

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita: Community Picks

It’s truly an exciting time for LittleBigPlanet PS Vita because not only do we have the Marvel Arcade Pack available now, we also saw the release of our very first batch of Community Picks last week.

LBF Vita Picks Episode 1
LBP Vita Picks Episode 1

This Community Picks hub level contains a selection of great community levels chosen by the great folks over at the fansite, so be sure to jump in and check them out.


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2 Author Replies

  • Must. Get. It. Now!

  • ummmm call me crazy but im pretty sure the marvel arcade pack came out like at least a month ago. Ive had it on my vita for a while.

  • I was so disappointed in this marvel arcade pack. It was not remotely worth the $4.99. It’s three games that each play much worse and have far less content than $.99 iOS genre-counterparts. I appreciate what tried to be done, but my goodness it soured me on the LBP DLC situation.

  • repost! repost! repostttt!

    • Brand new trailer though. ;)

      We wanted to show everyone the Marvel Arcade Pack in action because it’s a LittleBigPlanet pack like no other! :)

  • Yes, the Marvel Arcade Pack came out weeks and weeks ago. I got it then.

  • It’s good to see dlc for PS Vita $ support still for LBP!!!!!!

    • We still plan to continue supporting LittleBigPlanet 2, LittleBigPlanet PS Vita and LittleBigPlanet Karting! :)

      There’s some great costumes on the way for all three titles and we have some sweet Karts being fine-tuned for release for LittleBigPlanet Karting soon.

  • $4.99 is a great deal for this DLC everybody! :] i very much enjoy it, do consider getting it.

  • Sorry, I’m a jerk.. xD

    It is a nice trailer though. :)
    I already got it, hence why I knew it was a repost.

  • I loved the pack, but why the Escape mini-game has touch only controls is beyond me. I’ve lost many times trying to switch characters only to have the current character (mostly Hulk) dash to his doom.

    Patch it.

  • When can I use my Deadpool costume in LBP Karting?

  • @3. vanwinkle
    If these arcade games disappoint you so much, make better ones. Last I checked, you could do that on LBP using the materials, music, sfx, etc. that come with the pack when you buy it. As I see it, that’s really the best part about it, so if you think it’s so crappy, make something better or just don’t buy it. Your choice.

  • How about some new tracks/world DLC for LBPK, Steven? Any news on that? I’m not a big fan of costume DLC.

  • MMLgamer, what an odd thing to say. When did I say I could do better, and makes you think that we can’t have complaints about something we ourselves can’t do? I bought it because I love LBP and Marvel. Should I have known they wouldn’t have been good and therefore not bought them?

    I don’t create stuff on LBP. I have never had any interest in the creation aspect, even though I’ve always been a fan of the series. I’m disappointed in this pack. It was not at all worth it for me as a player, but I bought it because, as I said, I love LBP and Marvel. It mimics iOS style games and doesn’t do nearly as well despite costing more.

  • WHat ever happened to little big planet karting for ps vita? If there are no plans for a port, can you guys please just add remote-play & cross-controller support?

  • There are a lot of Marvel costumes already, but I’d still like an X-23 X-Force costume. Or any X-23 costume, really.

    You know what would really sell, though? Batman Heroes and Villains costume packs. I’m surprised there have been no DC packs besides Watchmen.

  • who about some 1997 Thunderblots such as Citizen V, Meteorite, Techno, and some more New Warriors like Firestar, Speedball, Namorita, the one with the crutches who looked like an Asian Halle Berry… oh and how’bout Darkhawk, and Sleepwalker, and Deathlok, and i second the X-Force, too. ¦)

    btw, it must be an extremelt THIN release week when a ‘new video’ of DLC that’s been available for a few weeks already, gets so much space. i was able to find a youtube video of this DLC back then which help me to detrmine it was not worth the money for ME.

    i’d love to see some localizations of some JRPGs for crystakes. there are so many amazing Japanese games available that need to get translated and made available on PSN for the Vita, in addition to the PSP and PS3. why Sony hasn’t tapped that is so frustrating.

  • btw, i just need to put this down on record somewhere…my ultimate wish list for LBP costumes would be:

    Disgaea characters.
    Gundam and other super robots.
    Godzilla and other kaiju.
    Seikima-II (Japanese rock icons.
    KISS (which would never happen, unless Gene is guaranteed $10 per costume per sale.
    Star Wars
    Guacamelee characters.
    Nun Attack characters.
    Machinarium characters.
    Lego styles.

    i actually have a list, but it’s on my computer and i’m on my Vita. (which we all know can’t cut-n-paste text anyway) but i probably went overboard already.

  • NEED SOME HELP!!!!! I haven’t received the 10 dollars!!!!!!
    I have spent $50 through April 1st 2013,but I haven’t received the email for 10 dollars .My id is Jysmoker.This is my e-mail address “” Please help me to solve the problem.I’m looking forward to your recieve.

  • I bought this when it released and it’s well worth it, i’ve gotten several hours of play out of it – a great collection of mini games.

  • I think this kind of stuff weirdly dilutes the LBP brand. I don’t get it.

    That being said, if it’s going to be diluted, then can you do it with a Ghostbusters story level pack?? ;) It would be great to use the Vita as a PKE meter/goggles in co-op with LBP2 on PS3.

  • Though I have yet to try the arcade pack, I just recently bought the Deadpool costume. I know, I know, old news; right? But if you have not bought it yet, I recommend the costume. Compared to the older, less detailed, Marvel costumes (such as Spider-Man or Hulk) Deadpool is one of the best. You can see the wrinkles in his suit and the colors are very accurate. “They” even included the tiny tip on top of Deadpool’s mask.

  • By the way, I was just suggesting for my brother and MILLIONS of other fans…
    Media Molecule and Sony Entertainment, could you please create a Dragon Ball Z costume pack? My brother has created great costume giveaways but even he is not completely satisfied with his costumes. “I wish M.M. would make a pack for DBZ,” he says. “There are already hundreds of levels devoted to DBZ, but the costumes just don’t look authentic enough.”
    So if you are listening, just keep and open mind about this idea. It is not just my brother and I who like DBZ. LBP users will be willing to buy the costumes as well…

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