Castle of Illusion Coming to PSN This Summer

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Castle of Illusion Coming to PSN This Summer

Castle of Illusion on PS3

Mickey Mouse is returning to star in Castle of Illusion, a fantastical HD reimagining of the classic Sega Genesis game. The game is scheduled to release in summer of 2013. We know that Castle of Illusion has a special place in many gamers’ hearts. Sega studios Australia is putting lots of care into this new 2D/3D game.

Our plan is to deliver a fully reimagined experience that takes advantage of the power of PS3 with all new graphics and new adventures, while at the same time making sure that the game maintains the Disney magic that the original Castle of Illusion captured in 1990.

We have also been working very closely with the director of the original game, who is now at Disney Interactive. We are having a blast working with her to realize many of the elements that were intended for the original game, but couldn’t be achieved until now due to the technical limitations of previous generation consoles. If you have played the original game, you will also see that we have kept intact many of the major iconic elements of the game that helped define this groundbreaking game at the time of its original release.

Look out for our developer interviews and behind the scenes videos to catch the Sega Studios Australia team and members of the original game development team share their experience working on Castle of Illusion.

Castle of Illusion on PS3

Castle of Illusion on PS3Castle of Illusion on PS3

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  • Cool! :) My first ever Mega Drive game.

  • Looks awesome. Definately never played it the first time around, but I will fix that problem this time. So, will the original game be included in the remake by any chance? Also whats the chances of it coming to the vita, too? =)

  • Can’t wait!!!!

  • What happened to the Vita version? There was initially a rating for that one as well as PS3.

  • Kingdom Hearts HD, Ducktales: Remastered, and now this. I hope there some sort of bundle for all of this cause I’m going to end up buying all of these games. Next thing I know you guys are going to end up remaking Mickey Mouse and the Magic Mirror (which would be awesome on so many levels)

  • No Vita version? Are you serious? UGH.



  • Also, ESRB has it rated for a Vita version, @6

  • @UncannySilk, I know, but it wouldn’t make sense to announce it on the Playstation Blog and not mention one of the platforms it’s releasing on. So I can only assume that they had it rated but it won’t actually release.

  • Just like Ducktales, I had never played this one either, I had played a Micky Mouse game or 2. Cool, can’t wait, Disney is really making magic again for the kid in all of us and for the kids of today.

  • Gimme….gimmegimmegimmegimme!! (>>_

  • @4 @6 You’re thinking of Epic Mickey 2: Power of Two. This is a remake of an older game.

  • @somebignasty, Castle of Illusion was rated by the ESRB for PS3, 360, Wii U, and Vita (maybe couple other platforms too, can’t remember, but I know Vita was in there).

  • Looks great, but I’m sorry, no Vita version, no buy. I’m 33. I don’t have much PS3 time these days, but I have plenty of time to game on my Vita on the commute to and from work. Unfortunately, if a game isn’t releasing on both the PS3 or Vita, I’m passing on it. I don’t care about cross buy, or you only pay once, so that’s not a problem, it’s the fact that I have over 100 games installed on my PS3, and I don’t play a single one of them, because I simply don’t have enough time to play more than a little bit of PS3 a night. I have a good 2-3 hours a day on the bus to play my Vita.

    I’m sorry, the game really does look great, but I’ll wait for the Vita version. I don’t want this just adding to my PS3 backlog. I just beat Guacamelee Vita over the weekend, and will be picking up a few other games on the system this week (and then Soul Sacrifice at the end of this month). Nowadays, Vita is my primary gaming machine, while my PS3 has been relegated to Netflix duty (although I am slowly making my way through the new Tomb Raider and Ni No Kuni every once in a while).

  • After this was rated by the ESRB for Vita, I was so thrilled. Because I’m uber annoyed that Capcom skipped Vita for Ducktales HD.

    Now this is just announced for PS3 here? Really?

    Not pleased. No longer is Sega better than Capcom. You’re both equally lame.

  • Also, Sega Studios Australia is being closed down. Good luck to them.

  • This kind of news reveals the estimated age range from most of users here xD

    Can’t wait for more.

  • I’d like to throw in a plead for Quackshot. The Disney platformers that were just awesome. I’m getting this and the Ducktales.

    I Vita version would be purchased, but I’m not going to abandon it if there isn’t one.

  • would love to have played this on my Vita. :(

  • I am 30 years old, I did not have time to play to much. If has a vita version I buy. Usually Ps3 user has more than 25 years, not having more time playing at home

  • Vita version please

  • I was hoping for a Vita version as well. After looking at those images, I really hope this comes to the Vita.

  • I would ONLY play this on Vita. Not interested in a PS3 version.

  • Shut up and take my money!!

  • Suit yourself IzoGray. I’m in for one on PS3.

  • agreed. their are some games I just dont feel like playing on the console, but would be more than happy to play on Vita. I actully sold my Rayman for 360 and bought for the Vita.

  • i want ps vita version, i not buying this for ps3

  • So nice. wait for it..

  • I love it when classic games get the re-make treatment. I’m looking forward to this, and Duck Tales as well.

  • Not sure if I ever played this, but I have played World of Illusion, however. Would be way cooler if you could play as Donald.


  • It’s cool that this is getting released, but I don’t like that it’s 3D. 2D games in 3D tend to feel awkward. I wish they had done what Capcom is doing with Ducktales, and just made everything hand drawn.

  • my360broke_again: “their are some games I just dont feel like playing on the console, but would be more than happy to play on Vita.”

    Why? Please explain.

  • a mickey game worth playing …. sweet

  • Never played castle of illusions but i have played world of illusions, which includes Donald (which i hope they’ll also make a HD remake as well) can’t wait


    well to be honest i’m that way too… i don’t know about you but for me platforming games (along with indie/or short games) just seem better on a mobile device (PS vita) i prefer AAA game on my console Excluding: Most RPG’s and PS All stars…

    Just my opinion

  • ps_n_blog_ac on April 15th, 2013 at 7:29 pm said: “i don’t know about you but for me platforming games (along with indie/or short games) just seem better on a mobile device”

    How are they better on a mobile device? I’m still not understanding. And believe me, I’m not trying to be rude or anything like that, I’m just seriously curious. All of this “I’d play this on my Vita but not on my PS3” talk doesn’t make sense to me.

    Perhaps I should explain my viewpoint first. To me, it just seems that if you could play the game on a bigger screen, hooked up to better speakers, on the couch or in your favorite cozy chair, etc., it just seems to me that would be the preferred method. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m knocking the Vita or portable gaming, in fact, I think it’s great, especially if you travel a lot. But if you’re at home and you have the choice, wouldn’t you go with the big screen? Another strange thing I’ve noticed is actually what you said about platform and indie games. Why is it that only those select few genres are what people seem to want on a mobile device but NOT AT ALL on the flagship console? Maybe I’m just out of touch with… something? I don’t know. It just seems kind of funny… :)

  • Vita version pleeeease

  • Never played Castle of Illusion, only World of Illusion. Would be cool if we got World of Illusion in HD with redone graphics, used to play that with my brother.

  • @35 no i know this isn’t a argument ;) just a normal conversation

    “To me, it just seems that if you could play the game on a bigger screen, hooked up to better speakers, on the couch or in your favorite cozy chair, etc., it just seems to me that would be the preferred method.”

    *Note this is just my opinion. If you disagree i totally respect it

    Games like these don’t really need a big screen or loud speakers they feel fine with a small screen with headphones. Most platforming games are usually casual, which are types of games that don’t cause a huge rush. So simply laying on your back on the couch/bed just feels better… Compared to games like for example Bioshock infinite: a game with lots of action, a huge world to explore, long interesting story, and etc. seems like a best choice for a big TV and loud speakers.

  • Note that i’m not criticizing small companies or platforming games it’s just that SOME games feel better on a mobile device/handheld compared to other games. Heck even classic games feel better on the vita. ( regardless this shouldn’t stop publishers from releasing their product on any device, if they want only a console version then so be it)

    Regardless if this game only appears on the PS3 i might still pick it up ;)
    -which i decide base on reviews, price, and my final opinion on the product.

  • Also (just to add) an example of a game that should be on a console but it’s on the PS vita is Souls Sacrifice (my opinion) … but regardless i’m sure it will do fine on the vita but man if it was on the PS3/ PS4 (even better) i’m would of love to play that on the big screen :)

  • No Vita version? meh 8(

  • Going to have to give this a go, classic Mickey in HD goodness.

  • the lack of a Vita version is disappointing :(
    would have like Cross-Buy, Cross-Save

  • PS Vita please :)

  • Like many others here, I would gladly get this game for Vita, but I don’t care for PS3 version. Indie and small 2.5d games like this fit perfectly on the Vita, while on PS3 I have a huge backlog on AAA games waiting to be played on my HDTV. I’m also 36 and I don’t have much time for gaming, so at home I want touch a game like this, but on the go it would be great, so I’ll pass on this, shame on you Sega.

    I only hope that this is some kind of strategy from Sega to release it later so that WiiU / Vita player base gets stronger possibly by the end of the year, otherwise, I’ll be fine without it thanks.

  • Would buy it on Vita (or likely 3DS).

    Will not buy it otherwise.

  • Yeah, I agree with many others. 2-2.5D platformers are always better on portable consoles. Vita version please and I will pick this up!

  • Awesome news! I never played Castle of Illusion but World of Illusion was a classic I grew up with and loved as a child. Real excited for this one.

  • Thank you Mai this was the one I wanted to play and forgot it even existed till you posted this. woot

  • One of my favorite titles when I was a younger. The only thing to makes this news even sweeter is releasing it on the Vita as well.

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