PlayStation Home Update: Lock-a-doodle Arrives

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PlayStation Home Update: Lock-a-doodle Arrives

This week in PlayStation Home, Lockwood introduces Lock-a-doodle, Granzella releases new clothing, Konami’s auras are now available to the public, and nDreams introduces nGear, a collection of locomotions to zip around in. There’s more below, and don’t forget to get engaged with the PlayStation Home Community on the PlayStation Forums.

Lockwood – Lock-a-doodle

Not everyone can draw, but everybody doodles. Lock-a-doodle turns that doodling into a competitive social game. Choose a word and Doodle it for a friend to guess, or accept their challenge to guess something they’ve doodled. There’s also the option to broaden your horizons by playing with another Doodler chosen at random by Lock-a-doodle.

Obtain more words, colors and stickers to make your Doodles better, brighter and more varied. Doodle Packs can be purchased via the store or the Gift Machine.

Konami – Auras

Konami releases their latest batch of Locomotion Auras this week. Which of these auras represents you?


Granzella – New Clothing


The Sexy Gorgeous Dress with a plunging neckline and a daring slit, and the Cutie Frilled Dress with a ruffle mini-skirt. Additionally, the Gorgeous Hairstyle decorated with a corsage brings out a sense of beauty from the eyes.

Come on, get decked out in gorgeous and cute outfits and hit the night scene!



The comfortable Turtleneck has a loose collar and the Balloon Skirt swells outward from the hem.
Furthermore, depending on your mood you’re able to choose between wearing black or white tights, or you can choose no tights. This line-up has three color combinations available. Red and black, white and pink, and light and dark gray. With a soft silhouette, this outfit will showcase your femininity!

nDreams – nGrear Locomotions + New Animations and Poses

nGear Sports Car Locomotions

Jump in the driving seat of your very own sports car and cruise around Home. nGear from nDreams gives you the freedom to express yourself. They are available in three models with various colors and the Premium Sport model even has its own sounds, press square to rev that engine.


Show Off Gesture Animations

It’s time to show off just what your body can do with the Show Off Gesture Pack. One handed push-ups? No Problem. Handstand push-ups? Easy. No handed push-ups? Now that I have to see.


Break Dance Poses

Three awesome breakdance poses in one gesture pack. Pull off the Pike, Hollow Back and Baby break dance poses and watch as your friends ask, “How do you even do that!?”


VEEMEE – MyGym, Wrangler, Billabong + MyBedroom


Is your avatar getting a bit chunkified from all that sitting down on comfy Home furniture? Well it’s time to shed those pounds with the VEEMEE MyGym Running, Rowing and Cycling machines. Train everyday to increase your fitness level and earn tokens to spend in the MyGym store. Choose from fitness clothing (six pack and buff torso is included), weights rack with dumbbells, or show off the whole new virtual you with the MyGym Jogging and Tumbling Locomotions. Max that envelope.


VEEMEE are releasing a new selection of Wrangler clothes in Home today. There will be a range of shorts, tops, jeans, jackets and sweaters including the men’s Authentic Night Shine Jacket and Jet Black Kay T and the women’s Lorrie Cardigan and Jolie Short Sleeved T. These items join a wide selection of Wrangler content already available in the VEEMEE store so why not drop in and take a look. You’re sure to find something that fits.




There is a great new selection of clothing this week from Billabong. Hats, shorts, shirts, sweaters, trousers, dresses and 2-part bikini bundles are all included in the collection with stand out items such as the Black Heather Bezzle Fleece for men and the Just Peachy Beach Me top for women as well as the Love Bucket dress which is a timely addition to your spring wardrobe. There are also two new elegant 2-part bikini bundles; the Reina Charcoal Bundle and the Nicole Black Bundle.




Check out the new Burgundy MyBedroom furniture from VEEMEE. As with the Teak MyBedroom furniture there are 12 items for the complete bedroom experience. An interactive double bed you (and a friend) can lie on as well as wardrobes, cupboards, chests of drawers, a mirror, a vanity table with stool, and a bedside lamp. Sweet dreams.


Clearasil – Kart Racing

Head on over to the Clearasil Kart Racing track and fulfill your need for speed. You can win a cool racing helmet just for playing, but you’ll also want to keep racing until you’ve got each speed boost location memorized. Check back again in two weeks to beat the target times, earning points to unlock a custom racing jacket courtesy of our friends at Clearasil.


x7 Update

This week in exclusive VIP nightclub x7, there is a new exclusive value bundle, new Billabong beach wear and Wrangler clothing items from VEEMEE, new Airband animations from Lockwood, and new Boosts and Dragon mounts from Konami. Head to x7, take the elevator upstairs, check out these fine items, then dance the night away!

Mall Update – The Virtual Item Showcase, Volume 84

Magnus is back again, sharing with us all the hottest new items this week. Check out the video below for all the details. Highlights include new Auras from Konami, new locomotions you can drive around in, new clothing from Granzella. Enjoy this week’s Virtual Item Showcase.

See you in PlayStation Home!

Want to chat more about PlayStation Home? Hop on over to the Home Forums! If you’re having trouble with Home, head to the Home Support forum.

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  • Nice Update! Any word on that Killer Plants game yet and are there any more quests coming in the near future?

  • when is home going to get that virtual trophy room that sony hyped us about in 2008? i guess not until PS4 releases lol

  • I could use those fitness equipment in real life (cause I need to get in shape) lol.

  • @2 Haven’t heard about that one.

  • I remember hearing that back in the days when they first talked about PS Home lol @ StealthBlade98 aka #2

    I bet they forgot all about it or it to hard for them to put into home now.

  • Wow haven’t been in PS home in awhile gotta check this out. Glad to see fresh content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heh! Love those ‘lil car locomotions. Vroom vroom VROOOOOOOOM!!! :-)

  • Im trying to log into Home and it keeps crashing, giving me the M-10 Error, this has become a habit of things going wrong whenever there is an Update. Please look into this as Im trying to enjoy the Items I purchased but Im unable to because of the Error Messages /crashes .
    In another note, we need more Furniture Slots, also storage for personal spaces , color customization for Skin and pop ops , Thank you .

  • I’m having the same issue with Home crashing and giving me the M-10 Error.

  • I purchased the Lock-a-Doodle “Pre-Order Pack” Bundle. I am sOOo disappointed…not ONLY did i have to purchase my club members their OWN pack..just so they could play the game at the club (I thought members would be able to use the game) I constantly get booted from the Lock-a-Doodle spaces. I played the game a few times and was booted off and now the GAME will NOT work for me at all…GAME says “ACTIVITY IS CURRENTLY IN USE” it took all but 30 min..I can’t play in club, personal space or on friends game..when my friends game have issues..they can put it away and bring it out again and the problem is fixed (temporarily) Because my personal space and club Lock-a-Doodle comes with the space it has me LOCKED completely out off ALL Lock-a-Doodle games. I contacted Sony and tried “CLEARING CACHE-MAKING MORE SPACE IN MEMORY-DELETING HOME-CHANGING CLUB” nothing has helped it was a $28.99 Rip off (NOT including gifting club members the Lock-a-Doodle :( please help MODERATORS I feel BAMBOOZLED!!!


    0.o $28.99+ less than 30 minutes of play?? Please fix or REFUND MY MONEY!!!

  • hello home first love home you guys rock I own tons of active items & spaces clubs ect you make it I got it

    in my clubhouse APOCALYPSE2012 I have active radio t.v & sum video games I own all video games @ pool ect I got em all but we cant use them all if you could increase the size of active items im clubhouse’s that would be great.

    p.s if you can’t do it you still rock thanks

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