God Mode Storms PSN April 23

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God Mode Storms PSN April 23

God Mode for PS3

God Mode for PS3God Mode for PS3

Old School Games is a new game studio launched by Saber Interactive whose focus is to deliver low-cost, high-quality downloadable titles. Using Saber’s technology and development platform, we strive to create digital games that look like retail products. With our first release, God Mode, we wanted to create a lighthearted throwback experience, which focuses on arcade-style action over story. We came up with a classic premise – fighting to get out of Hell – then wrapped it in a third-person shooter with 3D graphics on par with full-price titles. Finally, we added a slew weapons: plasma launchers, rail guns and what we affectionately call the “buzzsaw,” in order to wipe out waves and waves of demonic hordes.

We decided that God Mode should be less about deep narrative and more about action. This approach gave us the ability to really go crazy and build a unique world full of plenty of characters to shoot, blow up, impale and maim. After making this decision early on in the design process, the designers really let their ideas flow. When you tell a game designer to “go nuts without thinking about story,” something unique and original begins to take shape.

God Mode for PS3

Although we cut narrative, we still wanted to deliver the premise in a compelling way, so we added the Spirit Guide. The Spirit Guide character was created to mentor and guide players through the game. He morphed over time from a boring reverb-laden announcer into the disgruntled, metrosexual British jerk that you can hear in-game and in the trailers. This added an extra layer of humor to the game and we had fun expanding his role from generic to sarcastic bordering on sadistic as development has continued.

Even after all of this, we realized the game might not be challenging enough, so we threw in “Tests of Faith.” These are mini-challenges that get randomly selected at the start of each stage. They alter gameplay and range from aesthetic changes (sounds have a drastically increased pitch or all monsters are wearing party hats) to beneficial (infinite ammo, random moments of invulnerability) to diabolical (players are limited to a certain area or they lose health, guns switch at random every two seconds). They drastically change the strategy for each stage and can turn a frustrating level into a cakewalk and vice versa. With all the weapon customization, player costume variety and other factors, God Mode is filled with unique scenarios.

God Mode for PS3God Mode for PS3

As a studio moving forward we’re striving to create games that look and feel like full-priced titles but do it at a price point that makes purchase decisions easy. Bottom line: there are a ton of elements in God Mode that ultimately define the game – humor, replayability, and quick action. We wanted to give players something they could get into and play for short bursts, but over a long period of time. I believe that the content and quality of God Mode at $9.99 will stand out when God Hand lands on PSN in North America on April 23rd.

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  • You should mention that this game is for PS3. Just mentioning PSN might get some people antsy about Vita. ;)

  • So it’s Painkiller.

  • Surprise!

  • This must be the game they could not confirm on the BlogCast this week, unless I missed it.

  • “Then wrapped it in a third-person shooter with 3D graphics on par with full-price titles.”

    Honestly? This shouldn’t be a selling point. Game quality is measure in core gameplay design, accessibility, and replayability factor. Not fancy graphics.

    Still, the first trailer really got me interested in the title. My only question: are there any female avatars that are customizable? I know it may seem minor, but I’d prefer full customization for both genders and whatnot.

    Very, very excited for the game!!!

  • I believe that the content and quality of God Mode at $9.99 will stand out when God Hand lands on PSN in North America on April 23rd.

    might wanna fix that

  • “I believe that the content and quality of God Mode at $9.99 will stand out when God Hand lands on PSN in North America on April 23rd.”

    >God Mode.
    >God Hand.


  • looks good is it 4 player on line co op? and rated m for mature ill buy it

  • whats the price for PSN subscribers?

  • Will this have Online Coop?

  • “when God Hand lands on PSN in North America on April 23rd.”

    God Hand is already on PSN. Is “God Mode” related to “God Hand” or is this just a typo?

  • So 4 questions for you Mr Madonna:

    1. will there be a demo?

    2. game length. how long will it take to beat the main campaign?

    3. trophy support/platinum?

    4. discount for ps plus members?

  • @8 and @10, yes and yes, if you access the God Mode link included in this article you’ll see that it’s online 4 players coop.
    Now I’d like that includes couch coop too, but i think it doesn’t :(

  • @13 2-player local co-op, from what I remember.

  • WHOA WHOA WHOA. It’s coming out this week!? How come I never heard of it!?
    Please tell me this is also coming to the EU store. It looks fantastic.

  • These posts need to specify platforms. I see it happen all the time, not just on this post. The ONLY thing it says is PSN, which could be PS3 OR Vita. Of course, it’s likely not on Vita, but the blog post doesn’t mention it at all.

  • I agree with others that simply stating “PSN” is not descriptive enough. Every blog post about a game should have a section that clearly lays out the platform(s), price, and release date…just list TBA if certain data isn’t available yet.

  • just saw the youtube vid and 4 player co-op looks like it could be fun!

    ~ is there stat tracking?
    ~ cool weapons? (looks like you can add some humorous ones!)
    ~ how many levels?
    ~ what purpose does the leveling up serve?

  • @Nick Madonna

    What about Europe ? Are we also getting it next week ?

    And will there be a demo ?


  • Sounded good until the cakewalk part. The short bursts would be very appropriate for the PS Vita.

  • SOLD!

  • 3RD PERSON VIEW ? thank godddddddddddddd. im so sick of first person gun blazing games i can just facepalm. this looks and sounds great. only 10$ you say ? if so then this will be mines on day 1.

  • also, God Hand already landed on Psn. look in the ps2 classics haha. that was a Pun but yeaa this looks very nice for the price. hope it gets nice feedback and reviews.

  • God Hand is already on the PS Store lol I’m pretty sure you meant God MODE lol :p

  • looks like a good game looking forward to try it out

  • Looks great! I’ll give it a shot!

  • This is for the PS3. If you scroll your mouse over any of the pics, a ticker tape size banner says “Godmode for PS3”. It says nothing about the Vita.

  • Say what thought this game was a exclusive for the other guys cool, this price point is DYN*O*MITE!!!!!!!!!!

  • would be GREAT for some local coop, if i can’t play with my better half then i might not get this

  • Click on the blue link. I believe it does have local co-op mode.

  • At $9.99 i might as well get it. It can’t possibly be anymore disappointing than Dragon Fantasy book 1 was for me.

    Btw, is there any chance it might also get an additional PS Plus discount?

  • Looks good for my Vita….

  • On the website it says “supports up to 4 players via online or local system link” does this mean it has 2 player split screen on each console, or is it 4 players per console via system link? I haven’t heard of a system link game on PS3.

    And is it Stereoscopic 3D?

  • I like this. Classic DDOM style, just blazing your way through the demon Hellspawn, story be damned? Yeah, that’s awesome. Perfect name for your studio. This also has that vibe of some TC project I’d see a couple random dude would be working on and showing off in the Unreal 3 mod community foums.

    For those reasons……along with the absolute perfect price for a downloadable title, consider one copy sold with me.

    I’m looking forward to your next “Old School” project.

  • God, i hate touch keyboards. Sorry about the grammar/spelling issues.

  • It has Online COOP for those who were wondering. It mentions it on this page on their website (so those who said “just click the link above, it’s got local coop”.. well you didn’t click the link either obviously lol)


  • Whoops wrong link, here you go:

  • I had the misfortune of trying this game on the “other” console. It is not only terrible, but extremely glitchy/buggy.

  • It’s funny how some people are asking for a PS+ discount and the game will be just $9.99 lol

  • I have heard from PC players that this game is dreadful lol. My pick it up just to turn up my blood pressure a bit.

  • I tried the 360 demo and it was short but made me want the real thing. Very excited to get it, especially since it’s cheap. Plus my PSN ID will finally be related to a game! Only took 6 years. Just hope it gets some dlc in the future.

  • sweet game need to get this

  • I will try the demo and see what happens if I like it I will buy if not no worries.

  • Looks nice!

  • I’ll definitely check out game reviews for this one. Purchase pending :)

  • Sounds like a 3rd person perspective Serious Sam game where Sam’s attitude has become disembodied into it’s own character.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • I’m going to buy this one; love the genre, the title, the gameplay video, story and price. Can’t wait. Just a few hours to be released

  • What time is this coming out im still waiting for it?


    Gotta love presentation!!

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