Black Rock Shooter The Game Comes to PSP Tuesday

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Black Rock Shooter The Game Comes to PSP Tuesday

Greetings, doods! My name is Chris King; I recently joined the awesome team here at NISA. I’m here today to talk about Black Rock Shooter The Game, which hits PSP via PSN next Tuesday for $19.99. Shall we get started? Splendid!

Let me give you a quick rundown of the history of Black Rock Shooter. It all began as a simple illustration by renowned artist Ryohei “Huke” Fuke. The mysterious yet appealing design of the character inspired the creation of a Black Rock Shooter song (voiced by the ever popular Hatsune Miku), an original video animation, and even an eight-episode anime series. Starting off as a single character design, it has now evolved into an explosive Japanese RPG – not bad!

Black Rock Shooter on PSP

Black Rock Shooter on PSPBlack Rock Shooter on PSP

Alright, let’s talk story. The year is 2032 AD, and Earth has been ruthlessly assaulted by alien forces. Nineteen years of nonstop battle now threatens the very existence of humanity. The last hope for human survival is Black Rock Shooter (BRS), a heroine created solely to save planet Earth — she is the ultimate battle android. But when she is awakened to end the battle once and for all, there are only twelve human beings left on Earth, and a ton of bad guys to fry. As BRS, it’s time for you to lead the fight to save mankind!

As you explore ghostly city ruins, you’ll come across plenty of enemies that will stop at nothing to keep you from completing your objective. Battles will begin the moment you come into contact with an enemy. Aim and shoot down your enemies, or use precise reaction and prediction skills to block or sidestep enemy attacks. During these real-time battles, you will have to strategically position yourself to dodge and avoid the enemy. As you continue to defeat enemies and level up BRS, you will be able to equip her with a bevy of attacks and skills to make full use of her superhuman abilities and gigantic cyber-cannon! Be careful though – If you use your attacks and dodge moves too much during battle, you will reach “overheat” status, temporarily paralyzing BRS until she recovers. So you’ll have to be smart with your moves and manage your heat level throughout each fight.

Black Rock Shooter on PSPBlack Rock Shooter on PSP

Aside from the main story, there are plenty of sidequests and mini-games to keep you occupied as you progress through the game. You’ll love the sweet visuals and awesome cutscenes as you engage in lightning-fast battles against various types of enemies and bosses. Complete missions and reveal more of the dramatic story in Black Rock Shooter The Game — your choices and reflexes are the only thing standing between you and total annihilation!

Thanks for sticking around to hear about Black Rock Shooter The Game! We’ll be back soon with more Time and Eternity news for PS3! Until next time, doods!

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  • Yes! I sort of played this in japanese in a friend’s psp, and we missed out a lot of things. Gladly i just have $20 from march’s buy $50 and get $10 back, so i’ll definitely be getting this *o*

  • I know this isn’t coming to Mexico, and I assume it’s due to licensing. Is there any potential for that to change?

    • Hey gerneric123,

      The last thing we want to do is not release games for certain regions, but this time it was out of our hands, and unfortunately we don’t foresee any changes for this. But, if anything happens to change, we’ll be sure to let everybody know.


  • *Mexico and Canada

  • Oh, any word on Vita compatibility as well?

    • Hi again gerneric123

      As far as we know, it shouldn’t have any problems working on the PS Vita, but in the end, compatibility is determined by Sony.

      All of our previous titles that were for PSP have been compatible for PS Vita so we don’t foresee any problems!


  • Really disappointed that this isn’t coming to Canada and we weren’t informed about that until shortly before release. There might be good reasons for it but it feels like a slap in the face.

  • I played and beat this game back years ago, but I’m excited to play through it again in English.

    Quick question, is there any chance of licensing the anime? Either the OVA or TV series?

    • Hey Mister-Nep,

      Great to hear! I really hope you enjoy the English version ^^

      I haven’t heard anything in regards to the OVA or TV series. It would be awesome though!


  • @gerneric123
    who told you it’s not coming to Canada, we get everything the states has on the games side of PSN. NISA licence games in NA as in Canada and the States both, don’t know about Mexico.

  • works on the psv, right?

  • im hurt if your right @gerneric123. I really will start to lose respect for NISAmerica smh

  • The PSP needs to be put in the rearview mirror! Just put the games on the Vita. You need to move units of the new handheld, not live in the past. C’mon Sony!

  • It looks cool. But I’d be much, much more likely to get this if it were a Vita game and has trophies. Why the heck is Sony still allowing people to support their last gen hardware?

  • Well, mexico’s psn is based in the european one. But that doesn’t stop anyone to make an account in the US psn, heck, i live in Chile and i won’t have a problem getting this game even when there is a Chilean PSN Store (which in my honest opinion is a total rip-off, with games way overpriced compared to the US store).

  • Can you guys confirm Vita compatibility?

  • New Memory Card, Defiance, Atelier Totori, Soul Sacrifice, Guacamelee, a Dust 514 pack, and now this? That’s it… this is my last game this month.. I swear…

  • Shenmue 2 hd on vita and or ps3 PLEASE!!!!

  • Are you sure Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon?

    • Hey jhernandez360,

      It will be released on Tuesday 4/23 in the US, and 4/24 in Europe.

      Thank you for your post!


  • @10 and 11
    You apparently know nothing about Sony or the PSP. The PSP is still booming in Japan, and AAA titles still bed nc developed for it. There are at least 5 major titles coming up for PSP in the next few months in Japan. PS2 games were made for quite some time after PS3s launch, and the same with PS1 and PS2s launch. When its last gen ot becomes cheaper to bring over titles that people wanted.
    I personally don’t care for BRS since the gameplay looks stale and boring like 3rd birthday was. Happy about that price but not sure that even for that I would.
    Games to consider that do interest me NISA :
    Fate Extra CCC
    Summon Night 5
    Shining Ark
    I usually buy about 90% of what you localize NISA, been a fan of yours since Rhapsody on PS1 even if you didn’t localize it here initially.

  • @#17-Sony has to cut the cord at some point, and considering the Vita is the current and future product, they should do it now. The home console market and the handheld market are completely different things. Don’t tell me I know nothing about Sony considering I have supported their gaming product literally since DAY ONE 9-9-95 (in the USA at least). And I also am in the business world, so I kind of know what goes on there.

    Thank you #11 for supporting my stance.

  • I have a friend who is obsessed with this series. I might have to check this game out to see what all the buzz is.

  • Hey NISA, you guys are cool, bringing us niche PSP games. Have you tried securing localization rights to Final Fantasy Type-0 or Valkyria Chronicles 3? It’s almost *criminal* that we don’t have these games here!

    • Hey antibolo,

      We’re only as cool as our fans, dood!

      Thank you for the suggestions! The pipeline for this year is looking pretty busy for us, but I will definitely relay the info for you ^^

      Thanks for your support, antibolo!




    Please take over some of these great Vita titles that are just sitting in limbo in Japan waiting for a publisher/ localizer. Stuff that isn’t just loli-filled or Moe-centric. BRS looks awesome and I will pick it up. What about Demon’s Gaze, or Lord of Apocalypse (SE clearly have no intention of localizing that). Some real “edgy” stuff to round out the Prinnies.

    Just a thought.

    • Hi Christian399,

      Unfortunately we don’t have any news on the titles you mentioned. But we do love to bring fun and exciting Japanese RPGs over from Japan, and consider any and all suggestions from our fans!

      Thank you for your suggestions!


  • And as someone above mentioned, any of the Shining PSP games would be a real treat. SEGA wants nothing to do with them overseas.

  • Thank you NIS, you guys are awesome.

  • SOLD!!! if has Vita compatibility

    one little petition could you bring us Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment(psp game) too?

    • Hey pOcHo_OX,

      In regards to PS Vita compatibility, please see post #4.

      I don’t have any news on that game, but the suggestion is definitely welcome and much appreciated!

      Thank you for your support!


  • I wonder of ill get the refund request I sent to Sony sent back
    to me. I bought a psp game on my ps3 for my vita but the game is not compatible.
    Will they refund me?

  • I’ll echo the sentiments of many others: I’m definitely interested in buying this, but ONLY if it’ll play on my Vita.

  • awesome! thanks NISA!!!
    BRS!!! Day 1 buy

  • @ #26. They probably won’t. All sales are final. Obviously, I hope I’m wrong, for your sake. Have you called yet?

  • @#1 You got your March buy $50 get $10 back? Do they automatically add funds or do i have to wait for the code because im still waiting for mine.(spent $100)

  • @#26 probably won’t. Its because every compatible game in the store say : psp psvita…
    I almost bought Valkyria chronicles 2 but it isnt compatible with psvita, but like Johnnyp70 said “I hope I’m wrong, for your sake”.

  • @#30 I got mine though a code that was sent both through my email that was attached to my PSN and in a PSN message on my PS3.

  • Vita?

  • Who in the world would pay over $10 for a psp game in this day and age?

  • No UMD? Bogus. $5 or bust.

  • WOW I did not thing they are still coming out with games for the PSP. Good Work… I still have my PSP & A PSVita might just have to blow the dust off the PSP.

  • I feel that this post should note which countries will not be getting the game, if only to help avoid confusion. (That might be worth noting on this week’s Blogcast and in next week’s Drop, too.)

    For my part, I’m disappointed that it won’t be released here in Canada, but I appreciate that NISA’s hands were tied by whatever licencing restrictions were imposed upon them from the Japanese side of the agreement.

    • Hey Nerroth,

      Thank you for your suggestions. Here is a list of the countries where it will be available:

      United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Luxemburg, Holland, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, and Bulgaria.

      Also, thank you for your understanding!


  • All i can say is that im very disappointed to hear that it wont be out in Canada on PSN, sigh i was excited for this game NISA -__-

  • @#31 Actually, Valkyria Chronicles 2 is compatible on the Vita, I have my copy downloaded onto the vita at least….think I did it through my ps3 system or something…but it definitely works. Anyways, definitely looking forward to grabbing this game next week, I do hope it’s compatible on the Vita.

  • Really excited to nab this game. Also to the people who are asking about Vita compatibility, I saw an article where NISA said as far as they knew, it’s Vita compatible.

    Though I do have one question. Will the games voice dialogue be in english or is it just going to be the original japanese with english subtitles?

    • Hey Shadowfox85,

      The voice dialogue will be the original Japanese voice, and have English subtitles.

      Thank you for your question!


  • Should have been remade for Vita. Sorry, but I’m not supporting PSP development over Vita development.

  • So i wanna get this really badly but im not gonna spend another cent of my money since Sony hasnt given me back my $50/$10 Money back! This is something i wanna get and you guys arent helping anyone of us who havent gotten our vouchers!

  • @41, that’s odd. Have you checked you email for the code? It should be there, it won’t be automatically added to your wallet.

  • @40, you make a good point. I also do not like supporting new games that are made on PSP instead of Vita. We should boycott all new PSP games since there is no reason they cannot at the very least be ported to a Vita format to play

  • @ 40/43, but it’s not a new game…. it was made and released before the Vita came out, it’s just being localize to the west now.

  • Why isn’t this just a PS Vita game? I don’t think there are many PSPs out there.

  • For the people complaining about why this isn’t a Vita game…

    This is a game that came out even before the Vita released in Japan, its just taken forever to get localized. It was like a mid 2011 release. So its either it doesn’t get localized at all (which I’d be pretty pissed off about) or its a PSP game.

  • Don’t know what is preventing this from coming out in Canada and Mexico. I can only assume there are separate costs associated with releasing in each territory, and NIS decided that those two weren’t worth it.

  • this is great but how come you tell us of this now before it drops i dont know about the US but in CANADA we have a huge anime fan base and am all about all things Otaku and Anime.

  • Wow, I can’t believe Black Rock Shooter got localized! Thanks, NISA! Maybe with this kind of initiative, we’ll still see English versions of Final Fantasy Type-0 and Valkyria Chronicles 3 someday…

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