PlayStation Blogcast 068: Tales From GDC

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PlayStation Blogcast 068: Tales From GDC
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We’re back, well-rested after last week’s GDC, and ready to return to our regularly scheduled Blogcasting. This week, we considered spoiling BioShock Infinite (but we’ll save that for the end of next week’s show), gushed about the simple-yet-sensational Divekick, delve into the pleasures of Puppeteer, and recap our favorite games from GDC (Guacamelee!). All this plus next week’s new releases, a selection of 100% organic listener tips and voicemails, and much more.

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[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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6 Author Replies

  • The only bad thing about Puppeteer is the release date…

  • I don’t post a lot on the Blog anymore but I still come and visit everyday and listen to the blogcast every week. Just wanted to pop in and say keep up the great work, will listen to this during my run tomorrow.

  • I haven’t commented in a while, but I would like to say that I’ve loved the direction the blogcast has gone recently. It feels more free-form and, dare I say, “conversational.” Keep up the awesome work, if I have any suggestion it would be to have a 3rd voice in the cast more consistently like Justin or Aram since Jeff Whobenstein left. I feel like Sid has filled those shoes well though, and I hope it can be kept up!

    • Justin Massongill

      I can’t speak for Aram, but I can say thank you, sincerely, for the vote of confidence. That other guy left some pretty big shoes to fill, but Sid’s a hell of a host so I was never really worried. :)

  • I just bought a 1tb hard drive

  • It’s been months but I still can’t get over whobenstein’s departure :( I know he no longer works at SCEA but could you PLEASE bring Jeff Rubenstein back for just ONE guest visit on the blogcast? I’m sure he can squeeze in an hour or so, plus he’s partly responsible for turning the US blog into the powerhouse it is today.
    I’m sure everyone here would like to see how he’s getting on. It doesn’t have to be next week but sometime in the near future when he’s got an hour to spare, that’s all I ask. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    and @5, go to school.

    • Justin Massongill

      I think I remember him promising to come back for episode 100, and we plan to hold him to that!

  • Awesome show today, thanks Justin for showing up & talk bout Divekick. When is the Spring sale coming up again?

    • Justin Massongill

      I’ll talk about Divekick any time I’ve got an excuse to. Look for more news about the Spring Fever sale on Monday. :)

  • Thanks guys for not spoiling Bioshock Infinite! I’ve made it this far I can’t lose now! Hope to get it soon….before…. it’s too late.

  • I really don’t know why I called them “Konobi”, but the Shinobi comparison makes the most sense. I was a lazy kid back then. :P

  • Can’t wait for the Spring fever sale :) hoping One Piece: Pirate Warriors goes back on sale again as I missed the last time it was….

  • Can I ask a small request of you guys? (I also tweeted it at you), I really like going into new AAA games blindfolded – i.e. knowing absolutely nothing about the game or as few details as possible, and for this reason I really didn’t want to hear the Bioshock Infinite section, so I had to skip it manually.

    is it possible to set a predetermined amount of time for discussing info on games that are less than a month old and announce it before the discussion? i.e. – “please skip 5 minutes if you don’t want to hear anything about Bioshock Ininfite” or something of the sort.

    • Justin Massongill

      It’s always going to be tough in the first couple weeks of a game’s release, since part of what this podcast is about is, well, talking about games that either just came out or are going to soon. I’m very anti-spoiler though, and will try not to talk about anything significant unless I give plenty of warning first.

      Logistically, it’d be tough / time-consuming to put in a to-the-minute warning every time we get into something that might be construed as a spoiler. That’s why we decided to save the BioShock discussion until the end of next week’s episode.

      Good luck — I hope you can play through it soon!

  • Thanks Justin, I appreciate it.

    I do intend to play through it soon, a friend of mine purchased a retail copy and he’ll lend it to me once he’s done with it.

    I hope it stands up to the huge expectations everybody is making me have for it.

  • Beyondthegrave07

    Does Guacamelee have online coop? Keep up the good work!

  • @Justin,

    That is what most podcasts do. They save the spoiler talk for the end. You could do what the user asks and just announce near the beginning that at the end of the podcast is a spoiler talk about Bioshock, or whatever game. Save it for last.

  • My room-mate and I made Catalina Salad Sunday night in honor of you reading the recipe last week. I hope you guys like it. :)

  • Super stoked for Puppeteer. A comparison to Kid Chameleon only excites me more. Somebody really needs to bring back that IP.

    Can’t wait for Guacamelee! this week too.

    They’re probably the two games I’m most hyped about this year.

  • @13 the dev for the game said if it has enough support we could see a online patch for it later! i hope it does, but i planned to buy it either way, thats one you cant pass up! metriod-vania! el’ pollo!!!

  • I can not begin how I am such a Playstation fan since its creation… All the games are the top of the line… However I want to express my deepest concern on the fact.. I am really tired of the Hackers & Boosters whom always seem to get into the network.

    Games are supposed to be fun & relaxing but now they just STRESS us out & piss people off!…. I hope that they will be changes to the network where it will no longer have these misfits messing up everyone else fun. I propose PLEASE!!!…. next Multiplayer games (Call Of Duties, Black Opps, Uncharted & etc…) not allow any other players who Prestige / Upgrade for higher level allowed to join in matches that do not RANK, unless invited by there Clan / Friend. I believe this will solve some of the Boosting & Hacking issues plus avoid loosing any new or even loyal Playstationfans.

    I am getting to that point but for now I love my playstation so let my voice be heard!

    For now your Loyal Fan…………………………

  • The podcast has been consistently getting better, always been good, I’ve never missed an episode. But I gotta say, I miss Rey!! He ever coming back?? Guest spot?

  • What happen to the game/code giveaways for getting your comment getting on the blogcast….plus it would be nice to get some free add on/avatar codes more often for loyal listeners ( like you did with the PlayStation All stars Battle Royale costume pack a few months ago).

  • @17 djbny1 you’re not one of those people that cry “hacker” every time you get your butt kicked, are you?

  • I’m very exited for Fatal Frame. Definetly one of my favorite horror games! I’m looking forward to play it again.
    I was wondering if there is any word on when Haunting Ground will finally be released on PS2 Classics?

  • Fatal Frame was one of my favorite horror game franchises from the PS2 era. I actually bought my copy of f the PSN during my lunch break. :D

    I truly hope the other two Fatal Frame games that had previously been on the PS2 will make their way to the PSN. Both will be an insta-purchase for me! What a creepy series!

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