Blacklight: Retribution: Free-to-Play Shooter Coming to PS4

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Blacklight: Retribution: Free-to-Play Shooter Coming to PS4
Blacklight: Retribution: Free-to-Play Shooter Coming to PS4

Greetings PlayStation.Blog! Zombie Studios is excited to announce that Blacklight: Retribution will be coming to the PS4.

One year and over two million players since its launch, Blacklight: Retribution has been available on PC, but from the start of development Zombie Studios has always wanted Blacklight: Retribution to be available on PlayStation. Today, we can officially say it is coming to PS4! Blacklight: Retribution is a fast-paced, free-to-play online, multiplayer game that takes place in the near future and allows players to customize their characters and weapons in countless ways. There are millions of permutations!

Once on the battlefield you can enable Hyper Reality Visor (HRV) technology to see through the entire battlefield, find your enemies and coordinate attacks with your teammates. Need more firepower? Run over to a weapon depot and refill on health or ammunition, or select a Hard Suit and deploy it from space. Hardsuits are a human-driven mech built for dealing death to your opponents, and employ either the railgun or minigun to assure your victory.

From the urban war zone of Deadlock, to operational training facility of Helodeck, Blacklight: Retribution includes 10 maps with nine game modes, including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination, Netwar, Kill Confirmed, and Onslaught our co-op survival mode.

We are thrilled to be bringing Blacklight: Retribution to PS4. Watch the announcement trailer above, and for more information be sure to check out or for the latest information and follow us on Twitter.

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  • I’m glad to see that developers are embracing the fact that PS4 is more open in terms of pricing structure! Hopefully this will be just the start of such amazing F2P games on PS4. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Retribution, so when I pick up a PS4, I’ll be sure to try it out.

  • Sony is not playing around. No pun intended.

    Dinosaur makes me wish for a Dino Crisis reboot.


  • This game has always seemed like it’d be fun to me, so this just means I’ll have even more of an incentive to play it. Plus, free-to-play games on consoles can end up being quite a bit of fun, so I have some good expectations for this.

    Also, for Collin Moore, you’re still listed as “Community Manager, Sucker Punch Productions” on the banner on the top of the page, so that should probably be corrected.

    • We are really excited to be bringing a F2P shooter to the PS4! Sony has been great about our plans and we can’t wait to show you more.

      Great to be back on the PS.Blog as well!

  • Ok, now I’m really buying the PS4 at launch, not only for this title, but tons others that PS4 has coming that look awesome!

    • Glad to hear that you are looking forward to Blacklight: Retribution! We are thrilled to be coming to PS4!

  • This is cool with the free to play motto, I will look into this.

  • I am looking forward to this.

  • If the quick cuts in the trailer were to obscure what the game looks like because being a PS4 title comes with the expectation that it’ll blow you away, then it was effective, but annoying. I couldn’t get a feel for this game at all based on that trailer beyond, “It looks like Call of Duty with a splash of Left 4 Dead.”

  • WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW…..Now we just need a PS3 launch date so I can go pre-order :)

  • i cant believe the amazing things ive seen about ps4 already and its not even out yet or fully unveiled. i cant wait for e3 2013 and i cant wait for ps4 release date. everything ive seen on ps4 when it comes to software im getting as soon as its available no matter the price. keep up the amazing work sony

  • Question:
    Will the menu be improve? This game on the PC had some confusing menus

  • Game was pretty good on PC but I wonder if they’ll make it a pay2win game.

  • !!!!FREE TO PLAY FROM THE GET GO Christ all Mighty,my thumbs n fingers are ready!!!!

  • Can not wait!!! I’m sooooooo excited for this!! Sony hasnt even shown the console and im already SOLD!

  • Hope they let us link your pc account with it that would be awesome be great to play it on PS4 .. its like going home again

  • Blacklight or tango down Is this going to be a update for tango down ? Zombie addon

    • Blacklight: Retribution is the sequel to Tango Down. It takes place in the same universe. BLR has more weapons, hardsuits, more maps, more modes, and awesome graphics.

  • Oh, boy! The PS4 keeps getting better and better.

  • Looks fantastic!

  • looks awesome! i have 400 saved up for ps4 and plan to save about another 400 but im not sure if i should get it at launch or not. i probably will out of excitment and its good to see a decent line up of games that are hopefullly out with in a year of launch.

  • Game looks awesome guys! can’t wait to play it! Any Chance you bringing Daylight or Special forces team X to PS3 or PS4? Thanks.

  • if i’m correct this is the first time Blacklight has come to playstation … it’s been on the box for yrs … welcome to ps4 .. this is prob due to the ps4 running the x86 architecture…. congrats to sony for running x86 and congrats to the devlopers supporting the next gen playstation console… I look forward to your offerings …. & will support u thru buying your dlc

  • This looks quite interesting. I will have to look up the backstory on this game and see what’s going on.

  • Very Sweet good to see many option im sure me and the boys will be playing much of this.

  • I dislike this “free to play” scheme that milks the gamers instead of buying a full game and be ready to go.

  • Will it be Cross-Play with the PC version?

  • Is this going to be a separate download, or is this part of the free to play games in the garbage that is playstation home.

    just to be more clear, will it be under our game XMB? i think i made it worse…you know what i mean.

  • Part 1) I got tired of playing call of duty about 2 or 3 years ago now.. maybe even 4. This looks like nothing new, sorry to be harsh. Even for free, how many FPS games do we need, if they’re all so similar? What makes you think many will play this over COD? I would like to see some more originality in the modes, if you’re going to make another FPS… copying modes like the typical CTF and “Kill Confirmed” is not a way to get a gamer excited. I’ll be too busy playing Battlefield 4 and the new KILLZONE on PS4 to even notice this game. Sorry, but as I said… bring a little originality and people will actually want to BUY your game, not just play it for free. Tired of developers making COD wannabe shooters…. do something original, that’s my tip if you want to really succeed sometimes you have to take a RISK. Hope the other comments won’t attack me for stating the harsh truth.

    • We have our own mode types like Netwar, but the community repeatedly asked for classic established modes. We listened to our community and added Kill Confirmed and Onslaught (PVE horde mode). Also we really didn’t feel like renaming an already established mode. If we renamed it, fans would have been confused.
      As for originality, Blacklight: Retribution separates itself in a couple ways. We allow the user to customize there weapons in millions of ways. Not just add a scope, but change almost every aspect of your weapon to how you want to use it. The other is we are free to play.

  • Part 2) I just don’t see a market for all these games just copying COD. Look at Crysis 3 online, look at spec ops the line online.. get all the “cool” perks+killstreaks you want you can’t beat COD at it’s own game… because the name is too big. Anyone that has played shooters like Unreal Tournament, Quake, Socom and Counterstrike knows that COD CAN be defeated by making a shooter that REQUIRES skill… something I haven’t seen in a while sadly… people love COD cuz it’s FAST (like this trailer for YOUR game is trying to show..) and is constantly rewarding you with silly perks + killstreaks… even when you DIE you get rewarded… talk about catering to noobs… and of course ppl get addicted to constant rewards. BUT there IS a market for a HIGH level shooter, one that REQUIRES skill and does NOT have aim assist or a RADAR that SHOWS you where the enemy is. That is TOO easy. Ask MORE from gamers, we DO have brains…. and there is a THRILL you get from USING your brain to win instead of using “assists”. Socom and Counterstrike WERE the most popular shooters for a LONG time for a REASON……. I’ll leave you to figure out why…

    • Blacklight: Retribution doesn’t have a mini map/radar. We have HRV that lets you see the entire battlefield a couple seconds, but you can’t shoot while using HRV.

  • I know I sound mean spirited, but I’m just trying to get why developers don’t make something different. I’m SURE this game will be FUN, it looks fast n’ furious, graphics and effects look great.. but like I was implying, I just think you could make a LOT more money if you took a chance and made something a little different than the rest of the FPS, ..different modes, some NON RESPAWN modes that actually challenge you to stay alive…. You’ve gotta differentiate the game a lot more, and I made my suggestion on how to do that. Copy those games that were AMAZING and HAVEN’T been copied.. instead of copying COD. You can’t take down that beast when so many are addicted to IT. Look at battlefield.. it takes on COD by being DIFFERENT (destruction, HUGE maps, vehicles) not by trying to BE cod. That’s why Battlefield succeeds. I hope your game has a REASON to succeed, and doesn’t just SETTLE for “selling ENOUGH”. I think it’s the publishers faults too though, they’re the 1s that ask for the same ol’ things from devs instead of inviting CREATIVITY in a medium that SHOULD take risks on creativity way more. …CS was actually made by gamers and not by developers… talk about creativity that paid off…

  • Blacklight: Retribution is an awesome game and I miss playing it on my PC (before my house was broken into and it was stolen). I am glad to see its coming out for the PS4 and knowing I can play it again. I will be picking it up and playing it when it does. I am curious, will we be able to import or somehow bring over our accounts to the PS4 if we have been playing it on the PC?

  • I kind of agree with 007porsche

    I dont like that they keep coming out with FPS with the same lame real life weapons. I also want them to try and be different. Resistance had cool guns, Killzone i think had a couple of odd guns. But when you have COD MOH BF MW…they all are military, shoot with regular boring guns. If you play one you are playing them all. 007 is also right about BF, it makes for a different experience because it has tanks, jets, choppers and more. COD already has FPS zombies.

    I know people will play this for several reasons….

    1-its FREE
    2-It appeals to them
    3-4-5-6-7-8-9-ITS FREE

  • PS4…
    Just saying it gets me so stoked!
    Fall can’t come soon enough :D

  • Omg,

    I was in the beta for BL:R, And Ironically recently started playing again.
    If remote play and Watch_Dogs didn’t invoke a day-one buy for the PS4,
    This totes did.

  • I really enjoyed this on PC. I will definitely by playing this on PS4.

  • Hi Zombie Studios, about this game, I do speak english and i know that mostly like all games it launch one to EU, other for JP and one to US, i would like to know if there is any chance that the US launch will have the language portuguese-br supported? Because i don’t know how you guys see the brazilian gaming market, but i’m pretty sure it’s growing up more and more… also i don’t know how much it’s gonna cost to translate a game, but even though, I would be happy to help in anything in the translation…. 4 real =X

  • will we be able to log in with are current acounts on the PC (PWE account) or no il be sad if not cuzz ive spent alot of money on theC version

  • Will the co-op survival be endless or will you have to survive to a specific round?

  • Is this completely free or do you have to pay for something to get it?

  • I used to play this on PC. Now it’s on PS4?! I’m sold.

  • Noooo! I was looking forward to seeing this on PS3, because I thought that’s what they had meant when they said they were moving to consoles. I’m not willing to shelf out 400+ bucks quite yet for a new console, I just bought my PS3! Oh well. Glad to see they’re making an effort, anyhow.

  • is it coming to ps3 also

  • Does anyone know if accounts and characters are transferable between PC and PS4?! I would suck to have to start over again.

  • Tried out the PC version during the summer and I had a lot of fun with it. Unfortunately, my laptop can’t handle this game so I’m glad to hear it’s coming to the PS4. This is definitely something me and my friends will be playing.

  • yeah im actually kinda upset that the graphics look literally no better then Ps3 graphics comon sony might as well just release the Ps6 with the same specs as a Ps3 considering you guys dont even use the full potential of any of your consoles

  • Sony, you are doing good! Bringing PC games over to the PS4 is a great start and smart move! PLEASE tell me when you are going to be bringing Planet Side 2 over to the PS4 now that you have the power to do so! Heck SOE makes the game! Bring Tribes over as well!

  • Played this a couple of times on PC. Its pretty good and wouldn’t mind re-downloading it when I get my PS4

  • omg i alwyays wanted to play this game on pc but its coming to ps4 cant wait!!!!! thanks guys keep up the good work!!

  • Collin moore, i am so happy that developers like you are so awesome and bring excitement to the next gen console, that was a good move. I have a really good feeling about the playstation 4 , i bet the majority of gamers will be on the ps4 playing blacklight : retribution and i am too :)

  • Would be nice if I could keep my progress from the PC version I really hate doing something like that over again. Who knows? It just might happen.

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