The PlayStation Recap: What We’re Reading

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The PlayStation Recap: What We’re Reading

Hey guys, I finally finished PixelJunk Eden!


Late to the party, I know, but I’m proud of that Trophy.

Speaking of Trophies, have you seen the newly updated Trophy page on Pretty slick, if I have anything to say about it. I’ve made certain my Facebook friends know I finished Eden.

I also landed the extra-shiny Platinum in new release Guacamelee! You should play this game. Like, right now.

This week, you got a look at the inner workings of Naughty Dog in their new behind-the-scenes vid for The Last of Us, we showed you some of the ludicrous new minigames coming to Frobisher Says! on Tuesday, Keiji Inafune shared some tidbits about his impending PS Vita epic Soul Sacrifice, PS.Blog Editor’s Choice pick Dishonored got some new single-player content in The Knife of Dunwall, and plenty more.

What are you playing this weekend?

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The PlayStation Recap: What We’re Reading

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