PlayStation Blogcast 067: Independents Day

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PlayStation Blogcast 067: Independents Day
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GDC returns! In honor of this year’s Game Developers Conference, we’ve officially gone indie! The creators of DiveKick, Guacamelee!, Primal Carnage: Genesis, Luftrausers, and Zombie Tycoon 2 take over today’s show with new interviews and insights. Then we delve into next week’s new PSN and Blu-ray releases for April 2nd, 2013, new listener comments, BioShock Infinite impressions (no spoilers!) and much more.

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The Cast

[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • What No Morgan Haro with PS+ News BOOOOOOOOO!!

  • Hey Sid and Nick,

    Did you guys say that there was no mystery theme winner for the week? Because if so, I emailed my response the night of the blogcast and I know it’s the right answer. That theme was literally implanted in my brain because that game was so awesome and the ending of that game was spectacular.

    Maybe you missed my email. xD

    Thanks for the interviews! =)

  • Guacamelee! have 2 platinum trophies? One for Vita and one for PS3 or is the list shared?

  • I beat Bioshock Infinite the day it came out wow that ending

  • I know it’s gotten the same ratings over & over again, but i would like to give Bioshock Infinite andother 10/10.

    The story was mind blowing ( the ending for the most part ), gameplay was alot of fun & epic ( thanks to Elizabeth’s tears ), the exploration of the game felt way more welcoming, & open than the last two Bioshocks.

    Anyway, looking forward to Divekick on vita, as well. And of course, the rest of the games coming soon are looking really sweet too.

  • @QuantumMercury :

    It’s going to be a shared trophy list. You can read a confirmation reply from Graham Smith on the Guacamelee post on. . .#54.

  • Thanks ZaGe!

  • This push for indies on PSN is really great but on Major Nelson’s blog they just announced six indie games coming out on XBLA for April alone, including the 2010 IGF Gran Prize winner, Monaco.

    On PSN in April there is Guacamelee and…? Help me out here. You have a blog, you have a storefront, so maybe every month have a post on the blog highlighting what indies are coming in the next month. Also to increase awareness there needs to be section on the storefront specifically for indies.

  • It’s been months but I still can’t get over whobenstein’s departure :( I know he no longer works at SCEA but could you PLEASE bring Jeff Rubenstein back for just ONE guest visit on the blogcast? I’m sure he can squeeze in an hour or so, plus he’s partly responsible for turning the US blog into the powerhouse it is today.
    I’m sure everyone here would like to see how he’s getting on. It doesn’t have to be next week but sometime in the near future when he’s got an hour to spare, that’s all I ask. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  • Was told that many rumors about LittleBigPlanet 3, just wanna know if the rumors are real xD
    ‘Cause it looks like sony actually knows what kind of DLC us creators want lmao.
    Further more it’s a good game if you guys learn how to create pretty well, hell I was addicted t it last year and I’m 17 lmao.

  • These make my weekend! Thanks for taking your time to record these guys!

  • Once again why are you promoting your competitions headsets? From a business perspective it makes absolutely no sense. I noticed after I commented on the last blogcast you remove the Astro part. Don’t really care just wondering why?

  • please Playstation 4 version of Minecraft. :D :D :D :D

  • @ Sid, could you do like a throwback Thursday? Example, show some Crash Bandicoot commercials, some games that released for PS1 this week (like March 26th 1998) etc. I think it would be really cool to see some stuff from the past!

  • People are Beating 60$ Dollar Games the first day ??? smfhh.

  • Dear Sony directors/owners:I’m a player on the ps3 from argentina (south america) and here we all were really excited with the announced realease for PSNETWORK &STORE for Argentina Chile on the April 1. We are still waiting, it’s almost 11 AM (local) and nothing happens, we can only see the news and nothing else. We really want some more info, at least if it’s not going to happen or if it was just a joke (we don’t have april fools day here, just you know… ) We are, in argentina at least, on a long holiday, and it should be a really good one of we could have what was promised on march 18, or some more information, the last update for the latin blog was on march 26.
    If no local store will be realeased, will you let us enter the US STORE? We have the same consoles and games, so…
    ok, this was my post. Thank you

  • Yo, Morgan is really late on this update must be big only thing I can think of.

  • did they forget to add the PSN Plus update ? i think so.

  • Can someone please direct me to the PS+ update. I’ve literally been waiting for this all day.

  • ok playstation its not all about the hardware that goes into the console its about how good the games are. so what you need to do is get some good games like gta for example to sign exclusivley with you like halo is for xbox. here’s a thought have you ever thought about making a slasher video game im serious jason voorhees, michael myers style would be really cool but not some cheaply made game im talking about one so scary it’ll give people nightmares and what ever happend to manhunt and manhunt2 that game was sick i loved playing that game

  • so im not trying ro start an argument but you said that deablo 3 looked better on the ps3 well there is no way a pc game will look better than its console counterpart the pc has more ram better and more processor and a way better graphics card

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