Diggs Nightcrawler: Crafting a Film Noir Mystery in Wonderbook

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Diggs Nightcrawler: Crafting a Film Noir Mystery in Wonderbook

Wonderbook: Diggs Nightcrawler hits shelves this Holiday!

Diggs Nightcrawler on Wonderbook

The team at Moonbot Studios are a highly creative team and master story tellers. Little Bo Peep, the Itsy Bitsy Spider and Three Little Pigs together in a film noir mystery? Definitely not your run of the mill game. We’re pleased to lift the curtain on the development of Diggs Nightcrawler in this first video diary.

With the book as the starting point, the world, the characters, the story and the interactions were born (or as Humpty would say, “hatched”). Diggs is a detective bookworm who knows he’s inside a book, whose world is made from books, and who travels throughout the course of the game to different sections of the library, meeting unique characters along the way. Of course, being Wonderbook, this is no ordinary hardcover. It is your controller as you tilt, rotate and turn the pages to help Diggs get the bottom of Humpty’s downfall.

We hope you enjoy the diary — we’ll have more in the coming weeks. And in case you missed it, check out some additional game play here:

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  • Looking forward to this. Already picked up Wonderbook for a low price, so I’m definitely looking for new experiences with it. Hopefully, it’s not too expensive, and comes with a Platinum!

  • I love how the developers aren’t skimping in the graphics department just because it’s a Wonderbook game. Yes, the audience is skewed younger, but this is still a PlayStation 3. Even kids can appreciate good production values. When devs talk about better graphics helping to create more immersive experiences, that should apply to all age levels, not just the core.

  • By “this Holiday” do you mean “this Christmas”? I’m not trolling about avoiding the word Christmas etc., I’m honestly unclear on what you mean. We’re not Brits!

  • now I wish there’d be a Grim Fandango Wonderbook game. could you ask Ron Gilbert to help you make a Wonderbook game for you? like, buy Monkey Island back from Disney for him. :)

  • Love it. My kids cant wait for another one so keep them coming.

  • yippie… I want this.. I love the idea behind the wonderbook series.. and the harrypotter one was great for what it did but this one looks to actually make it into a real game… they should think about doing something with disney cross over books too thatd be interesting..

  • Book of Spells was great. The tech is amazing and it works.

  • The kids (and myself, lol) loved Book of Spells, I’m glad Wonderbook isn’t completely given up on. Are there other Wonderbook games I missed aside from that and this upcoming title?

  • This looks pretty cool, this one was my most anticipated in the wonderbook serie

  • Sony — you guys have GOT to make more noise about Wonderbook. It is an amazing piece of technology that really should be talked about a lot more than it is.

    But at the same time, I’d stop marketing it as a game — perhaps the biggest way to take the wind out of Wonderbook’s sails last year was to focus on it during E3 instead of showcasing it on its own. It really needs to be showcased in a way that reaches parents and not game journalists.

    I thought Book of Spells was fantastic, and I really feel like such a high-profile product deserves a better installation base. Here’s to hoping that Diggs Nightcrawler is one of many Wonderbook titles to come. (I expect we’ll be seeing Wonderbook on the PS4 — after all, the tech required could translate quite easily if the system already comes with the Eye and Move controller required to use it!)

  • Haven’t picked up a Wonderbook yet, but I’ve been waiting on this game. Can’t wait to finally play it!

  • The level of creativity is brilliant, graphics for a IP doesn’t always have to be at the forefront. Originality, Creativity, & last but not least fun is why this game will excel.

  • I wonder if the holiday they are referring to is Memorial Day because the EU PS Blog gave a release date of May 29 2013. I am looking forward to this game. I don’t like Harry Potter so I didn’t try out the first one, but I am ready to jump in with this one. I hope that the Wonderbook will also be carried forward to the PS4 and then it can incorporate a high-def camera. My PS Eye doesn’t have the greatest image quality because I don’t have enough light in the room it is in.

  • I really liked the reveal trailer for this game and hopefully I can find a cheap Wonderbook so I can play it… hoping that it gets some marketing support.

  • Looks like fun for kids and kids at heart! Film noir is one of my favorite film genres. Now, where’s my Evil Dead Necronomicon game, eh? Klatu Verata Necktie!

  • I really liked Book of Spells’ look and concept, but a few things really bugged me:
    1. The graphics were pretty good, but the framerate and some of the animations were quite chunky. We’ve all seen the PS3 do better, even with Move games.
    2. The sound quality was incredibly low, like Wii/MP3 levels. Not what I expect from a console game that ships on a bluray and comes with a large, dedicated hard drive.
    3. The camera’s low resolution and noise looked absolutely terrible on my HDTV when the game would digitally zoom. It almost completely ruined the immersion. At this point, I’m not sure what could be done here, other than using the Move’s image to better guide the sharpening/denoising algorithm.

    I’m excited for Diggs, but I probably won’t try any more of these kinds of games on the PS3 unless it’s demonstrated that some of these things are fixed. After loving Eyepet, and then giving up on the awful load times of EyePet & Friends that were never fixed with any patches, it feels like these games are underfunded and simply unsupported.

    Here’s another vote for a Monkey Island/Grim Fandango/Psychonauts story in Wonderbook. on PS4.

  • This looks great! reminds me of a point and click adventure in 3d. I will support and buy day 1

  • pudgenet: Is that a joke? You think only British people refer to the “holiday” season?

    Ignorance at its finest.

  • Looks fantastic!!! Loving the way these games are looking, playing and most inportantly allow me to share these diverse/VR experiences with my kids. Keep up the great work Sony and all others involved!


  • @8: There’s the Dinosaur one, forgot what it’s called though.

    @16: Honestly the only “unsupported” aspect to these things is from SCEA. Typical with many SCEE developed things like this in NA. (had the same issue with SingStar) I mean, even the EU blog posted an update about Diggs a long time ago. While we had to wait until now for one.

    And who knows if they’ll even bother to localize Invizimals, they didn’t give us the third PSP game. So who’s to say we’ll even see the PS Vita or PS3 game? And given that we have to wait and see for months just for a casual mention the games even exist is evidence of how SCEA doesn’t care about the interesting things SCEE does.

  • Game looks freakin’ awesome!

  • I think Wonderbook can be really good if you get the proper writers to work on it. Diggs is definitely the right way of doing it, as opposed to the collab with JK Rowling.

  • @ 22 The collab with Jk Rowling was perfect, but no-one knew about it. Should have been called “JK Rowling’s Book of Spells” or “Harry Potter’s Book of Spells”. At E3 they should have had a video of Jk Rowling introducing the product instead of an over-extended live demo. Now THAT would have sold Wonderbook.

    I believe Wonderbook’s true potential will be with the PS4 since it comes with an HD PS Eye Camera.

  • Hopefully they bring back JK Rowling in person or on Video, and redeem themselves.

  • @ #4 SuperHALFBEAST

    10000 x YES!!!!! Sony should buy the Grim Fandango License and develop a wonderbook game and seperate adventure PSN download. And it should coincide with a Pixar developed Full Length Movie.


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