Table Mini Golf Putts to PS Vita on April 9th

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Table Mini Golf Putts to PS Vita on April 9th
Table Mini Golf on PS Vita

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to a brand new game in the AR Play family of PlayStation Vita titles – Table Mini Golf (no, not table putt-putt – sorry Mid-west)!

Like the previous games in the AR Play series, Table Mini Golf is a bite-sized game with monster-sized scope – you’ll use the AR Play cards to construct dozens of mini-golf courses across most flat surfaces of your choosing, and then pick one of three stylish characters to show off your putting skills in style.

Courses are split into one of two lively themes – Horror and Pirate – and come in both Rookie and Pro difficulties to satisfy those looking for a lighthearted and/or challenging good time. These courses can be mixed and matched across two distinct modes, Free Play and Elimination, in which up to four players (or AI partners) can compete to see whose putting skills are above and below par. (See what I did there?)

Table Mini Golf on PS VitaTable Mini Golf on PS Vita

Fear not, Table Mini Golf is not your standard game of nine holes – the good folks at Four Door Lemon have wedged in plenty of challenges, Trophies and extra goodies to keep you playing. Winning matches and satisfying certain conditions will grant you style points, which in turn help you level up your player and earn you “mementos” to adorn your very own Club House.
But we can’t forget about bragging rights – what good is a game of mini-golf if you can’t show off your putting skills to your fellow PS Vita competitors? Table Mini Golf will feature a full set of online leaderboards to compare your skills on each course and difficulty to those of your friends and world-wide opponents. Be sure to putt some distance between yourself and the competition!

Table Mini Golf on PS VitaTable Mini Golf on PS Vita

Ready to get your minigolf on? Table Mini Golf will be available on April 9th at the far-below-par price of $1.99. Additionally, the Toyland Course Pack, which includes a full third set of Rookie and Pro Courses, will be available at launch for $0.99. I hope to see you all out there on the virtual artificial grass in April!

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  • Looks like it could be a lot of fun! I toyed around with some of the other AR games when I got my Vita but none of them really stuck. At $1.99 I may just have to give this one a try, though!

    • Please do! There’s plenty of game inside Table Mini Golf for you and up to 3 friends to enjoy! Can’t go wrong for $1.99!

  • I never played any of the AR games, but i always enjoy some good mini golf games.

  • looks like a fun game and for that price tag its a no brainer, thanks guys

    • You’re more than welcome – but please thank the good folks at Four Door Lemon. They worked extra hard to bring you a really meaty game in a bite-sized package. Let us know if you want to see more games in the AR Play line!

  • I wonder how many Vita owners care for AR games at all.

    • More than a few from what we’ve seen! I personally love an excuse to use those AR Play cards that came packed in with the VITA, and it’s always a nice way to show off to friends when they’re wondering what the system can do. There’s a lot of game here – please give it a shot!

  • Is Putt-Putt Golf a Midwest stereotype???? I didn’t know we held that title. Yes, we have like three putt-putt courses, but the majority of people I know here play actual golf. Huh, I learn something new every day!

    • That’s what I thought! (Grew up in Pennsylvania – everyone I knew in Ohio and Indiana always referred to it as putt-putt.) Kind of like the whole “pop” and “soda” thing, right? :)

      Hope you enjoy the game!

  • I found the AR games to be fun but a bit too simple for long term enjoyment… I look forward to seeing more development (like the Magnets)

    • Fun and simple are definitely two things we’re going for, and we think we’ve priced it so that anyone can jump in. With the addition of online leaderboards, a myriad of challenges and trophies, I think there’s going to be a bit more game here than you’ve seen previously. I hope you give it a shot!

  • Looks good. I kept most of the Free AR games on my Vita. Was looking into the Tanks one also. The one AR game I’m really hoping for eventually is an Invizimals game.

  • Yay, another new Vita game!

  • Meh, not really a fan of AR games, but that’s because I usually play my Vita either in my bed, in a car, or in other places where a flat surface for AR cards aren’t exactly available. I appreciate the thought, though, and I could always grab a few of my AR cards and give some of the games a quick spin before and after work, where I’ll be sitting in a booth where I can use an AR card.

    • I hear you Chris – I take my VITA with me almost everywhere, so I can appreciate moments where it’s hard to set up an AR game. I promise that it really is great to see the games in action though – and Table Mini Golf in particular only requires 1 card! (You can always print out more from the website if you need to.)

      I love showing off these games to my friends and family – definitely a “wow” factor there. Hope you give it a shot!

  • I am a fan of all the Table Top games! :) looking forward to this!

    • Thank you very much – I’m sure you’ll like this one too! Please let us know what you think come April!

  • I’ve never played an AR game, but I love golf games so I’ll be picking this one up…

  • whats the update on the RATCHET AND CLANK FULL FRONTAL ASSAULT for the vita

    • Sorry torch – I don’t really have any information on Ratchet. Please check out Table Mini Golf, though!

  • Great commitment to the comments here, Nick– I wish more guest bloggers were as attentive as you. I’ve picked up all the previous AR titles, and though some weren’t as entertaining as others (especially the three original free ones), they’re more than worth what they cost. And you’re right: if they’re good for one thing, it’s to “wow” people who aren’t very familiar with the gaming scene or the Vita.

    Make sure these games keep coming out! It’s nice to have a use for the AR cards long after the system has launched (unlike a certain rival handheld system), and I’d love to see what else everyone over there could come up with. If you’d like suggestions, I’m full of great, cost-effective ideas.

    • Thanks, Rock! (Mind if I call you Rock?) It’s my pleasure to answer these comments – we would be nothing without the great support of fans like you.

      And thanks for checking out the AR games – our teams have put a lot of love into them, so we love seeing comments like yours! We really think you’ll enjoy Table Mini Golf, so please make sure and tell us what you think when it hits! (Can’t really comment on any other rival AR games, but I know what you’re talking about. ::wink wink::)

      We’ll certainly do our best to keep bringing you the greatest AR games possible – our friends at SCEE continue to do amazing work with camera-based games, and Table Mini Golf is no exception. (Did you hear about the Invizimals app that launched alongside a collectible card game in Spain recently?)

      We also welcome your ideas, so please don’t be shy! Thanks for the comment!

  • Cant wait to get this! What a great idea of a game to add to the AR Table Top series. Just recently got into the AR games. Great deal @ $3.00 for the whole game. Hope to see more AR games soon. Do you play COD Declassified Nick?

    • Awesome – loving the enthusiasm, stackrabbit! Please let us know how you like the AR games, and get all those trophies! (I don’t play COD – apologies, my friend!)

  • This is awesome to see the AR concept for games on the PS Vita are still happening. I’ll have to check this out as well, the price point is excellent!!!!!

    • Thank you tusunami! We wanted to make sure the price point was in line with the other AR Play games – we’ll keep bringing them out if you keep supporting them! Can’t wait to hear what you think!

  • Definitely will pick this up. I love these games, still annoyed though about some of the AR games (the tank one) having some local multiplayer related trophies. D: I’ll never be able to get 100% for that game. Sucks.

    • I understand Elvick, but thanks for your interest! (Multiplayer here is all “pass and play”, so you can get those trophies yourself if you’re feeling sneaky about it! shhh!) Let us know what you think after you give it a try, and good luck with the trophy hunt!

  • I haven’t really had a chance to dive into any of the AR games very much, aside from Fireworks (which I’ve used to great effect in wow’ing many a naysayer on the merits of the Vita!) However, I do support them and have purchased them all as they’ve been released. Hopefully sometime soon, I’ll find a break in my overloaded gaming schedule to sit down with a flat surface (not easy to manage around here) and dabble with these games a bit. I just love that you keep supporting such an awesome feature of the PS Vita, and releasing content at amazing price points. Will definitely be picking this one up plus the extra set of courses for less than $3. Keep up the amazing work. :)

    • Thank you very much, Yuuichi-san!

      The team’s worked really hard to keep delivering on all fronts, and I’m we’re all thrilled to see such a positive reaction to the AR Play line. Please let us know what you think, and what other kind of AR games you’d like to see!

      Hope you enjoy the game!

  • This I like and could make AR shine a few better lights for me. Didn’t keep the other AR games (except for Phazer) due to their size, but this is no brainer, I will get this!

  • i enjoyed most of the AR game, but PulZar was my favorite, then i had an issue where the ar card were to big to use where i could play, so i scaned them, scaled them down 70% and printed them so now i can play in smaller spaces

    • That’s a pretty great move, Zero! I’ll have to give that a shot myself! I hope you give Table Mini Golf a shot too – we think you’ll love it!

  • Nice work, this a new aira begining in the AR games. I m sure more AR games of such categorie can give more serius and attention to bring the best of it.

  • AR cards packed with the vita? Is that something they stopped doing? I didn’t get any.

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