PlayStation Home Update

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PlayStation Home Update

This week in PlayStation Home, step inside key locations from the Harry Potter stories, Codeglue introduces DIY Racers, RC cars that you can race all over your personal spaces, using furniture to make jumps, bridges and tunnels.

Pottermore Comes Home

Thirteen years after the first book was published, it was announced that J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series would be getting its own free interactive online experience built around the books. opened to all on April 14, 2012, allowing fans across the world to delve deeper into the world of Harry Potter, illuminating the stories with a mix of evocative interactive artwork called ‘Moments’, a range of exciting mini-games and over 20,000 new words from the author herself. As well as housing a dedicated social platform, Pottermore became the exclusive online retailer of the Harry Potter eBooks, which until then had never been available.

Over the last two years, we’ve been working closely with the Pottermore team to take that unique online experience one step further. Taking inspiration from the Pottermore universe, we have developed fully-realised 3D environments, packed full of mini-games and activities, allowing you to step inside Pottermore in ways never possible before now.

Check out this morning’s Pottermore post for the full details.

Codeglue – DIY Racer

DIY Racer by Codeglue turns your apartment into a fun multiplayer race track! Use our specially designed furniture (and your imagination) or your existing items to create jumps, bridges, and tunnels for the most bizarre track you can think of! Invite your friends and race against them on the track that you designed! Choose from 6 cool RC cars (each with their own cool horn sound) and do crazy tricks to unlock the coolest rewards!

Granzella – School Uniforms, Cardigans + Jackets

School Uniforms

Dressed in white uniforms, a pure, noble feeling enters the heart. Jackets and Trousers are available in 2 types, ordinary student and cheering squad. The lineup also includes shoes and a student cap. Available for both men and women. Everyone can now wear white together.


Embroidered Jackets

Granzella introduces new patterns for the Embroidered Jacket series. Flashy decorative embroidery on the back of the Embroidered Jacket is compelling.

Adding to the existing silver and gold, the new variations include black, pink, red, green, and blue. Available for both men and women, of course.


Stylish Stole + Hooded Cardigans

Two spring cardigans, the stylish Stole and Hooded Cardigans are here! The impressive women’s Stole Cardigan set, with a cute, soft silhouette, comes with a Knit Cat Ear Cap, Stole Cardigan & One Piece, and Vertical Belted Long Boots. The high fashion masculine Hooded Cardigan set comes with a Knit Cat Ear Cap, Hip Fastener Chinos, and Leather Trainers. Matching hairstyles are available separately.


Lockwood – Flaming Hair and Eyes

Hair is good. It keeps your head warm, it can hide unfortunate forehead blemishes or sticky out ears and can add the perfect finishing touch to an outfit with very little effort. But couldn’t hair do more? Couldn’t it be more distracting, more impressive, more… fiery? Lockwood’s flaming hair is exactly that. Hair made of flames. A variety of flammable colors are available now! Eyes are good. Eyes help y… There are flaming eyes too!

nDreams – Animation Packs, Vol 2 + Full Size Companions

Animation Packs – Vol 2

You’ve danced The Dynamite and you have gestured to your friends. Now get ready for the second volume of animations from nDreams. Motion Captured at the world famous Pinewood Studios there are four new dance packs and two new gesture packs to enjoy including the Retro and Famous Dance Packs and the Love and Rude Gesture Packs.


Full Size Companions

Two very different full size companions will be available this week, The Cursed Companion and the VIP Bodyguard (also known as The Bouncer!) The Cursed Companion will haunt you at every step while the VIP Bodyguard is sworn to protect a very important person – you!


x7 Update

This week in exclusive VIP nightclub x7 is a grand one. There is a new exclusive value bundle, Konami brings over a dozen new Anime outfits and Moods, VEEMEE launches a ton new, stylish Billabong clothing outfits, not to mention several BMX-inspired locomotions and clothing, and just in time, Lockwood introduces its April Golf clothing collection. Head to x7, take the elevator upstairs, check out these fine items, then dance the night away!

Mall Update – The Virtual Item Showcase, Volume 82

Magnus is back again, sharing with us all the hottest new items this week. Check out the video below for all the details. Highlights include Robot Arms from O-Two, a larger than life (and one deader than life) companions from nDreams. Granzella shares new embroidered jackets, school uniforms and cardigans. Also from nDreams, new dance animation packs, not to mention some hilarious gestures (rude for the dudes, love for the ladies). Finally, x7’s exclusive previews include a few bicycle locomotions, from the old timey Penny Farthing to the modern BMX. Enjoy this week’s Virtual Item Showcase.

See you in PlayStation Home!

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