The PlayStation Recap: What We’re Reading

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The PlayStation Recap: What We’re Reading

Alright, Recap time! I started my 1999 Mode playthrough of BioShock Infinite this week, and I… don’t think I’m going to finish it. Call it slowed reflexes in my old age, but I’m only an hour in and already having a hard time! Still, I’m going to stick with it — I don’t want to leave Columbia just yet. I’m going back for the elusive Platinum trophy in Ni no Kuni, and I may have gotten some time with a certain exploration-based platformer that comes out on Tuesday (more on that one soon).

This week on PlayStation.Blog, you got a look at The Last of Us: American Dreams Issue #1 (check @PlayStation on Twitter this weekend for a chance to win a digital copy), side-scrolling beat-em-up Sacred Citadel is coming to PSN April 16th, we couldn’t stop talking about Divekick, video streaming service EPIX came to PSN, and more.

What are you playing this weekend?

  • I’m playing: BioShock Infinite, Ni no Kuni
  • I’m watching: Arrested Development
  • I’m listening to: PlayStation Blogcast 068, The Band Apart

What We’re Reading

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