PlayStation Home Update: Grow Home, Cherry Blossoms, and More

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PlayStation Home Update: Grow Home, Cherry Blossoms, and More

This week in PlayStation Home, new Anime outfits complete with custom animations arrive from Konami, VEEMEE introduces a new collection of interactive plants with Grow Home, and the Japanese Teahouse’s cherry trees begin into bloom. There’s more below so read on, and don’t forget to get engaged with the PlayStation Home Community on the PlayStation Forums.

Konami – Anime Outfits

Konami releases their most intricate anime characters yet! Impress all of your friends with the Martial Artist, Demon Hunter, Kawaii Witch and Mecha Musume. There are multiple colors for each one and unique custom animations as well.



VEEMEE – Bicycles, Grow Home, MyBedroom Collection + Billabong


Get around the world of PlayStation Home in style with VEEMEE’s eclectic new collection of locomotion bicycles. Check out the BMX, Mountain Bike, Hot Rod, Road Bicycle and Penny Farthing. For those that want to look the part, VEEMEE also has a selection of cycling gear including Jackets, Trousers, Helmets and Full Face BMX Bike Helmets.

Grow Home

For you green thumbs out there, the all new Grow Home lets you grow your own plant from tiny seed to fully mature specimen by watering, feeding and pruning daily. Once fully grown take cuttings from your plant to give as gifts to visitors to your apartment. Keep your plant healthy and happy and give away as many cuttings as you like. There are five species of plant to choose from; Blue Delphinium, Poinsettia, Sunflower Bush, White Jasmine, and a Cherry Blossom Tree each with their own unique gift.


Check out the new MyBedroom furniture from VEEMEE. There are 12 items for the complete bedroom experience. An interactive double bed with room for two can lie on as well as wardrobes, cupboards, chests of drawers, a mirror, a vanity table with stool, and a bedside lamp. Sweet dreams.


Billabong is bringing some fantastic new clothes in their store this week. Pick from a selection of new hats, shorts, tank tops, shirts, pants, dresses and 2-part bikini bundles. Check out the Militia Rasta AXS Flexifit Cap for men and the Yeehaw hat for women. Look excellent in the White Hook & Sinker Tank and Royal Occy Boardshorts for men. There are also two new elegant 2-part bikini bundles; the Mary Black Bundle and the Reina Black Bundle.



nDreams – Choppers, Shadow Companions + Street Moves Sale


You’ve had Sports Bikes in the past, but now you get the real deal. A Chopper from nDreams is the ultimate status symbol. Grab one of the three different styles; original, High Rise or Lo-Rider and cruise around Home and be the envy of all your friends.


Shadow Companions

The Beautiful Shadow Companions show who you really are. The will follow you wherever you go showing the inner you. Available in three types: The Hunk, The Honey and Inner Demon.


Street Moves Sale

Street Moves arrived last year and can be seen dancing around Home with their custom emotes. This week though, and for all the weeks to come you can now get any of the four volumes of Street Move Characters and the associated companion item all for one price.


Lockwood – April Golf + Lock-A-Doodle

April Golf

Fresh air, a peaceful atmosphere and the opportunity to demonstrate your sporting prowess – there are few things more civilized than a round of golf. As part of a new line from the Figment collection, April Golf has everything you need to look and feel the part, from fine clothing to the strokes you need to play including a swing and a putt.

HellFire Games – Aqua Mounts + Home Tycoon Sale

Aqua Mounts


Swim effortlessly through the air and boost your speed to 150% with Aqua Mounts from Hellfire Games, available now. Climb aboard the Fearsome Great White, Majestic Dolphin, or Grand Orca Aqua Mounts to glide through your favorite spaces in style. Simply access Aqua Mounts from your Inventory, and your speed boost will automatically engage when moving at full running speed.

Home Tycoon Sale


Save 40% this week in Home Tycoon‘s latest sale! Now through April 14th, get 40% off all Custom GS 828 sports car purchases and save 40% on the ultimate TransUtopian Megarcology residential tower for up to 9,000 new residents per building! Sale ends at 11:59pm Central this Sunday, April 14.

Granzella – Teahouse Update, Wind & Earth Collection + Picnic Sheet Locomotion

Japanese Teahouse Update

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom at the small Teahouse secluded in the mountains. Cherry blossom petals dance as fish swim by in the river. Standing in the warm air, you can experience the peaceful spring atmosphere, along with sweets and flower arrangements.

*This personal space’s landscape changes with the seasons.

Wind & Earth Collection

Live among the people of Wind and Earth! This collection features bold designs with distinctive feathers, tailored leather tops, bottoms, and boots. For men there is the Chief Headdress and Leather Wristbands. For women, Bangles wrap around the wrist, and a Long Skirt and Mini-skirt are available for bottoms. You’ll also find perfect hairstyles to match these outfits as well.

Picnic Sheet Locomotion


Indispensable during tourist season, the Picnic Sheet locomotion is here! When you use the Picnic Sheet, you can sit down on it where you place it. Additionally, you can choose from 4 different sitting positions in the R1 button menu. There are 6 variations of items you can spread out on the Picnic Sheet, Springtime Japanese Sweets, Lovey-Dovey Wife Bento, Snacks, Stacked Food Boxes, Chinese Banquet, or nothing at all. The Picnic Sheet is available in 2 designs, the classic Horizontal Stripes, and Camellia.

Digital Leisure – Cracked Wall


Is your apartment looking a little too pristine? Do you want to turn your personal space into a handyman’s dream? Do you like your living space to have “character?” If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Digital Leisure has a brand new item for you in The Casino at the Lucky Fountain! Toss a chip or two into this water feature and you’ll have a chance to take home a Cracked Wall. This wall hanging will turn your home, or clubhouse, into a fixer upper! Head to the lucky fountain located in the concourse only at The Casino.

x7 Update

This week in exclusive VIP nightclub x7, there is a new exclusive value bundle, another blinged out freebie, and new Auras from Konami – choose from Energywave, Stardust, SpiritStorm and more for a total of 14, usable for males and females. Head to x7, take the elevator upstairs, check out these fine items, then dance the night away!

Mall Update – The Virtual Item Showcase, Volume 83

Magnus is back again, sharing with us all the hottest new items this week. Check out the video below for all the details. Highlights include Fighter Plane locomotions, Anime outfits with custom animations, the Wind & Earth Collection, and some really fun Shark and Orca mounts (locomotions). Enjoy this week’s Virtual Item Showcase.

Lock-A-Doodle Sneak Peek

Lastly, we end on a teaser. The time for doodles is coming soon to PlayStation Home. Are you ready to play? Check out the teasers screen below and watch this space for more news when this new space is ready to launch!


See you in PlayStation Home!

Want to chat more about PlayStation Home? Hop on over to the Home Forums! If you’re having trouble with Home, head to the Home Supportforum.

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