Tearaway: Unfold a New Adventure on October 22nd

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Tearaway: Unfold a New Adventure on October 22nd

Tearaway on PS VitaTearaway on PS Vita

Tearaway will be available on shelves and on PSN October 22nd! We can’t wait for you to get your hands on, and indeed in, our new game at the end of the year.

In Tearaway you’ll journey through a vibrant, living papery world, with a plucky messenger who has a unique message to deliver – to you!

As the papery world of Tearaway unfolds in your hands, you’ll be able to use your god-like powers to help your new messenger friend, iota or atoi, complete their very special delivery.

You’ll uncover a magical dimension inspired by folklore, and built realistically from paper that unfolds and comes alive before your very eyes. As you explore this world you’ll meet the papercraft creatures that live within it, help out strange new friends and encounter dangerous challenges.

We’ve designed the world of Tearaway to blend with our own through the unique features of the PS Vita, which allow you to help your messenger buddy to solve puzzles using the power of touch, literally breathe new life into this papercraft land, and reach up into the world using the rear-touch panel to see your fingertips appear inside the game! We think this is an adventure unlike anything you’ve played before.

Here’s a little more backstory on how Tearaway came to be from our very own doodle-meister and lead designer, Rex Crowle.

Normally a game has just one piece of box art, but we have two main characters for you to choose from – iota and atoi. Who should go on the front of the box then? It was an impossible choice for us to make, so instead of making it, we made a reversible double sided inlay, so you can decide for yourself! See both versions at the top of this post.

We’ll be back with more Tearaway news soon!

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  • Yes! Can’t wait!

  • Damm, you mean I have to wait? …….crud

  • Yes! It’s a litle far away, but I’m so crazy to get my “Tearaway”!
    Thanks for the update!

  • October?! Sigh. Well, at least I’ll have something to look forward to. Looks like an awesome game

  • Awesome! Day one buy for sure. :)

  • “Tactile”-the most overused MediaMolecule word ever. Game looks fantastic though :)

  • I’m very excited about this game. With it being an October release, this might be my Christmas present! It’ll be like unwrapping a gift as a game!!!

  • We’ll be two covers for the game and we got a release date:-) I am very excited to get my hands on this game

  • so that means after Soul Sacrifice we have to wait till september’s killzone mercenary release date for another AAA vita title? ok not so good but on the other hand E3 has to be about new games because we already know Killzone and Tearaway release dates.

  • please release a demo for the vita

  • This game is the perfect example of what’s wrong with the Vita, all the cool games force the use of Vita’s “unique features” *coughgimmickscough*

    Gamers do not want rear touch, motion controls, we just want buttons and sticks. These unique features pull you out of the game…

    • Well, in Tearaway we’ve tried to make these interactions super integrated into the game experience so that they re-enforce the game’s aesthetic rather than pull you out of it.

      When you use say the back touch or the microphone, they have an affect on the world that would make sense for a little world you are holding in your hands, rather than a disconnected thing thats just bolted on for no reason.

      We’re also super aware of going over the top with them, so you won’t be using your god-like powers left, right and center, just when it makes sense. :)

  • Collectors edition please!

  • @11 Hi, speak for yourself. I am all for creative, intelligent use of the rear touch screen. It works great in Machinarium. It works amazingly well in a mouse pointer capacity (browser) and I can see it being amazing in Terraria.

  • So far…. away….

    @9: I’m sure there will be great games in the in between… Soul Sacrifice will last a long time anyways. :)

    I’m also excited for Terraria slated for the summer. But I realize that’s not a AAA game. ;)

  • Yeah.. @11: Fail.
    Don’t speak for the whole of Vita community. There are games where they belong, there are those that don’t. If you don’t enjoy it, then stick to the games that don’t really use them.

  • Wow media molecule, reversible box art? That’s actuall pretty cool, (and something digitial buyers can’t experience lol) what will you guys think of next. Oh and you guys’ showing at the ps4 event was pretty neat as well.

    @wvnative you shouldn’t judge the game until you’ve had a chance to try it…

  • @15 While I do enjoy all of the unique features sometimes devs can go a little overboard with them. In my opinion a lot was taken away from my enjoyment of gravity rush with the sliding races. Tilting the screen is amazingly irritating in my opinion. Doing it so much for 2 or so minutes really detracts from the game.

    It is great to have these features, but I think if it is a main part of the game people should be allowed options. I still hold out hope that they will patch Gravity rush with the option of sliding with sticks instead of tilt.

  • Nooooooooo! I was really hoping for a Summer release! Oh well, still a must buy for any Vita owner!

    I went to the Tearaway talk at GDC by Rex Crowle and it was awesome. He showed off the “Paper Engine” behind the game and it was really impressive. Can’t wait for this!

  • Woo Hoo!!! Release date!!! Only problem is that’s the busy time for game releases, and every penny I have is being saved for PS4 launch. Still gonna get Tearaway, just don’t know if it will be at launch.

    Off topic: Can someone get secure WPA support going for Vita so I can use the online features on campus? I’ve read a lot of campus’s use secure WPA, and we can’t use our Vitas there, which kinda hurts sales.

  • Yes, please!

    And, although I bought the Vita mainly on the fact of the second stick (hated the PSP slidey button), I vote with those who like all of the Vita’s incredible features being used. Don’t be such a stick in the mud!

    I will play as Atoi. Looks like a slightly more feminine Link.

  • I like the way this game looks! how many FPS does it run at?

  • Prediction :-

    PS Vita Game of the Year
    Handheld Game of the Year
    Most Innovative Game of the Year
    Best Platformer Game of the Year (Tied with Puppeteer)
    Best Graphics Nominee
    Best New IP Nominee

    Bring him to PS All stars, and <3 Media Molecule

  • @17

    Gravity Rush’s sliding races were annoying at first, but I think people give up on them too quickly. For one thing, most people tilt the system too damn far and end up overcorrecting. For another, a lot of people went through the whole game without realizing you can “drift” by lifting one finger off the screen, which makes tight turns a LOT easier.

  • @11: Don’t speak for me. Please. I’m loving the ways they seem to be using them.

    I don’t always like it, but I do when it’s done well and certainly wish for developers to try new things with these features that I enjoy when done right.

  • Anyway, thrilled to have a release date to look forward to! Sad it’s so far away, but I’m just happy it wasn’t pushed and is coming this year. :D

    Can’t wait to play it. :D It makes me happy just looking at it.

  • great game for ps vita i can’t wait

  • Wow, like nothing I have seen before. Looks really fantastic cannot wait to pick this up D1! Great work!

  • Bought. No question. The creativity and heart apparent in this game is amazing.

  • Interesting choices for the character names. Any significance to them, other than being the C/C++ string and int conversion function names?

    • So, the word iota means ‘a tiny amount’, and in comparison to you, iota is really small – but more than that, the letters are sort of like the PlayStation button symbols IOTA – Square, Circle, Cross, Triangle… if you look on iota’s face, you can see these symbols, and therefore his name, are represented by his two eyes, nose and mouth!

      atoi is iota reversed, and it means ‘to you’ in french, which is what both of these characters are trying to achieve – to deliver their message to you!

  • October 22nd? Bah, bah I say!

  • Do we get to choose the skin tone of the finger?

  • lots of vita news today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Until October? well, that leaves enough time to finish Uncharted and Littlebigplanet, looking forward to it!! and at @11 I really enjoyed Gravity Rush, at the beginning the evasion and gravity slide were annoying, yet once you get used to them, they’re pretty good and make the game very exciting, especially in the battles against the rare nevis and DLC races.

  • It’s good to see more games coming out but just not games original IP’s, this is what’s going to propel the PS Vita!!!!!!!

  • Thanks MM. It’s great to see such creative minds get the time and resources to deliver their artistic vision without compromises. The reversible cover is greatly appreciated =)

  • “We’ve designed the world of Tearaway to blend with our own through the unique features of the PS Vita, which allow you to help your messenger buddy to solve puzzles using the power of touch, literally breathe new life into this papercraft land, and reach up into the world using the rear-touch panel to see your fingertips appear inside the game!”

    Ugh. You know what I want? A Vita game that uses buttons and analog sticks only instead of forcing inaccurate touch nonsense down my throat. I shouldn’t have to get stuck on the final chapter of Uncharted for 30 minutes because they replaced the final boss with a touch screen swipe QTE section that doesn’t even recognize your swipes properly. And I probably won’t even touch Tearaway now unless there ends up being a patch to introduce proper controls.

    • Check out the gameplay videos, maybe you’ll be surprised – it’s essentially a 3D action-adventure platform game, but one in which you are as much a character in the game as iota or atoi. Your little Messenger friend knows you exist, and you can use your real life abilities, like being able to reach into the world to poke it with your fingertips, to assist your messenger along their travels.

      it’s a game about a journey that you are on with iota (or atoi) the two of you need to work together. :)

  • @33: The evasion and gravity slide were annoying from beginning to end. That and bland, repetitive combat and a poorly told story made Gravity Rush one of my personal contenders for worst game of 2012.

  • Really excited about this game! Looks very creative and fun.

  • Beautiful!

  • @37: Get outta here.

  • “Not focused on combat but more on a puzzly-adventure-y kind of way.”

    That just sold me onto this game! That and the fact that I love platformers!

  • So many games to pick up. Not to mention the PS4 as well. Man, it’s going to be an expensive year.

  • Day 1 online purchase. :)

  • My most anticipated Vita release this year, now that they have confirmed that Puppeteer is not coming to the Vita. Love Media Molecule.

    Wish they would bring the One Piece Romance Dawn over to the US.

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