Saddle Up Partner! Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold Hits PSN Tuesday

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Saddle Up Partner! Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold Hits PSN Tuesday

Following the successful launch this January of arcade classic Mad Dog McCree, gamers have been asking us “Where’s Mad Dog 2 already?!” Well, we listened, and now I’m happy to say that you’ll be searching for ‘The Lost Gold’ this Tuesday with the release of Mad Dog 2 on PSN. We once again went back to the original video and gave it a fresh HD upgrade for this PlayStation Move release. So pick a guide and get ready to take down the ruthless outlaw Mad Dog McCree once and for all!

This release includes a bunch of extra features, much like its predecessor Mad Dog McCree. We bumped up the original video quality, and remastered it in 720p. We created a fresh new interface to give the game a true western feel. We’ve added all new difficulty modes, which will give even the fastest quickdraw a run for their money in their quest to take out Mad Dog — and post their high scores to the worldwide Leaderboards.

Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold on PSN

Now this might not be the toughest shooter you’ve played through recently, but the American Laser Game series was a huge hit throughout the 1990s. Arcades, pizza parlors and grocery stores all had these games waiting to eat your quarters, and all you wanted to do was show up your friends to see who was the best gunner. On top of the remastered video, leaderboards and fun trophies – we’ve also once again included the multiplayer party mode. We got such great feedback from you all from the first Mad Dog release that we made sure to include up to four players again, so everyone can get in to the action at once!

It’s easy to forget how far we’ve come in gaming tech over the years, but the Mad Dog series was a hilariously awesome stop along the way, and we really think you’ll have a laugh too! In fact, we’re releasing a fully unlockable trial experience so everyone with a PlayStation Move can give it try – free!

Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold on PSNMad Dog 2: The Lost Gold on PSN

We love the good, the bad and the ugly (did you catch that?) when it comes to classic games, and we’re very excited to share Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold with you. Whether you remember playing or are new to the American Laser Games series, go ahead and try out the PlayStation Move version of this arcade classic. If you have yet to play Mad Dog McCree, the first in the series, grab the free trial today and see what these games are all about!

Also available with this release on the PlayStation Store is a free XMB wallpaper, videos and a bunch of exclusive Mad Dog 2 Avatars! Check out all the goods and download your free trial next week!

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  • I want get Mad Dog, and Mad Dog 2, but I want know if the game has subtitle or dialogs in brazillian portuguese

  • “Grab your PS Move” they say….well that’s speaking to the minority. Good luck.

  • While you fine folks are remastering other ’90s live action gems, maybe we can see a Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties reboot as well?


  • I’ve been looking forward to this one. Back in the day, they had this one at my college, and we used to stand around for what seemed like hours while we should have been studying. How much is it going to cost, $7.99 like the last one? Thanks a lot!

  • Will be getting this. Not enough move gun shooters on psn. My son loves playing these with me. I didn’t know the first was on PSN. will pick that one up first. Thanks!

  • @2 – 15mil plus is a minority? Since when? lol…. ps move is great for light gun games, espeically with the $5 official gun casings.. Great playing some dead space extraction, house of the dead, or anything that plays like it.

  • Damn , I forgot to buy the 1st one too. Now I must buy both

  • I dig all the old American Laser Games, and FMV games in general. However, this is another ALG re-release I won’t be buying on PS3, simply because I don’t own (or want) a Move controller.

    You really should consider adding DualShock support to give players the option of using a regular controller. I’ve played the ALG ports on the SEGA CD, CD-i, and 3DO using a standard gamepad, and still enjoyed them.

    That said, I’m glad you are continuing to re-release classic FMV games. I’m hoping for a PSN version of Brain Dead 13. At least I’d be able to play that.

  • Nice to see more old FMV games get rereleased.

    Any chance we could get Time Gal, Cobra Command, Triad Stone, or Road Avenger sometime down the line?

  • This is awesome. I’m so glad you guys made another one.

  • Firstly — @3, Firecrest — lmao, a great reference for anyplace and time, IMO, but especially so when you can also make it fit contexually to the topic at hand, kudos! And, though I never doubted the satirical tone of it, I will still say — Thank god you were just kidding, lol.

    Secondly — @Taylor_With_Hat — I share the same affinity for those absolute classics, especially Road Avenger, that game is still completely ingenious in every way. And I do believe in a hallowed future in which we shall all bask in the remastered HD glory of those games, just gotta stay positive ;)

    And lastly, but not leastly — A huge thank you to the totally righteous Paul Gold and his virtuous colleagues at Digital Leisure. I know my choice of adjectives for them MUST be true because in a couple minutes I’m going to be playing Mad Dog 2 in 720p HD on my PS3. Only men and women of great nobility were ever able to perceive the consumate beauty of these glorious FMV gems of gamings past, albeit that “beauty” was more like the “distorted pig-face” kind of beauty from the Twilight Zone. But hey, beauty really IS in the eye of the beholder!

  • I bought the game and I like it alot but almost everytime I’m in a showdown and go to shoot the video freezes and Im not able to play the game anymore. I have to exit the game and go back in and I lose all of my progress in story mode. Is there a way to work around this or a patch coming in the near future for this bug?

    • Yes — we are patching it. The recent system software update seems to have done a number on the game. Sorry…

  • I am also having a freeze problem when I get to the show down screen…. but it only occurs when i win the show down and it happens when i fight with the 4 banditos…… hope there is a patch for this problem coming soon

  • I am still having a freeze problem in the showdown mode with the bandits after successfully defeating them……Please have a fix or patch for this problem…..I am interested in purchasing the first version, but am afraid that the first version may have the same freeze problem as the second……Please let us know about a solution or a patch to this

  • Same here stevej270 — although after a first installed the game it would freeze after ever single showdown, so i deleted and reinstalled but only the demo, not the full game unlock. now it only freezes after the second showdown when following the professor to the treasure. was nice to be able to actually play through the game with the other two but this is still pretty frustrating.

    Also, multiplayer does not work at all for me, just takes me to the move calibration screen and then back to the main menu. Anyone else experiencing the same?

  • Hello Everyone,
    It appears the latest system software update did not mesh well with Mad Dog. We are issuing a patch for the software as soon as we can. Sorry!

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