Spring Fever Hits PSN: Four New Titles, Day-One PS Plus Discounts

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Spring Fever Hits PSN: Four New Titles, Day-One PS Plus Discounts

PSN Spring Fever 2013

With winter finally coming to an end, it’s time to celebrate the changing of the seasons with our annual Spring Fever promotion on PlayStation Network!

We’re championing independent developers this year, with a new indie title coming each week. You may have noticed during GDC that we are focusing on bringing the best independent games to PSN, and we’re happy to reinforce our dedication to indie developers with this year’s Spring Fever. Each week during the month of April, we will bring a gaming experience from noteworthy independent developers, such as DrinkBox Studios and Frima Studio. Additionally, each title features Cross-Buy functionality for PS3 and PS Vita, and PlayStation Plus members get at least 20% off each title during launch week!

Spring Fever also offers sales on a number of games and add-ons from popular franchises each week, as well as some great deals on movies themed to each week’s sale, which you’ll learn more about in the PlayStation Store Update posts each Tuesday.

Spring Fever 2013

Date Game Title Normal Price PS Plus Price
4/9 Guacamelee! $14.99 $11.99
4/16 Dragon Fantasy Book I $9.99 $7.99
4/23 Thomas Was Alone $9.99 $7.99
4/30 Zombie Tycoon 2 $9.99 Free

Spring Fever Franchise Sale

  • 4/9 – Borderlands
  • 4/16 – Grand Theft Auto
  • 4/23 – Resident Evil
  • 4/30 – PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Heritage Sale – Includes PS All-Stars Game Sale and Game Sales for some of the big name characters in the game

Check back each Tuesday for more info about that week’s releases. Let us know which indie games you’ll be downloading in the comments, and enjoy this year’s Spring Fever!

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2 Author Replies

  • Yawn

  • Borderlands, GTA, and RE? Giant Yawn. I had hoped for a decent sale. Maybe some day consoles will actually compete with Steam’s awesome sales

  • I thought This sale would have other classic games on it. Not just one new release games.

    • Well, Spring Fever has always highlighed new release games; but I think you’ll find a ton of discounts on the franchise sales which will have multiple games from those series on sale; with extra perks for Plus members too. We’ll have more details to share on those as we enter their respective weeks; look forward to it!

  • Wow, very impressed! I’ve been looking forward to…well all of these games!. And all four of those are Cross-Buy? AND Plus discount? Sold. I’m getting them all.

  • Put Juan from guacamelee in PSAllStars!

    Where is the soul sacrifice demo?

    Where are the all stars dlc costumes?

  • Please dont tell me this is what Morgan Haro was teasing on twitter last night :/

    • A week one discount on fantastic games is a pretty sweet deal, but hey, that’s just me; I’m excited =)

  • $2 discounts, are you serious?!
    At least i hope there are some big discounts on AAA games coming…

    • While I’ll always take any discount I can get on brand new release games (something I don’t think you see very often, if at all aside from on Plus), you’ll likely see some big discounts on big games within the franchise sales for the series listed.

  • Ow yeah! I’ve been looking forward to play PS-All Stars and this sale is a good chance to grab the PS3 version. Aside with the incoming free Malicious, this month is being a good one for me. Thank you.

  • I agree with #1. You guys should put more RPGs on sale if you can. Rainbow Moon is a great title but you could also put Agarest 2, Legasista, etc on sale.

  • I’m pumped for all the new releases, but, I would have liked a little more pricing information on the franchise stuff. I guess you’re waiting on future weeks for GTA, RE, and, PSASBR, but, the Borderlands sale is today. What exactly is on sale? I’m hoping / guessing DLC.

    Really glad to see day-one sales for Guacamelee, TWA, and Dragon Fantasy. Was already planning on getting all of those, so, that’s awesome.

  • Looking forward for all those indie Cross-buy titles. Might look into that RE/Borderlands sale.. but yeah. Doesn’t look to grandiose. Undeserving of hype.

  • I really hope there are some GTA titles on 4/16 that are free for PS+. They have been conspicuously missing from the IGC.

    I’m glad that there’s a launch-week discount for Guacamelee, but $3 doesn’t quite do it for me. I’ll probably wait a little while.

  • This is a plus/minus for me. Pleased with the discounts on the new titles, but the other part just feels flat. I remember the sale being more exciting in the past. Oh well, Guacamelee, with the Plus discount and my free money coming by April12 will make me happy.

  • What’s Dragon Fantasy Book I?

  • I love the day 1 discounts on Guacamelee and TWA. Was gonna get them regardless, this just sweetens the pot. Thanks for the great discounts

  • too*

    Hmm.. But tbh, there’s not much out there that I want at all… :/ So, just keep on keepin on, guys. Loving the support and work you put into all of this.

    I also did hear something about organizing my Vita bubbles much simpler. Please proceed with this since it’s an annoyance constantly scrolling. On my phone, I have 3 pages, max.

  • Awesome I’m getting Guacamelee! later today, Dragon Fantasy Book I maybe I will have to look into it first but I probably will get it, Thomas Was Alone I don’t know I will have to look into to it some more and Zombie Tycoon 2 I will get because it looks good and it will be free for PS+.

    • Yeah both Thomas Was Alone and Zombie Tycoon 2 seem to enjoy a good reputation in the indie community. Looking forward to checking them out.

  • Love it! I can see why some people would want bigger named titles, but I’ve been looking forward to playing each of these indie games since they were announced. This almost makes up for the lack of Vita new releases in April… almost. Question is how many can I squeeze in before Soul Sacrifice on 4/30?

    • Yeah that’s the thing is that it’s pretty easy for bigger name titles to get their time in the sun. For smaller indie titles, there are these AMAZING experiences and games that people might not see since there isn’t a big publisher attached. We want to create a friendly atmosphere for games of all kinds to thrive on PSN; so while people may be disappointed because they haven’t heard of some of these, I think they’d be very pleasantly surprised at these games. It’ll be a net positive for gamers all around.

  • That is the Spring sale!?! Here I was saving up thinking it would be the big sales you guys usually have.

    • These are big sales actually. We are talking about Franchis esales not single games on sale. Also, stay tune for PS All-Stars sale as games from many of the Heroes fighting in All-Stars will be on sale as well.

  • Sweet! Was going to get the Borderlands 2 Season Pass with my forthcoming 30 Sonybux, but I guess now I’ll have enough left over to snag a digital copy of P3: FES as well!

    • Wow, you’re looking to snag $30 from last month’s promo? nice work! Enjoy Persona 3 FES, it’s a wonderful game.

  • Was already looking forward to Guacamelee! and Dragon Fantasy Book 1 anyhow. I’ll take any PS+ discount any day of the week. Hopefully the Grand Theft Auto sale will be decent next week.

  • FINALLY! PS-ASBR sale!

    Been waiting for this for a while now. Thank you!

    I wonder if apart from the regular sale there’ll be a larger discount for PSN+ users.

  • Dangit. This is nowhere close to the type of sale I was anticipating. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the day 1 discount on Guacamelee, but I was hoping for a real sale on a wide range of games, with discounts for everyone, and deeper discounts for PS+.

    I guess the only hope here for that is that last week where games from PS All-Stars characters will be on sale.

  • Nice Spring Lineup for Cross-Buys! Looking forward to Guacamelee! and Dragon Fantasy Book 1. Playstation Plus has been a fantastic investment. Any word on Rainbow Moon for Vita?

  • I, for one, am pretty pleased with this post! I’m particularly interested in Guacamelee, which I will be downloading tonight. Now if I could only get my $10 credit from the March promo…

  • Only thing interesting to me is the Guacamalee and Dragon Fantasy Book 1 sales. Was hoping for better big name sales than this though.

  • Seeing comments like “Yawn” or “Only $2!?” is so lame. Yawn? Go get a nap. Not happy with the discount? Play the $200 worth of content you downloaded last month and the month before and the month before.

  • Quite jealous of the Easter Egg Hunt offers

  • Where’s Labyrinth Legends free for PSN Plus Members?


    if you want details on the sale, wait for today’s store update!

  • @9 i agree. we need more rpg sales. Not just jrpgs but even western ones.

    @14 its a old school rpg developed by an indie company. supposed to be pretty good.

  • did you guys notice the playstation all star battle royale heritage sale? it says “Game Sales for some of the big name characters in the game.” didn’t notice it at first lol. jus sayin

  • (…still, a Metal Gear sale would have been amazing.)

  • @27

    there hasnt been nor will there ever be a month that I get $200 worth of content out of plus. I would be surprised if I got that by the time my sub runs out.

    Plus had promise when it launched and has been driven into the ground by sony offering junk titles and discounts on garbage they cant sell any other way.

    Some sales and discounts are good but lets put it up to about 15% leaving a 85% pile of junk.

    As for this months discounts … I think its been about 6 months since RE and Borderlands had a discount so rather than offering anything new or decent they just ship those back up there again. nice.

  • These sales aren’t really dramatic enough to inspire me to buy any of these games if I wasn’t already going to, but… I was already planning to buy Guacamelee! and Thomas Was Alone so I’m totally fine with it.

    I’d still encourage deeper discounts in the future. I understand the higher-up business suit mentality of, “Well, we’ll make less money per sale,” which is true, and, “We’ll be under-valuing our games,” which is also true, but the benefit of both is simply that you get more sales, more people playing those games, more people likely to spend money in the future and willing to try out interesting new titles.

    A couple bucks off a game I’m not sure if I want is not enough to make me say, “Eh, why not?” and make an impulse buy. All it does is give you less money per sale of the people who were already going to buy it anyway.

  • @33 That’s still possible with the PSABR characters sale. Haha.. Since Raiden is in that roster.

    @30: I hope you’re right. :) I need them to take back the free money that they’re giving me.. ;)

  • I will be getting all four of these indie games. I would have grabbed them anyway, but the sale makes each of them day one buys. Thanks PSN team!

  • @28 easter egg hunt deal? must be on the EU store. Figures….

  • I am hoping that its the RE that I have played on the GC….that has to be one of my all time fav games and my son and I still play it. If it is, I will be getting that one. My son will be graduating this year but he always has time to play games like that with his dear old momma, so that would be awesome =)

  • Man, if there was a way to show your competition how to NOT do a sale, you guys really showed them! This is seriously pathetic.

  • I wonder what Resident Evil game they are talking about.

    I have RE1,2,3 free with PS+

    RE4 discount PS+

    RE5 free PS+

    RE chronicles/ files i just paid for.

    I hope its RE6…its already 20 bucks new at the store. or maybe its Veronica?

  • I asked about Ni no Kuni on Bandai Namco page, I’m really hoping to have a sale on it anytime soon :/

    Can’t wait to see the discount you’ll give on Borderlands 2.

    Just wondering, when there is this type of sales, it means that Sony shoulders the discount and indie developers receive the full price for each copy sold?


    • Good choice on getting on Namco Bandai’s channels to make your voice heard on requesting a sale for Ni No Kuni on PSN. They’re the ones who would need to approve any discount on PSN.

      On your last question, I’m afraid we don’t disclose the inner workings of that type of thing, sorry!

  • @38 The Easter Egg Hunt is a EU thing and here is a taste of the QUALITY they get

    Offer 7: Doom 3
    Was €39.99/£29.99, now €17.99/£13.99
    Valid until 11.59am 10th April

    Offer 6: From Dust and I Am Alive bundle (Not available in Turkey)
    Was €21.99/£17.99, now €11.99/£9.69
    Valid until 11.59am 8th April

    Offer 5: Assassin’s Creed 3
    Was €69.99/£49.99, now €34.99/£24.99
    Valid until 11.59am 6th April (or 11.59am 8th April in Turkey)

    Offer 4: Spec Ops and Duke Nukem Forever bundle
    Was €79.98/£65.98, now €24.99/£19.99
    Valid until 11.59am 4th April

    Offer 3: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
    Was €49.99/£39.99, now €19.99/£15.99
    Valid until 11.59am 2nd April

    Offer 2: Tomb Raider
    Was €59.99/£49.99, now €29.99/£19.99
    Valid until 11.59am 31st March

    Offer 1: Killzone & Infamous Bundle (includes Killzone HD and Infamous: Festival of Blood)
    Was €19.99/£15.99, now €12.49/£9.89
    Valid until 11.59am 29th March

  • Nice. I might be in for all of those new games. Can we have any elaborations on the franchise sales? Will PS+ get a larger discount for them? Are all of the Borderlands 2 add ons included?

  • I like the sale! Perfect timing with the $10 back on $50 spent promo coming in as well.

  • @ TriangleOffense

    Play what ya got. I’ve been a sub since launch and have well over $200 in content. They release something I don’t want or already have? I play something else out of the 64 games I’ve (and by I’ve, I mean the one’s offered I wanted, not everything offered) received over the life of my subscription. It’s just a silly complaint in my opinion.

  • @43 Tomb Raider and Doom 3 look priced well. Too bad we couldn’t get that kinda sale. :(

  • Thanks for the Guacamelle discount. I already own PSABR and it’s a fantastic game especially on the Vita! I am hoping Isaac and Zeus are on sale as I haven’t bought them yet. Being a PS+ member is so worth it, thanks Sony!

  • Guacamelee sale for PSN plus users? I was on the fence on getting the game but now it is really a day one buy for me!

  • I love the fact that you bring the indies to the forefront. Some sales on other stuff would be great as well. Guess I’ll have to wait and see those franchise sales.

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