Velocity Ultra on PS Vita: New Trailer and Details

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Velocity Ultra on PS Vita: New Trailer and Details

Hey folks! I’m here to share all the juicy details about Velocity Ultra on PS Vita.

Velocity on minis was critically celebrated (lots of 9/10 review scores), but many people suggested improvements to the game to make it a ‘must buy’.

So we began scouring the internet for every Velocity write up we could find; professional and hobbyist, as well as YouTube comments and forum threads around the world. We took all the feedback into account, and addressed all of the major requests (as well as some of the minor).

Velocity Ultra on PS Vita

Many people thought Velocity was a bargain on minis because of the sheer amount of content we managed to squeeze into it, but Velocity Ultra goes a step further by including Trophies (yes, there’s a Platinum!).

Velocity Ultra features global and friend online leaderboards, as well as something called the Elite Lounge, which is a bit like an exclusive club for awesome players. To find out more about the Elite Lounge, check this link.

Velocity Ultra on PS Vita

Velocity Ultra on PS Vita

We’ve given the entire game a native graphics facelift with a more contemporary art style. We were so happy with the new art we put nice pictures up on our studio wall.

Two highly requested features for the PS Vita version that, to be perfectly honest, don’t really work very well in our opinion, but you wanted them, so we put them in so you can make up your own mind: touch to teleport, and bombs on the right analog stick. We also took this opportunity to give Velocity Ultra as much user experience attention as possible, so the UI is redesigned giving you more options for navigating in menus (for example, you can now select a different zone on the level complete screen) and we’ve smoothed off all the rough edges. The most important refinement for me was getting the music to fade out before a new track begins!

Overall, Velocity Ultra is prettier, more polished and properly integrated into the PlayStation ecosystem, which makes it ultimately better than the original release. Hopefully now we won’t have to worry about Robin. ;)

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  • If you’ve played Velocity (the amazing 87-on-Metacritic PlayStation mini) you know what to expect, but much better! If you haven’t, all I’m going to say is that if you love fun, you need Velocity Ultra. In. Your. Hands!

    I seriously can’t wait for this game!

    Also, it would appear that my nickname will be somewhere hidden in the game. Look out for me! (Thanks, Robin! Don’t do it! :) )

    PS: I swear I’m not affiliated with FuturLab, I just really love Velocity!

  • Again, it should be mandatory to include release date and price on all blog posts about specific games. I’m tired of having to reread posts to figure out if I missed information only to find out that it simply wasn’t included, then have to Google it. If you haven’t determined it, that’s fine, but don’t just leave it out. Just do something like this:

    Release date: May 15
    Price: TBD

  • Hope that you can still teleport with square. Touchscreen sucks with fast pace games. Like Samurai Beatdown going to hyper mode almost always screw you over or PS All Stars(Vita) grabbing items is a pain.

  • Is the touch screen option available to use alongside the conventional teleport method? I ask because I agree with you guys that the touch to teleport would absolutely not work 100% of the time for this type of game, however, there are certainly times in Velocity mini that I wished it was there on occassions to allow me to be a bit more precise and faster on levels that moved more quickly or if I was trying to get to a secret spot.

    • Yes, you can occasionally touch the screen to teleport whenever you want, and use the square button alongside :)

  • Very excited for this game to come out. Looks like a lot of time and dedication went into with the HD graphics and great gameplay.

  • Velocity was my favorite game of 2012. Very excited to experience it again.

  • Well I feel weird, never played Velocity. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  • Another Day 1 buy for me!!!

  • This seems very cool for the PS Vita!!!!!

  • Yay, another new Vita game!!!

  • Ugh! May 15th is too far away! Of course, I recall getting the original Minis version for free with PS+ long ago, but I never really played any of those things. The few that I tried were so low quality and minimal that it didn’t seem worth my time. I know I must have missed out on a bunch of good ones.
    Will definitely be picking this up. It just looks “fun”. Which is something a lot of games are missing nowadays.
    At least this gives me the chance to play Guacamelee! for a month on my Vita before I have to start choosing which of these great-looking games to play. :)

  • can’t wait for this :D and also for names to appear in this game :P

  • Dat music! Do you guys have the soundtrack available for purchase or download somewhere?

  • Will there be a demo? the game looks very neat and great reviews don’t hurt! :P

  • I am sure, that I am going to buy it for my Vita, thanks for very good looking game :)

  • When these retro style games have a full on platinum it’s usually a day one buy for me. Trailer looks great, graphics and gameplay likewise. With a platinum a purchase is all but sealed as long as its reasonably priced!

  • I want big AAA games for the VITA and not only small games like this. Me sad :(

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