PlayStation Blogcast 070: Fantasy Stars

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PlayStation Blogcast 070: Fantasy Stars
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We gulp a Pheonix Down and enjoy a random encounter with Bryan Sawler and Adam Rippon of Muteki Corporation, the creators of the PS3 and PS Vita retro-inspired RPG Dragon Fantasy: Book I and the upcoming Dragon Fantasy: Book II — with an Origin Story segment you won’t want to miss. Then we share the new PSN and retail game releases for April 26th and serve up a fresh batch of new listener letters. I even score a couple of cheap shots on Nick! Listen in and let us know what you think.

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[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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12 Author Replies

  • Nice! I’ll be sure to listen to this after the new episode of Hannibal is over (great show btw, I highly suggest).

    I would like to play Dragon Fantasy when I can afford it. I LOVE retro-style games, and RPG is my fave genre (avid Final Fantasy fan here)

    Now… tell me, on a scale of soggy napkin to Sham-Wow, how absorbent is Nick’s beard?

  • Alright, you’re talking jrpgs on of my favorite genres. Funny nor, my 2 year old just bought Django Unchained on the ps store when I wasn’t looking. the ps3 wasn’t even on.

  • @2 At least you got a good movie!

  • I’m actually looking forward to watching it now :-)

  • Haven’t listened to this yet but michael fassbender’s “fassbender” is so big that all of us are just figments of it’s imagination.

  • ooooooooh, @2 & 3 that is a GOOD movie, I’ve seen it 3 times. So crazy and over the top. lol.

    Dr. Shultz is just AWESOME, how can someone be so polite and proper yet such a bad@$$? I LOVE IT!

    Warning: they say the N word about 100 times :S

  • I see that Sid found a new way to increase the amount of time it takes to get to the New Releases.

  • Guacameleee rules ALL!

  • For anyone that’s interested in “Draw Slasher” you can check this link out:

    Also provides a video post on “GUILTY GEAR XX Λ CORE PLUS R”. Looks really good on VIta.

  • I nearly choked on a candy when i heard Fire Prowrestling was coming to the store as a PS2 classic; is this Fire Prowrestling Returns? In english? Because i used to play a lot of that.

  • I had been hoping that the BRS news would note that it won’t be available in Canada. (Or Mexico, but I’m not sure if that country is covered by the Latin American side of things instead of this one.)

    Well, what I had really been hoping is that the game would be available in those countries in the first place; but since that is not an option, it’s better to be clear on which territories will get the game and which won’t.

  • Probably the only thing that I hate hearing almost every episode is pretending to forget what his co hosts job title is from downstairs… Why not just introduce him, it kinda sounds like your taking value from him and what he does for his job, ..We know you guys by now, have some confidence your show is good.

  • Funny thing y’all was speculatin’ on a program that would use time freeze in a unique/strange manner. There was an awesome episode of the 80’s Twilight Zone (which was…okay overall) where a harried housewife found a pocketwatch (?) that could freeze time. She would circumvent the long frustrating grocery store lines (always leaving some cash on the counter for her goods) and take time for herself sipping a cold beverage. Anyway, as it wasa the 80’s (SPOILER!) a nuke strike was leveled at the US and she froze time witht he missile hanging about 30 feet form the ground!

    Anyway, LOVE the show! Lovin’ the Horror talk and especially the Swamp Thnig shiner last week, the Alan Moore/Bisstte/Tottleben run easily the most underated comics of all time. thanks for everything you and Sony do for us!


    PS–Whens Morgan coming back to give us some PS+ tease/love?

    • Thanks for the note (I’ve seen that episode!) and glad you liked the Alan Moore talk. Morgan will be back soon! Tough to get schedules to align

  • This will make typing out notes less mind-numbing. Look forward to leaving feedback after I listen. Keep up the good work.

  • Nick’s idea for the bear game when you guys were discussing the AC3 DLC sounds awesome! I hope they are listening :)

  • It would be awesome if you guys could do some Canadian community event next time that Nick is in Vancouver! Also, I like how you guys kind of started the show with some emails and started the show on the topic from those emails… makes it more community driven.

  • That’s not the kind of “Fantasy Stars” I want to hear about.

    I want some Phantasy Star Online 2 news. :P

  • How can you guys have a huge store problem yesterday and not even mention it in the podcast or ANY OTHER POSTS ON THE BLOG.


    Seriously get it together.

  • Anyone have any idea(s) on what the “mystery” game might be next Tuesday?

  • Absolutely love the show this week. But absolutely hate that Sid call them JRPGs. I hate that term. JRPGs as you call them are RPGs. Stuff like Mass Effect and Fallout are not RPGs there Third person shooters and FPSs respectfully.

    • Fair enough. I usually try to call them “Western RPGs” or “Eastern RPGs” but then I get lazy and start sliding into JRPG…I don’t like it either, though I do see a lot of people describing themselves as JRPG fans. What do?!?!

  • The outtake was a nice touch.

  • @20 oh get over yourself. Mass Effect and Fallout aren’t just shooters. They have better rpg mechanics than most of the crap Japan is shipping out and calling jrpgs (like the Neptunia and Atelier series).

  • btw, i didn’t enjoy dragon fantasy very much. Way too much grinding involved, which wouldn’t be so much of a problem if the enemies didn’t give so little experience or money. I also hate the low hit rate the hero has. You can literally go 2 or 3 attacks straight and have them all miss the enemy. So frustrating.

  • ^ This guy has serious problems.

  • I like the move to user feedback early in the show. Also seek up the chatter, while I don’t care for the horror genre it was great to hear the banter about what you like and dislike. It helps to figure your gamer personality out so I can gauge if I’ll like what you like game wise when you talk about it.

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