Frobisher Says – Mega Fun Pack Adds 15 New Mini-Games, Out Tuesday

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Frobisher Says – Mega Fun Pack Adds 15 New Mini-Games, Out Tuesday

If you enjoy being ordered to open seafood, not smile at woodland creatures and punch a bear in the face, you’ll be delighted to hear that Frobisher’s Mega Fun Pack is coming to a PS Vita near you on Tuesday! As if the previous requests Frobisher made weren’t crazy enough, the Mega Fun Pack contains 15 new games involving such ludicrous demands as joining a gurning squad, milking a mammoth and driving to Stephen’s house. Who is Stephen? We’re still not quite sure.

Frobisher hasn’t exhausted all the ways you can use your PS Vita to solve his conundrums, so expect to utilize the system’s unique motion and touch capabilities in even more bizarre ways with the Mega Fun Pack.

Frobisher Says: Mega Fun Pack

Frobisher Says: Mega Fun PackFrobisher Says: Mega Fun Pack

In case you haven’t played lately, Frobisher has added some new features for the main game — and our previous Super Fun Pack DLC — too! If you’re used to doing his bidding, you’ll be pleased to know that Frobisher has found some Trophies he no longer wants, and he’s going to make you work for them.

For those of you who like to lurk in the dark playing games, or whip out your PS Vita on a bus, you can disable certain categories of games – games that use the camera or Microphone, for example. You can also submit your top score whenever you like! Lastly, Frobisher wanted to give you a little more insight into his lineage, so he’s set up a gallery where you can – through receipt of Near gifts – view portraits of his bizarre family.

So there you have it. Free goodies for those who already know the world of Frobisher Says! and a whole bunch of new madness, in the form of the Mega Fun Pack, to download for your PlayStation Vita. Look for the Mega Fun Pack on PSN Tuesday!

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  • Awesome! The trophies for this have been there for a bit, I was wondering when it would come out. Will this be another free update and if not, how much?

  • frobisher is so fun Im 26 years old and I enjoy playing it so I will be getting this. So glad I can view the video. Hail Sony! =)

    • Cheers, personally very glad you like the video, having to haul a desktop computer into my backgarden to capture the Light Leonard’s Lamp footage was not fun!

      Hope you enjoy the new fun pack!

  • Nice, will be picking this up when it release. My favorite minigame so far definitely has to be deleting Rudolf’s game saves, it feels so wrong…..and yet strangely so right lol. Also I like what you guys did with the trophies, dropping small hints and making us figure them out, seems like a perfect fit for the game.

    • Thanks, we had a lot of fun thinking up those trophies. Plus it’s exactly the sort of thing Frobisher would do.

      Hope you enjoy the new ones just as much as the originals.

  • If only I could watch the video in my PsVita web browser…….Oh!!!!!! Wait…… I can. xD lol

  • @ Whoever Devs PSVita Email app

    Can we please get the ability to mark messages as READ / UNREAD in the next update. The email app is pretty unless to me unless i can do this

  • @Gandark hahaha I know, I love it!

  • I was just looking through my trophy lists on Vita, and came across this game and was wondering where the last DLC pack was. It’s like I wished it into existence. :P

    Now I’ll finally be able to complete my trophy list! Not that we’ve had the trophy patch for that long… but it’s nice to have all the mini-games available soon. Game is awesome.

  • Ah thanks! =D

  • The Vita cameras have such a bad low light performance that none of the camera mini-games ever work for me.

    I appreciate that you added the option to disable camera mini-games, but I also wish you’d avoid making too many of them in your DLC packs, because I’m never going to play them. Or maybe you should sell them in separate packs or something.

    • Hey antibolo,

      We have to ensure we have a good balance of games for all input methods, bear in mind we don’t always use the camera in a way that needs good light (like Light Leonard’s Lamp and Get Rid of These…Things).

      Hopefully you’ll find the ones in the Mega Fun Pack enjoyable.


  • i hope its free

  • For some reason, I feel like it’s the structure of the game that’s holding it back. I like jumping into random games every time, but it never grabs me like WarioWare does, and I think that’s because WarioWare feels like there’s a progression there.

    If you guys keep pushing this game forward, try and add some direction, maybe? I like it a lot; I just can’t motivate myself to play it often enough.

    • Hey whatisdelicious,

      As you’ve seen with the patch, we’re happy to listen to comments and adjust the game where time and cost allows. Any new set of games affords us the chance to make some other changes when we feel they will improve people’s enjoyment.

  • With the trophy patch a lot of the music in the games became a lot quieter. If that was intentional, is there a way to have a volume slider or something similar? The music was a huge part of why that game was fun. Now you can barely hear it at times.

  • Awesome! Been waiting for this. This is the only game my girlfriend loves, and I have no qualms about that. Great job! :-)

  • im from the Hood and im 25, will i be okay playing this infront of the Homies ???

    • I am currently wearing a sports top with a hood, I’ve just tried playing on the train and it went well. I’m sure it will be fine.

  • This is such a fun game to play with friends! Thanks for making my recent plane trip a blast :)

  • is there going to be more add-on’s for Frobisher Says?

    • I like you skipzz9, you haven’t played this latest one and you want to know if there will be more. We have a couple of other projects on the spin at the moment, so right now we don’t have the capacity for it, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t return to it, just that we are busy with other work.

      Thanks for your enthusiasm! Hope you enjoy the new crop of games.


  • This is totally awesome more incoming dlc for a great game!!!!!!

  • We also probably looked like idiots thanks to the AR games :P.

  • no bundle?

  • Thank you, tusunami!

  • Frobisher dice

  • Been waiting for this ever since I updated and saw the new DL pack trophies.


  • Yeah, sorry for the wait, sometimes these things just don’t happen as quick as you plan them. The Sony guys in the US have been amazing in helping get this sorted as quick as possible.

  • Same problem with RecSpec, the music is way lower than frobisher’s voice – effects, I hope there’s a fix by the time I buy this mega fun pack!!

  • Didn’t this come out ages ago…? I’ve already got all the trophies for ‘Super Fun Pack’ and ‘Mega Fun Pack’, as well as for the main…

    I’ve already seen and played all the games you speak about and the ones in the video and stuff…

  • That was creepy. :)

  • Ahhh… Everything is now right with the world :P
    I really liked this pack :) So anyone not sure, I’d say go for it.

    Only fault I had was the ‘Theremad!’ Teophy was a bit glitchy… It literally took hours for me to get (yes, I’m obsessive) a lot of other people online had this issue too… I don’t know whether it will be present in this version or not.

    Anyway, thanks for the quick response :) it’s weird that we got something before the Americas…

  • one of the best games on the vita :)

  • I am SO VERY MUCH buying this! My wife and I LOVE Frobisher!

  • Cool… my wife loves this game. I imagine she’ll be stealing my Vita once I download. Glad trophies are finally here.

  • I have the same problem too.
    The background music’s volume is too low now.
    I can barely hear it without using earphones.

    It’s still nice to see Mega Fun pack is finally coming to NA PSN though.

  • @Mark: “…where time and cost allows.”

    Yeah, I wouldn’t expect Frobisher Says to change that dramatically. That’d be crazy. That game is free. I’m happy enough buying DLC even when I only play it occasionally just as a tip jar.

    This is more like a “if/when you make another Frobisher Says.”

  • so annoying to have to sign into the blog, the main site & the online store separately. why arent they linked?

    anyway, this game needs trophies.

  • Can you clone yourself a few times so we can get a meaty 50-100 minigame megapack DLC every month?

  • So this DLC is free in Europe and costs $1.99 in North America? I’m confused.

  • This is definitely a great thing I’ve been enjoying Frobisher and his quirky games a lot. Getting the trophies for this will make it ust that much more enjoyable than it already is.

  • were is this,did it notget released? all i can find is the first dlc pack ?? whats going on?

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