Indie Adventure Terraria Coming to PS Vita

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Indie Adventure Terraria Coming to PS Vita

Your voices have been heard, and it’s my great pleasure to announce that after much discussion the teams at 505 Games, Engine Software, and Re-Logic have decided to continue our exciting journey together and bring Terraria to PS Vita! That’s right, folks – Terraria will be available to play anytime, anywhere. It’s almost like we never sleep!


Ever since we announced that Terraria was coming to PS3, we’ve been overwhelmed by requests for a Vita version. We’re tremendous fans of the PS Vita system, and with its touch controls, dual analog sticks, gorgeous display, and robust online features, it seemed like a natural fit. PS Vita is a great platform for digital games in particular, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.

For those who haven’t heard of Terraria, it’s a sandbox adventure in the style of our favorite “Metroidvania” games – an indie darling on PC that has gathered an impassioned community and sold over two million copies.

As a sandbox game, it has all the endless possibilities you’ve come to expect – you can build with dozens of blocks and craft hundreds of items – yet it’s unique in how easy it is to pick up and play because of its platformer controls and familiar 16-bit graphics.


The core of the game focuses on exploring the sprawling, randomly-generated worlds with their exotic biomes and deep underworlds, as well as slaying the hordes of monsters and evil bosses contained within. As you progress on your adventure you mine stronger ores with which to craft better weapons and armor, and collect magical treasures to help you become any type of hero you can imagine. Laser rifles, wands, potions, flamethrowers, shark launchers – Terraria has it all.

The true soul of the game shows in its multiplayer. Adventuring with (or fighting against) your friends in massive worlds is an absolute blast. Just like the PlayStation 3 version, Terraria on PS Vita will support up to eight simultaneous online players, along with competitive leaderboards and (extremely) challenging Trophies!


The joy of Terraria is in its sense of discovery – you never quite know what is around the next corner. The game plays great in both small chips or large chunks of time — again, perfect for PS Vita. One thing is for sure – you’ll soon be racking up hours upon hours of gameplay time. In Terraria, the world is your canvas, so make it your own!

More details will follow, so stay tuned for further announcements. And if you have any questions, let us know!

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  • Own it on PC. bought it on PS3 yesterday.. I’ll probably buy the Vita version it’s PS+ discounted day one.
    Great game, with almost infinite replay value. I’m glad to see expand to other platforms.

  • I bought it on PS3 yesterday and enjoyed the few hours I played. However, there is a serious issue with the Trophy Data not matching what is on PSN. The results are an inability to sync your trophies with the Server. Any sync attempt also takes up to 5 minutes to fail. Looking forward to a patch.

  • I hope you guys support Cross-Play, and Cross-Save functionality!

  • Yes! Yes! This is awesome! Thank you! Yes!

    I just broke down and bought it on the PS3. It’s even better than the PC version. Yet, as I played, I kept thinking to myself, “This game SCREAMS Vita. Why isn’t t his on my Vita!?”

    Fantastic news. +567 XP, and +~$15 to Sony.

  • I love this game on PC! But playing on the vita sounds amazing! Finally a really really LONG game to enjoy on the vita that’s actually good! I’m curious how the controls work for this game. This was really heavy on using mouse/keyboard.


  • Is there any chance that we might get Cross-Play with the PS3 version or Cross-Controller support for easier item management via the Vita’s touchscreen?

  • Release date when? i heard it’s coming this summer…..9 months left?

  • Did I mention YES!!!!!

    Haha.. I saw it announced for the consoles and was completely in excitement for a possible VITA version.. thanks for the clarification and know that this is going to be a First Hour Purchase for me.

  • Best news I’ve heard all day. Thank you for bringing Terraria to Vita!

    Also, I second support for Cross-Play and Cross-Save. Those would make it even more of a must-buy.

  • great news! I love terraria on my PC, I hope there will be a demo, I want to see how will the controls work on the vita.

  • I’ll be buying this for Vita. Not as interested in it on console, but will certainly get it on Vita. Thanks for releasing it on Vita.

  • Excellent news! Will get day 1! I have no problems about triple dipping on this awesome game (I own the Steam version, and the PS3 version)!

    With that said, I certainly wouldn’t complain about there being some kind of discount to those that bought the PS3 version…

    Even so, I can’t wait to get fired from my job for not being able to put Terraria down while I’m at work! Thanks, guys!

  • David, will it support cross-save?

  • Awesome news. Cross-Save/Play as well?

  • i dont understand this game at all no matter how much i read the reviews. i read its survival type of game and i luv survival. like tokyo jungle its about surviving for as long as possible. idk if its the more you dig underground the more danger you go in… is it worth 15 ? hmmm i want it but then again idk. il have to look more into it.

  • this is awesome awesome news.
    I’m really hoping for Cross-Buy/Cross-Save/Cross-Play :D

  • #8

    >and if you have any questions, let us know!

    And no one replied *sigh*

  • Needs Cross-Play. Can’t be stressed enough!
    Thanks for bring this to Vita!

  • @16: It’s a 2D Minecraft mixed with Metroidvania.. meaning multiple weapons and bosses.. and such to get you to where you want to go.

    Open world, multiplayer, auto-generated worlds… It’s a good time. Whether you’re looking to release creativity… or looking to destroy a swarm of goblins with your friends, there’s a ton of content in this game and you should definitely check it out/buy it.

  • This game looks lovely! I’ll definitely wait for the Vita version!

  • me and my friends were talking yesterday about how cool if Terraria was on PS Vita, i can’t wait to let them know we are definitely going to get it, god knows how much i love you guys now at 505 Games & Sony THANK YOU!

  • how come nobody asked yet the release date? at least give us a month

  • The game looks interesting but the inflated price tag in comparison with other sytems is a deal breaker.

  • Price this baby right and you got 1mil sales guaranteed. I’m thinking anywhere under 10usd puts it in the “MUST HAVE” range. Also full 8 player online co op? Let me put on my pirate cap. c];{

  • THIS!!!
    The moment I saw the trailer for this I was thinking, “I would love this for my PS Vita.”
    As much as I love my PS3, the VITA is getting so much love from me lately and this game
    would go perfect with it.
    All I want to know now is….. WHEN IS IT COMING OUT?!?!?!?!
    Can’t wait!

  • It’s not Minecraft, but it is close enough!!! So very excited and will definitely be getting this game on the PlayStation Vita!

  • Damn you guys! After 90 hours on the PC version I was sure I was done with this game… but I cannot resist playing it on Vita. =X

  • Another new Vita game? Yay!

  • there is something magical about the vita that makes me want to buy games twice that i really enjoy. Like Mechinarium and rocket birds ill be adding that to my list of games ill be doubling down oon trophies.

  • I was planning on my buying this for my PS3 (and might still for the split-screen multiplayer), but after hearing about this, I am REALLY excited about getting Terraria on my Vita! The kind of game that I can sit on my couch, or in my bed and just spend hours and hours exploring and adventuring while watching TV is EXACTLY what I need for my Vita!

    Even after 80+ hours on the PC, it’s amazing that I am still so excited about this title! Thanks 505 games for making this port. PLEASE include things such as Cross-play, and Cross save with this!

    Also; Have you guys talked to Chucklefish about getting Starbound on consoles (and maybe vita)? Because that would be just phenomenal as well!

  • Day 1.

  • If this has crossplay, I will freak.

  • Cross play and cross save please!

  • This puts a big smile on my face;)

  • Hot diggity dawg!!
    This is the news I was waiting for!!


    (Please consider Cross-Play and Cross-save, too!)

  • Bought this on PS3 last night, I’m still trying to figure out what the hell I’m supposed to be doing..

  • Glad I didn’t have the money to buy this for ps3 when it came out cuz now I’m gonna get it for the Vita instead, can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alot of really good indie games coming to the vita now we just need minecraft to top it off :)

  • @37
    You have to dig, find a cavern, go exploring, kill enemies, find resources, weapons, chests, loot, then once you think you are ready, take on bosses, take their loot, or do whatever you want. Essentially the end goal is up to you. Do you want to defeat all of the bosses? Collect all of the items? just explore the entire map? Build a really awesome town?

    I find the best way to enjoy Terraria is to take it 1 step at a time. I can easily spend 3 hours just exploring caves, and trying to find treasure chests. Or spend an entire play session making my town big enough for all of the NPCs. it’s really up to how you want to play.

    Once you start to figure out what is going on, and how things work, it is a very very fun game.

  • I loved this game in pc and I was always like “men this would be perfect on a hand held” now I have my Ps Vita and you can be pretty sure this is a day one buy!

    cant wait, release date pls!!!!!!

  • This…I am really excited for, like I was the console release (which I have yet to get :( ). I am with the others, I really hope it supports cross play and cross save. I also will be more than willing to purchase the game a third time (own PC version, and will own PS3 in time.)

  • Thanks for listening guys. I will buy this now. I did not want this on my PS3.

    Now can I ask that you guys implement the Cross Save feature. I don’t want to play this on my PS3 but I guarantee you that there are plenty of people out there who will switch around. You will give yourselves more sales with this small feature.

    Please and thanks.

  • Also, as others have said, implement Cross Controller for the PS3 version so we have a screen in our hands for item management

  • Contemplating the purchase of the Vita version, but it’ll be a definite buy if the portable version offers cross-play with Cloud Saves. Cross-buy would be nice, too!

  • Yeah so I’m getting a Vita now. lol Great job Sony keep it up!

  • I’ve been thinking about grabbing this for the PS3 after hearing such amazing things about the PC version. Now I will wait for the Vita version, sounds like the perfect game for a handheld!

  • WOOT this comes as no suprise, but it’s still good news. I’m hoping (and assuming) that it will feature cross saves from vita to ps3?

  • Zionine , hmmmm okay thanks for the info. soo sounds like this game is just about digging and finding items and building and defeating monters until you get tired. so no end credits or real goal really huh ?

  • Hi guys,
    Terrerria was originally written in XNA, Did you rewrite it for PS3? If so what technologies did you use? PhyreEngine perhaps? Would love to learn the technical details of your port.

    I look forward to playing it on PS-Vita.

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