PlayStation Blogcast 069: Oh, The Horror

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PlayStation Blogcast 069: Oh, The Horror
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Today’s episode has it all: An alarmingly passionate discussion about the state of horror cinema, new Blu-ray and PSN releases for April 14th, 2013 (and yes, I can confirm that Injustice: Gods Among Us will be available day one on PSN!), and a new batch of listener letters with a bonus hot-sauce survival tip. After the show, stick around for a Bioshock Infinite spoilercast in which we try to unravel the riddles of Ken Levine’s new opus. Bon appetit!

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[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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10 Author Replies

  • Dear Sony Ive buy pre paid card got problem with it. ive type codes on psn it dosent work(errors).so i decide to go sony official site to retype pre paid card codes.after 10 time (errors) my pre card got banned… can u fix issues or send me email thank you.

  • Need Soul Sacrifice talk.

  • Don’t leave Guys!! Keep The Blogcast going Please! Love it <3

  • games made 4 PS4:
    KillZone 4 (make it KiillZone 4: Shadow Fall
    God of War 4
    UnCharted 4
    Fallout 4
    (add any you can think of)
    Possible games/games i’d like to see 4 PS4:
    The Sims 4
    Roller Coaster Tycoon 4
    Persona 4 Golden (love it on my Vita!)
    PlayStation Battle Royal: 4 the win :)
    (add any you can think of)

  • Sup peeps:
    Currently playing:
    Bioshock Infinite (done with 1999 mode challenging but not impossible)
    Tomb Raider
    God of War Ascension

    Currently watching:
    Zero Dark Thirty
    Wreck it Ralph
    Game of Thrones

    I love you podcast guys Im very excited to get Injustice I plan on playing with Solomon Grundy and Hawk Girl as my main’s. And counting down the days to play Splinter Cell Black List and Grand Theft Auto V
    I wish Swamp Thing would get a debut and Dr.Fate and Gorilla Grod.
    great show guys

  • I loved the super tangent you guys went on.

  • how do i get my country GUYANA to b on the list of country to choose from when setting up an account cause BRAZIL is on and they r my neighbour

  • It would be really cool if you guys did a video blogcast. Maybe we would get a walk around the blog office.

  • Sid, was it Net Yaroze you were thinking of? and was that mention of lunch with Jeff a HINT of a guest blogcast visit? don’t tease us like that!

    Interesting discussion on horror games/films. The only horror games I enjoyed were Silent Hill 2 and Siren 1 on PS2 because they had the most eerie atmosphere I’d ever seen, when you’re immersed in environments like that it really gets to you in ways no monsters/enemies can no matter how scary they are, it’s all about creating sinister environments. The Walking Dead game was great because of the connection with the characters more than the horror side.

  • @Sid

    I don’t know if it’s a typo, but on the description it says “PSN releases for April 14th”. I take it you meant April 16th?

    Also, those spend 50$ get 10$ vouchers should be arriving tomorrow – no specific time. They should’ve added that small notification on the store update.

    Loved the show, love Bioshock. Thanks again.

  • where is the 10 dollar credit we should be getting? it’s the 12th

  • “He’s only Shuman” – how profound! All we need now is a name for Nick’s beard – how about “Suttner’s Mill”?

    STTNG – Add the two-parter Chain Of Command to that list (I know, an episode spanning two episodes isn’t a big deal anymore in this age where episodes can span 13 episodes or more, but back over 20 years ago when your recording devices were unreliable and on-demand was completely nonexistent, this is what would thrill viewers)

  • Most important worries me u didn’t know this, but RPG MAKER was on Ps1. 2 and 3 were on ps2.

  • Elizabeth DOES get stuck in doors (or at least a gate). I went through one of those store closed gates you lift. After coming back out, she didn’t walk out when Booker looked to the left to watch her. She got stuck walking against the inside of the gate. I could see her legs through the gate. I even took an elevator to another area, where she was stuck in the elevator. She wouldn’t move, or do anything.

    Then went back up, and she went right back to the gate and ran back and forth in front of it like a crazy person. Like so:

  • where’s da moneh!! lol

  • PS2 Classics: The Suffering 1 & 2

    Please release them :) Thank you

  • when are you going to fix the message system for vita’s facebook. it has never worked for me. one time my fat ps3 erased me and my brothers accounts and you guys said there was nothing you could do. we were never refunded for everything we bought on PSN. I expect more from Sony if i’m to buy a PS4.

  • can’t wait for Injustice gods among us

  • Nick, I disagree with you. Horror films don’t need to be more intelligent. Like Sid says, they do one thing, and they do one thing well. Immersion. When they start trying to be something more, they lose a lot of what makes them so special. My spoiler-free for instance would be “Cabin in the Woods” which is a horror movie that’s been deconstructed. Once the audience is “in on” the premise it stops being scary and the audience becomes empowered to enjoy the action. To sum up, an intelligent horror movie ceases to be scary, and therefore is part of a different genre.

  • Whoops, I typed my last comment before you guys talked about Cabin in the Woods! Cheers!

  • Thank you for telling us that injustice will be day 1 digital! I couldn’t get it out of anyone that it would be on PSN, even Ed Boon on twitter wouldn’t tell me!

  • Hey, love the podcast and the Playstation brand.

    *Spoilers* *Spoilers* *Spoilers*

    BUT: Elizabeth didn’t die. Are you kidding me?! The Elizabeth who was with you, stayed, because they broke the circle and every other possible Elizabeth were eliminated. So every Elizabeth faded away, but not your Elizabeth.

  • Just seeing the fear in the commentary now, two days after the fact.

    Let me allay the fears:

    * The podcast will continue, even if I have to do it by myself (I can do a pretty good Suttner impression)

    * Weekly Cast could be ‘live’, using ustream or similar technology

  • First Blogcast I’ve ever downloaded. Needless to say, the title caught my attention ;)
    I’ll give it a listen while on my run today.

  • Sid, I love the amount of information you guys put out in the podcast. I actually get more information from you guys than I get from my own work place (unnamed games retailer). The one thing that your show always lacks is a true passion and real sense of back and forth between you, Nick, and whomever your guest is for the week. You may not end up reading this at all, but if you do, PLEASE take the time to really listen to this podcast you just did for yourself. This is the passion that the others have been missing. What will it take to bump up the ratings on your show? It was in this particular podcast. Find that passion and you have magic. Amazing podcast, don’t sweat the circle jerks who are going to give you crap about not talking about video games that much this time around.

  • How the heck did you guys get The Unabomber to be on your podcast? Sony has connections, man.

  • Ooops, I was mistaken, apologies. That’s not The Unabomber, apparently that is Nick Suttner – PlayStation Account Support Manager.

  • It would be wonderful if you guys could bring some of the Irrational staff to talk at length about Bioshock Infinite for a spoilercast. Wonderful show this week and I am always happy that it is about an 1 hour consistently.

  • Why cant i find injustice in the psn store! were is the day 1 digital tab -_- this shouldn’t be so frustrating errr

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