Taking the Race Online with GRID 2’s Multiplayer

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Taking the Race Online with GRID 2’s Multiplayer

We’ve talked previously about World Series Racing and the single player experience of GRID 2 — now it’s time to talk multiplayer.

Multiplayer in GRID 2 is big. Bigger than anything we’ve done before. More depth, more choice, more progression… but before we get to the BIG details, we’ll just chuck in a little reminder that you can play in two-player split-screen across our game modes. It’s old school, and we love it.

GRID 2 utilizes a multiplayer system that is completely separate to the single player portion of the game. We want to bring the best of online gaming to the racing genre and a dedicated, distinct game is the only way we could achieve what we wanted.

As you progress you’ll be able to earn XP and cash, which will allow you to purchase cars and upgrades, and you’ll constantly have new challenges and rivals. You’ll also be able to showcase your individuality by customising and modifying your cars. With over six billion possible combinations to choose from, you’ll certainly stand out on the grid.

GRID 2 on PS3GRID 2 on PS3

The Clean vs. The Dirty

Naturally these two types of racers don’t get on very well, it’s the Cats vs. Dogs of the racing world and as such our matchmaking system aims to separate the two. What this means is that players who prefer a clean race are more likely to find sessions with one another while those who enjoy trading paint will be grouped together.

The Beating Heart of GRID 2

At the heart of our multiplayer system is RaceNet, our Community hub that tracks your Codemasters Racing career. It’s here where you’ll find all the Community stats and leaderboards — you’ll even be able to earn awards. But it goes way beyond tracking your progress: loads of new features launch with RaceNet and GRID 2 as it becomes fully integrated into the game.

GRID 2 on PS3GRID 2 on PS3

RaceNet Rivals is a new way for you to challenge players. You’ll have three different types to conquer:

  • Weekly – Picked at random for you to compete against
  • Social – Picked from your friends or players you’ve raced against previously.
  • Custom – Pick someone based on your own parameters, re-ignite passed rivalries, make new ones.

Think big… Global Challenge is a brand new asynchronous game mode where your rivalries will spark into life and become as heated as ever. Compete against rivals and earn XP, Cash and RaceNet followers, even if they aren’t online – hit them where it hurts. You’ll be able to track your Global Challenge progress both in game and online via the RaceNet website. RaceNet is, of course, free, and you can get your account ready if you don’t already have one by visiting www.racenet.com.

The Game Modes

No multiplayer system is complete without a range of game modes. GRID 2 will have you covered, regardless of which discipline of racing you enjoy. Take part in Endurance, Drift, Touge, Checkpoint, face off, Time Attack, Overtake, Power Lap and of course… Race (including LiveRoutes on our city tracks).

Record Those Special Memories

You know the deal, you overtake a friend on the last corner, watch a rival spin out (and do a barrel roll) with just one lap to go or the whole grid comes together in one almighty first corner pile up. It’s moments like these that you just want to share and with the return of our YouTube functionality, you’ll be able to upload your favourite clips directly from within the game straight to YouTube and RaceNet.

We’re just weeks away from GRID 2’s May 28th release — we can’t wait to see you on the track.

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4 Author Replies

  • Nice to see this showcased, it’s awesome when good racing games have a good multiplayer component. A game like Ridge Racer Unbounded was a really good game but the online was so poor with disconnects and finding players it really ruined the experience after single player. I also hear PS3trophies.org was working with the Grid 2 team to develop the trophy list, I can’t wait to see that and see if there are any multiplayer related trophies as well.

    • Hey QuantumMercury :)

      That’s correct about the PS3Trophies.org working with us to integrate the trophy list. The list is now public so if you head over to their site you shouldn’t have any problem finding them.

  • If only you’d make a Vita version…

  • i loved the first GRID and am getting GRID 2 for sure along with my friends

  • I was thinking about getting this game already, but now I’m kinda looking forward to it.

  • >> no cockpit view no buy!

  • Thanks for the heads up Ben. For those wondering here is the article on the site relating to the trophy list:

    Been a member there for a really long time and it’s an excellent community of trophy hunters. Glad to see them being used in this process and being a trophy hunter. Doing a collaboration like this gives me faith that the trophy list will be enjoyable which is an great extra incentive for me to buy the game.

  • While sad about no interior view, I’m still gonna pick this up. I love GRID too much to miss out on it plus I am itching for a new racing game!! Love Codemasters. The horribly titled Jarrett & Labonte Stock Car Racing (TOCA World Touring Cars outside NA) was one of my favorite PS1 games!

  • Wow, didn’t know this was coming out next month!

    Also, will there be any offline multiplayer?

  • I really loved the first GRID. I was impressed that they reached out to PS3T.org for assistance in trophy design. They ensured the trophies would be interesting, fun, useful, and some challenging ones as well.

    I don’t use the cockpit view too much in racing games. I find my times are far better when using an above+behind the car style view.

    Looking forward to the multiplayer competition as well. Every game I get into with MP competition and suggestions for rivalries ends up expanding my friends list big time. SF4, SSX, TTT2, etc all add new friends. Can’t wait to get some racing friends added.

  • I love Codemasters racing games, they always put a smile on my face : ).

    Should we expect some DLC’s for GRiD 2?

    Are you guys working on a racing game for the PS4?

  • Easily my most anticipated game of the year.
    Still waiting for the official track and car list, I hope Spa and Istanbul Park is still in.

  • We need PS3 gameplay videos or a demo to see how the game is running!!!

  • You are working with the people who want easy and 1 min platinum trophy? :S
    I hope you make them as hard as Gran Turismo 5 trophies….

  • This game looks great guys!! :D I cant wait to have it in my ps3 im not gonna sleep that day.

  • I usually stick to single player with track racing games, but it still looks promising. Loved the first GRID. Hopefully you added more to the single player to increase its replay value. Can’t believe its only a month away.

  • I wasn’t able to get my hands on the first game… but this and Project Cars are on my to-get list!
    How have you guys handled steering wheel implementation? I’d really like to use my g27 for this game…

  • Also, what’s the youtube video upload limit? I remember in Dirt 3 is was only 30 seconds… :( (or at least, i wasn’t able to figure out how to make my upload longer, and so i never bothered)

  • I hope the game will have an amazing soundtrack just like the first one, loved the chill menu music and the adrenaline pumping music in replays.

  • Will GRID 2 be available for purchase on the PS Store?

  • FYI, I like cockpit view, it looks great, but you get such an amazingly reduced vision from what you have in a real car. I prefer “hood view” and always perform better with it. It’s unfortunate you’ve axed it, but I’d have dropped it too given the benefits of doing so.

  • How long will this Game be online for ?
    still have grid 1 but it not been online because the right’s it got sold to microcsoft booooow playstation rules on my 4th ps 3 and will be buying a ps4 but not grid 2 if I don’t get answers ?

  • Great to hear Ben! Pretty much a Day 1 purchase for me, now.

  • Bought Dirt 3 on lauch day, had problems with online pass activated through website; then 1 month later DLC after DLC and in-game ads. Sold it and bought COMPLETE edition some months later. Wil not fall again!! I love Codemasters racing games but this time I´ll wait for complete edition and $39.99 price tag.

  • By the way, NO COCKPIT VIEW, NO BUY!!

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