The PlayStation Recap: What We’re Reading

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The PlayStation Recap: What We’re Reading

With GDC behind us (full roundup here), we can finally concentrate on what’s really important: BioShock Infinite is out! Grab it on Blu-ray, or download it straight to your PS3 on PSN.

Side-scrolling indie adventure Terraria is coming to PS Vita, we got a release date for the long-awaited exploration-based platformer Guacamelee, the infamously unforgiving Spelunky is coming to PSN, and more. Oh, and if you’re planning to watch the season finale of The Walking Dead, keep your eyes peeled for The Last of Us’ TV spot during the show.

What are you playing this weekend?

  • I’m playing: BioShock Infinite, PixelJunk Eden
  • I’m watching: The Walking Dead, Monk
  • I’m listening to: PlayStation Blogcast 067, the Hotline Miami soundtrack

What We’re Reading

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  • Awesome!

  • I’m playing: Bioshcok Infinite on 1999 mode (Aiming for a Platinum) & will jump onto Bioshock after.
    I’m watching: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 2012, Persona 4, & The Walking Dead.
    I’m Reading: One piece manga chapter 703.
    I’m listening to: The Strokes new album: Comedown Machine.

  • Man I need to play all the pixeljunk games. Got each for a dollar in a sale ago, havent played even one of them. Start any anime Justin or are u as busy as I am :)

    • Justin Massongill

      I grabbed Code Geass from a friend, haven’t started watching yet though. It’s been BioShock whenever I have a free moment this week! Just finished btw — like, ten minutes ago. People are going to be talking about that game for a long time.

      Takes me a while to get through shows, but I’ll let you know once I’m a ways into this one. Thanks for the rec!

  • Justin please answer this. Will the spend 50 get 10 back promo be valid tomorrow April 1st? Or does it actually end on April 1st?

    • Justin Massongill

      Sorry for the late reply! It’s over at midnight tonight, but I’m not sure what time zone it’s going by… So I wouldn’t load up the ol’ cart counting on the cash back if you didn’t take advantage of the sale already.

  • I’m playing: Elder Scroll V: Skyrim (Do I really need another game? No.)
    I’m watching: NCIS,Law&Order:SVU
    I’m reading: The articles in this blog.
    I’m listening to: Pots and pans along with other various house noise.

    My favorite news of the week is definitely the success of the SkullGirls campaign.

    Lol@ At Kojima saying THEY didn’t want Hayter voicing new characters to make it feel fresh. That’s a joke. David Hayter already came out saying he would not do the voice of Snake again because of the difficulty required to achieve it. If anything they are probably mad at him and won’t give him a new character to do in spite.

    @2: What makes ‘reading’ so special that it gets to be capitalized? :p

  • Im playing Bioshock Infinite awsome game

    • Justin Massongill

      Isn’t it though? Aside from putting this recap together, it’s pretty much all I’ve done this weekend.

  • im reading this Blog recap
    Im Tweeting

  • I’m playing Tiger Woods 14

    Importantly, I’m debating on whether or not to buy Sleeping Dogs or if it will be a Plus exclusive soon, wish I knew… I’d rather not waste money. What are the April Plus games?

  • I may have to dust off and play Rock Band 3 this week, since this week is the final week of song releases for the PS3 version.

    So many good songs out there that never made it to the Rock Band store. :(

    • Justin Massongill

      I’m shedding a single tear for the RB music store. I’m proud of those guys for keeping it going for so long though; what an achievement!

  • @5: Perhaps i enjoy Reading a lot. Good catch though :p

  • I’m Playing: Tales of Graces f
    I’m Watching: The Walking Dead, Heartland, The Big Bang Theory, The Ten Commandments
    I’m reading: The Hobbit (for the umpteenth time!)
    I’m Listening to: Not much at the moment

  • I’m playing: Sonic&All Stars Racing Transformed(psvita), Starhawk(ps3)
    I’m Watching: Inside Combat Rescue (6 episodes marathon) best show i have ever watched on tv.
    I’m listening to: nothing really.

  • Between Terraria, Spelunky, Hotline Miami, Lone Survivor and all of the amazing Vita games coming to PSN this year, it seems as if I’m going to be VERY busy with my Vita in the near future.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more and more Vita titles be announced this year!

  • i would love to see MediEvil, Heavenly Sword, inFAMOUS, God of War, Motorstorm ( i mean a proper Motorstorm), Fat Princess, Dead Nation, Warhawk on the psvita.

  • I’m playing: Disgaea 3 (vita), Tales of Graces F
    I’m watching: NCAA Tourny, Game of Thrones Premiere
    I’m reading:, Essential Spanish
    I’m listening: M.A.A.D. City album Kendrick Lamar

    They really should start letting psplus members know what games they are getting for free the following month

  • I’m playing: Nothing right now because I’m typing this.

    I’m watching: My monitor as I type this.

    I’m reading: This post as I’m typing it to make sure I don’t make a mistake.

    I’m listening to: The sounds of my keyboard as I’m typing on it.

  • Injustice Demo ????? cant waittt.

  • Im playing: Army Of Two Devils Cartel

    Im Watching: Game Of Thrones, Firefly (again)

    Im Reading: Green Lantern: Wrath of The First mini series

    Im Listening to: Nothing atm but iv been listening to the Dr horribles sing along blog OSDT

  • pretty anxious to play the injustice demo. i hope tuesday’s update is a fast one!

  • Been flipping back and forth between The Bible on the History channel and my Songbird edition of Bioshock and I got to say this game ROCK!!! Oh and so does Jesus lol!

  • Yo, Justin. Is Sony working on making more phones certified for PSM? How hard are they working on this because there are a lot of great phones that could be added. One of which HTC incredible 4G lite.

  • Yo Justin. I love you man!

    I scored Toy Story Mania the other day and popped it in to play with my daughter. We played for about an hour and had 61% of the trophies. I predict her third platinum will pop in under 3 hours, plus the game is a ton of fun for two or in a party setting. Super easy for kids and competitive enough for grown ups.

    I’m almost always behind the retail curve (almost always ahead of the PSN releases). I’m just about to pop in God of War Ascension. I have been hearing lots of positives about Tomb Raider and Bioshock: Infinite. I can’t follow Sid’s opinion of Bioshock too closely because he truly is a super fan and hot for KenLev.

    Have a safe April Fools. It’s never THAT funny to push the principals car into the school pool.

  • Instead of telling us what to buy give us UPDATES on the gaming world and on the topic of the PS4 and what you are doing with it. I hate coming on to this GAMING BLOG!! and reading crap!!

  • @23 – Notice the “What We’re Reading” section which shares posts from other sites that aren’t trying to sell you things. Most of the posts on this blog are advertisements written by either Sony staff or developers. You aren’t getting anything on PS4 with that attitude. See you at E3?

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