The Drop: Week of April 15th 2013 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of April 15th 2013 New Releases

Arriving on PS3 Blu-ray and PSN as a full-digital download this week, Injustice: Gods Among Us is a fighting game that blends classic arcade style gameplay mechanics with an intriguing storyline that pits classic DC Comics characters against each other in unique combinations. Developed by NetherRealm Studios, and Ed Boon, of Mortal Kombat fame. Expect over-the-top action and a single-player storyline that provides the background for the unique character match-ups possible. Additional features include: more than 20 DC Comics heroes and villains, a variety of different attack levels, unique attacks for each character, multiplayer support, and more.

Enjoy this week’s The Drop.

51MYzfgQv9L._SX385_Injustice: Gods Among Us

(PS3, Blu-ray and PSN) — What if our greatest heroes became our greatest threat? From the indomitable DC Comics and the makers of the definitive fighting game franchise Mortal Kombat comes Injustice: Gods Among Us, a bold fighting game featuring a large cast of favorite DC Comics icons. Set in a world where the lines between good and evil are blurred, players will experience heroes and villains engaging in epic battles on a massive scale.

A deep, original story compliments the fighting action that pits many of the great heroes and villains from the DC universe against each other — Batman, Harley Quinn, Solomon Grundy, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and many others lose their allegiances and fight for Injustice!

Dragon Fantasy Book I (PS3/PS Vita Cross-Buy) — Experience an all-new old adventure! Fight your way through hordes of strange, silly, and scary monsters! Explore the caves, castles, and dungeons of an ancient evil! Meet warriors, princes, pirates, zombies, and crazy old woodsmen in a huge world of epic retro adventure! Read More:


Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 (PSN) — Takes the bulls-eye precision of its best-selling predecessor to new and exciting heights. Powered by CryEngine 3 technology, the missions of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 are graphically stunning and more challenging as you once again step into the ghillie suit of a special ops sniper to take down the enemy.

Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold — It’s up to you, partner! Stop Mad Dog and his vicious henchmen and get that gold! But it won’t be easy Choose the wrong path, and you could end up in a shootout where you don’t stand a chance. But play your cards right and you’ll make it to the final showdown where you’ll let Mad Dog know who rules the territory!

sacred-citadel-all-all-artwork-character-safiri-warriorSacred Citadel — Sacred Citadel is an intense side-scrolling arcade brawler for up to three players. Set in the realm of the RPG saga, the game reinvents the familiar arcade feel of classic hack-and-slash brawlers with sophisticated game design, complex RPG elements and luscious graphics.

The once peaceful land of Ancaria is in grave danger. Lord Zane’s evil Ashen Empire empire has enslaved its population and is using the orc-like Grimmoc to wipe out the Seraphim, who swore to protect it. Three warriors set forth to battle this evil — only when these heroes unite and use their skills to support each other they will stand a chance! Prove yourself as a warrior by riding terrifying mounts, acquiring earth shattering skills and looting powerful weapons and valuable treasures. So grab your friends and join the resistance!


  • Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold
  • Sacred Citadel
  • Soul Sacrifice

PlayStation 2 Classic

RPG Maker III — Let your imagination run wild! RPG Maker 3 gives you all the tools you need to design and create your own role playing games Create an elaborate 3-D world, choose from more than 3,000 animation and art styles. Features tile-based map editor, set events, quest and story elements, graphics, effects, and a large cast of characters and monsters

Ironman_RiseOfTechno_PackSony Pictures Home Entertainment

IronMan Rise of Technovore (Blu-ray) Billionaire Tony Stark, in his Iron Man armor, prevents an attack from a mysterious new foe, but innocent bystanders are killed, including his best friend War Machine, Lt. Colonel James Rhodes. Detained for questioning by S.H.I.E.L.D., Iron Man escapes, determined to find the mastermind behind the attack. Pursued by Black Widow and Hawkeye, Iron Man enlists the help of the ruthless vigilante The Punisher. But can the Armored Avenger handle what he finds when he catches the person responsible and is forced to face his deadliest weapon, a biotechnology called Technovore that could wipe out all life on the planet?

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  • First

  • gettin injustice with arcade stick, maybe dragon fantasy and sacred citadel (if the demos good). nice drop

  • Yes, Injustice is coming digitally. Why is it not Day 1 preorder? I want to buy it now. Please bring Street Fighter x Tekken to PSN soon. Thanks.

  • no pre-order with Injustice in NA? makes me sad. o well.

  • Pray for Vita ports of Sacred Citadel and Injustice. aaahh in a perfect world Sony really care the Vita. But this is not that world.

  • hey Rey Gutierrez, thank for update about Injustice going to psn store this tuesday.. but Will Dead Island Riptide confirm to hit psn store on April 23 as day one digital title ?

  • I should wait til the summer to buy injustice, need to focus on college but i want it so bad!

  • Nothing really for me this week. Interested in Injustice, but not enough to buy it. The demo is fun.

  • In a perfect world they would have already put all available ps one classics on vita, hell they should have had them on there day 1!!!!! WHERE’S CRASH AND SPYRO FOR VITA!!!!!

  • Injustice on Vita please and more PSone classics. Bust a move and bubble bobble

  • @Superstone – Yes please, Injustice on the Vita would be awesome! Here’s hoping it gets the Mortal Kombat treatment soon. Looking forward to picking up my CE and losing a couple of hours (days) playing it!

  • Looking forward to playing Dragon Fantasy on my Vita (just platted Guacamelee!), and Sacred Citadel on PS3. Going to be a fun week!

  • getting Injustice+season pass, it’s a shame is not preorder but w/e

  • Nice, RPG Maker 3. This was one of the better versions. I hope this is a sign of more Agetec ps2 titles to come, especially Eternal Ring and Evergrace.

  • Great drop this week as I might actually pick up a few new releases! I have my eye on Dragon Fantasy, Mad Dog 2, and maybe Sacred Citadel. Have to check out the demo on that one first. Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 also sounds rather intriguing. All of this and we still get a game in Plus! Overall, Tuesday will not get here quickly enough. Thanks a lot, guys!

  • I see nothing good for thus drop, hope plus members will get something good when the plus update is posted tomorrow

  • this*

  • Hulu for Vita, that is all.

  • Dragon Fantasy Book I is the only thing that interests me at this time.

  • Dragon Fantasy kind of looks interesting. Might pick it up. But RPG Maker III? Don’y get me wrong or anything but RPG Maker III is a nice tool set, but how’d it get here over PS2 classics like Dark Cloud one and Two or Radiata Stories? I feel a strange week approaching and I’m not sure if it’s good or bad. Hope it’s good.


  • MLB.TV for Vita please

  • Very excited for the Soul Sacrifice demo! I don’t know how many times ill play it before its release on the 30th :)

  • Each week that goes by and Final Fantasy XII isn’t added as a PS2 Classic I choke a puppy. In my minds eye, Horatio.

  • Can’t wait to pick up Injustice. Any chance we might see some Injustice PSN avatars? ;)

  • If you’re wondering about ‘Dragon Fantasy: Book 1’ hit that link. We livestreamed it today, and the replay is in that post.

  • I have been playing guacamelee this past week and its an amazing game. DOES ANYONE WANT JUAN IN ALLSTARS?????

  • Rey Gutierrez will Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2 ever be realeased to the Psn store?

  • I have a suggestion for the PS Store. I was hoping they could add a “Wishlist” option. Kind of like a bookmark for games/dlc we plan to buy later. Because finding certain things can be a pain at times with the slow loading. There’s a lot of games I want to buy but I have a backlog of games I need to finish. I don’t want to buy everything at once in case of a price-drop or discount lol.

  • looking forward to 3 things this week: Sacred Citadel, Dragon Fantasy Book 1, and Soul Sacrifice demo. This is a major upgrade from last week, which had NOTHING good.

    Also can’t believe Marvel is still trying to make anime versions of their franchises. The Xmen anime was atrocious, so i don’t expect much from the new Iron Man one either.

  • @26 cool thanks for taking the time to stream it. i’m really excited to play the game tuesday.

  • SO HAPPY to see Injustice get a digital download (I hope Dead Island Riptide does as well, well all games that are main agenda hopefully will eventually, please convince publishers this is what the majority of costumers want to see! Thank You Sony!) Definitely made my day and entire week so much better, as if it wasn’t going to be digital I wasn’t going to bother purchasing it until it did become digital. I am full digital gaming now as I hate having the disc to carry around, not to mention it’s more eco-friendly to buy digital (I actually just learned this… didn’t think about all that packaging that goes into one game)

    I’ll probably check out the other games later on, Thanks again!

  • Oh can someone tell me what Dragon Fantasy is exactly, does it have online coop of any kind? Was trying to look it up for maybe a future purchase but it’s got to have coop of some kind.

  • Does anyone got their cash back for last month purchase of $50?
    I’ve spend 2 x $50 last month and yet to see any credit back to my account <_<

  • Stoked for injustice on PSN, I’m done with discs. I’m wondering why we are getting confirmation so late on it being digital, EU has it up for pre-order why don’t we?

  • Picking up injustice and season pass with my psn discount!!

  • Still no Crash or Spyro on Vita, I see.

  • Very happy to see the classics are still getting released.

    Sacred Citadel is a big surprise too. For those that are not aware Sacred Citadel is linked to the Sacred series. (Sacred 2 Fallen Angel) So this is a good warm up for Sacred even if it’s not a Diablo crawler.

    Rey, I’d like to see you guys do an interview with Deep Silver about Sacred 3. With this 3 can’t be that far behind. Believe it might be their last title of this gen too.

  • @34

    i received $10… which isn’t right i spent more than $50…?

  • @ps_n_blog_ac, does is say anything when u receive your $10?

  • @40, I received a message from SEN in my PSN inbox, check your messages. You can then redeem the code in that message. I spent $110, got a message for $20 credit on the 12th April.

  • Drop needs to add Brave Fencer Musashi and Tomba 2 to PS1 Classics. Those games are fantastic and I would love to play them on my Vita.

  • Been saving all those vouchers PSN has been sending me. Looks like Injustice will be free for me, demo is a lot of fun. Online looks like a blast.

  • Just received mine yesterday, didnt check my email until just now, anyway thanks xD

  • Hey Rey, I don’t exactly think this is the best place to ask this, but there’s not really anywhere appropriate that I can think of. Is there anything that can be done about the PS.Blog.Share? It hasn’t been updated in over half a year and I really miss being able to look at other players’ suggestions on additions and fixes to Playstation consoles.

    If you guys don’t have control over that, maybe you could atleast tell me where I might be able to send my inquiry to?

  • Would like to see Dirt and Grid digital.

  • Injustice for the PS Vita would be bad@$$. I already love playing Mortal Kombat on my Vita, and I know this could be just as good. They could do this as long as its actually a “Vita version” and not like the “Ipad version”.


  • Getting Injustice free, thanks to the $10 program. Always the best digital sales programs. Thanks, Sony.
    Please put DMC4, GoW3 and Skyrim DLC Bundle on the Network.

  • Still no word on possible PSN digital soul sacrifice pre-order + bonuses since january when “+ Aram Jabbari ” said he’d look into it. :(

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