XCOM: Enemy Unknown Invades PSN Today

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Invades PSN Today

XCOM Commanders,

2K and the development team at Firaxis Games are excited to announce the release of XCOM: Enemy Unknown for PlayStation 3 on PlayStation Network in North America and Brazil on Tuesday, April 9th! We hope the PlayStation community is ready to save Earth in a way they may have never experienced before.

As a lifelong PlayStation gamer, and a huge fan of PlayStation-bred squad-based tactical games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Valkyria Chronicles, Disgaea, and Vandal Hearts, I’m proud to have something fresh and so easily accessible within Sony’s amazing game catalog. If you missed XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s launch in October, this is a heck of an opportunity to see what the fuss has been about.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown on PS3

XCOM: Enemy Unknown on PS3XCOM: Enemy Unknown on PS3

We’re humbled by the 18 Overall Game of the Year wins we’ve been awarded, but even cooler to us as game creators are the individual stories we hear from gamers regarding their play experience. In XCOM: Enemy Unknown, you’ll defend the world against a global alien onslaught, making epic decisions via your secret underground base, and then deploy your squads into heated battles against the universe’s nastiest aliens. Fear the Chyrssalid — you’ve been warned.

Who will you save Earth with? Family? Friends? Movie stars? Who will survive? And most importantly: are you good enough to win?

Feel free to reach out to the XCOM: Enemy Unknown development team via @2KGames, or leave a comment below. We’d love to hear your story.

Good luck, Commander.

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8 Author Replies

  • Since it’s coming to iOS, what are the chances of getting a Vita version?

  • You’re releasing the game on iOS. Give the vita a shot. Seriously. While there’s holes in the lineup, not in 2 years.
    Looking forward to playing this on the BEST handheld game player on the market.

  • Is it still full price? PS+ discount?

    I enjoyed the game on PC, and would very much like to own it on PS3.

  • Agreed with the comments above, Vita could always use some more games on it! Try to get Capcom to release Resident Evil: Revelations on Vita!!

  • I wanna join my voice to the chorus above: Please port it to Vita. PLEASE. It will be the perfect platform for it!

  • MAGICAL JOYSAUCE! Good job for anyone who buys this wonderful piece of alien killing strategy awesomesoysauce.

  • And I’m also glad to know you like Disgaea, Garth! It’s a near-perfect example of SRPGs done right!

    (And a perfect example of how well a SRPG can work on Vita… Just sayin’)

  • This game is great, and it is so refreshing to get a good turn based strategy game that doesn’t require insane grinding like Disgaea (which is a great game, I just don’t have the time or patience required for it).

    Any chance of seeing the PSX version of XCOM show up on PSN?

    • Thanks for the kind words, mute. No word on the PSX version, but the original X-COM’s are available via Steam.

  • If it ends up on Vita I’d buy it a second time. Fantastic game.

  • Thought I’d throw my support behind a Vita port. I played the Demo on the xbox 360, but never did buy the game. It looked interesting and was fun enough to play, but a portable would be more convenient for me.

  • I just dont think I can pay 40 bucks for a game that is going to launch on iOS for less then ten. Its unfair because i prefer using a tv but i always feel cheated in these situations.

  • Unfortunately I missed this in October so I am glad to know it rocks and that it’s going to be on the PSN. I will have to rectify that mistake. Oh, and I am also an avid Vita gamer who would snatch this up in a heartbeat if it was available on the Vita! Wow, that’s 2 potential sales coming from this gamer!

    • PlayStation fans are the best. Support the game on PSN/PS3, let us know if you fall madly in love with the world of XCOM, and then continue the pleas for additional platform support :)

  • I’m also behind a Vita version of XCOM. Would definitely buy it for Vita.

  • Oh yes please!
    Xcom Vita!
    PvP / Co-Op via wifi or adhoc gonna be awesome!

  • If you can release a iphone/apad version there should not be any problem making a psvita version aswell.

  • I was hoping I would be the first one to ask for a Vita version…..Since others have asked I’ll second that and be the first one to ask for……Civilization Revolution Vita. Get on it Garth DeAngelis, I’m within driving distance to Rockville/Bethesda, so I can take Sid Meiers to starbucks to convince him.

    I still gotta buy XCOM but am waiting for the GOTY version for PS3. Would buy as is on vita though.

  • I have to agree with everyone else. After hearing the iOS announcement, I realized that this game would be perfect for Vita! There really isn’t a strategy game of this degree on the platform right now, and the Vita is the best platform for the XCOM experience in my opinion!

    I know you can’t announce anything or promise anything, but please hear our cries!

  • This game was amazing on PS3. Still need to beat it on Classic+Ironmode. Put this on the Vita and it’s a second purchase without a second thought.

  • Congrats to 2K and the development team at Firaxis Games for all your game awards. this game is not my cup of tea though but, I do not want to see another remake of a game for Vita I would rather have a New IP some thing Vita has very little of New games not remakes this is why I’m not buying one. I can play every thing on my PS3. Vita needs new games not old ones.

  • Vita version please! I will double-dip to play this on my Vita, guaranteed! Also release the ps1 versions of xcom ufo defense and terror from the deep as ps1 classics, I will triple-dip to play those on my vita as well!

  • @Garth yes I did! So much content and it’s difficult too! Loving it anyways.

  • Well, I already played this one on my pc (with a PS3 controller of course, why would I use a mouse and a keyboard when the game works so well with a gamepad?)

    Good to know it is available in the PSN, if Far Cry 3 wasn’t released last year as well I’d give it this game 2012’s GOTY title easily, but since it did I find it hard to decide who gets the prize, maybe I can brake the trophy in 2 and share it?.

    If anyone out there skipped it ( and happen to have any interest in aliens or rts games) I’d recommend you to buy it!

  • I just grabbed this on disc a few weeks ago but haven’t had a chance to play it yet (Dark Souls has been consuming me, I’m sooooo close to the platinum), but it’s still nice to see this on PSN. I’ll chime in with the chorus asking for a Vita version. Because that would be awesome, and who would want to stand in the way of awesome?

  • If you guys could get this in the vita, it’d make all my dreams come true

  • Hi Garth,

    Is XCOM also getting digital release(PSN Store) in Europe ?


  • Vita version please!

    Also, why are you using PC screenshots to advertise the PS3 version? I have the PS3 version, and it doesn’t look nearly that crisp!

  • + Garth DeAngelis on April 9th, 2013 at 10:22 am said:

    $39.99. Glad you enjoyed it on PC. It works remarkably well with a console controller, too!

    29.99 new @ gamestop. No packaging no shipping why is that?

  • @26

    I don’t know about that – although those shots are really sharp, you can see the PS3 circle-button icon to run and the L3-stick icon for more info. I could be wrong, can you really trust anything you see on the internet any more?

    Anyway, I loved x-com in October, it’s going to take a might big effort of will not to download this digital version. Down, backlog! Down!

  • Great game. Cant wait for the next installment or DLC.

  • I would buy this game AGAIN (preordered on PC last year) if it was ported to the Vita.

  • Would pre-order a vita copy as soon as it was available.

  • Put it on Vita and I would kiss you. Or at the VERY LEAST buy the game.

  • I’ll have to play a demo of this 1st, & see if it appeals to me.

  • beat the game on PC and waiting on dlc to play again. highly recommend to anybody especially if you are into games like valkyria chronicles and tactics. would buy on vita again if released. thanks

  • Never played XCOM but if you bring that baby on Vita, I’ll give it a go.

  • Hey Garth, even if you guys can’t run to a dedicated Vita version, how about just enabling Remote Play for XCOM? I’ll admit that I bought the PS3 version over the XBOX version purely on the chance that maybe, just maybe, you might patch that in one day.

  • xFuzylilManPeach

    Would love XCOM on the Vita as well! It would be a day one buy for me guaranteed!

  • PS Vita version please! :)

  • Absolutely loved this game on the PC, would buy it again in a heartbeat of a Vita version came out!

  • Vita would be a good platform for XCOM.

  • PS Vita please! I would rather play it on my Vita than the PS3.

  • My Vita is hungry!
    Would be such a neat game to be able play on a handheld. Strategy games are best for this.

  • Another voice for Vita. Make it happed

  • Man would this be AWESOME on Vita.

  • Purchased it on PC last fall, but still haven’t had the time for it (sorry guys, it’s not you, it’s me – I bought a standing desk and mostly stopped PC gaming). A Vita release would let me play it on the john or on the train though!

  • Echoing the thoughts of many (hint, many ;) ) people here, I would definitely be up for a Vita version of XCOM.

    A nearly-full priced digital only release would probably be a lot more at home on Vita than iOS, too.

  • Echoing the thoughts and wishes for a Vita version, PLZKTHX :) <3

  • I would be all over a Vita version. Make it happen!

  • A Vita version of X-Com would be very welcome.

  • Hey Garth, I’ll be contributing to that Vita anthem as well!!

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