LUFTRAUSERS Dogfights its Way to PS3 and PS Vita

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LUFTRAUSERS Dogfights its Way to PS3 and PS Vita


Hey there PlayStation.Blog, it’s been a few months! Last time we spoke was before we released Super Crate Box for PlayStation Mobile – and since then we’ve been working on games on other platforms. One of those games was LUFTRAUSERS, a dogfighting game about flying and building your own LUFTRAUSER airplane.

We’ll be honest with you – the reason this game is going to hit PS3 and PS Vita is because we loved working with Sony when we made Super Crate Box. We think both platforms are great and we obviously want you to be able to play our games – but we don’t like dealing with people that treat us as some sort of commercial asset only. We want to work with people that love games as much as we love working on them.

Think of it this way: we’re a two-man studio that is investing a lot of time into making a game about shooting airplanes that is fun, explosive and makes you feel like the best pilot in the world. We want to be spending time on that, not on having nitpicky negotiations about ‘does the game fulfill random checklist item three’.

We had to deal with barely any of that red tape. Thanks the team at Devolver Digital? (the same crew that are working with Dennaton Games to bring you Hotline Miami) and the people we’ve been working with at Sony, we’ve been able to get right to what matters most: making a fun game about airplanes for people to enjoy on their PlayStation devices. So instead of worrying about that sort of thing, we’ve been working hard to balance the game so you’re always in the heat of battle, we’ve been adding more impossible missions and most importantly, we’ve been making the plane crashes more satisfying.

Luftrausers Animated 1

Luftrausers Animated 3Luftrausers Animated 4

Working on this game we slowly realized that that is what LUFTRAUSERS is about: it’s about being the best fighter pilot in the world. It’s about barely dodging that homing missile that would’ve ended your run just short of your high score. It’s about finishing a minute-long tense battle with a huge airship. It’s a fighter jet crashing into a boat and sinking it. And most importantly, it’s about doing all of the above in the span of seconds, while pulling acrobatic moves with the best airplane in the world.

And when it’s over and the dust clears from your glorious defeat, you head back into the hangar and think – ‘what if I tried it with a laser mounted instead of a machinegun?’

We can’t wait to see which of over 125 airplane combinations will be your favorite.

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  • Love the GIFs. Hahah. Good touch to the blog.

    Will be checking this out, sir.

  • Nice! I need to get around to trying Super Crate Box one of these days.

  • PlayStation store please get Digimon card battle, Digimon World 1,2,3.4 and Vandal Hearts 1 and 2. your loosing my money.

  • Vlambeer 4 life.

    Nice work Rami, I can’t wait to play it.

  • The game looks great! I really enjoyed Super Crate Box. I am glad that Sony is getting these games to their platforms.

  • Thanks for the info. Interested in the price now. If I had the option I would buy it just for the Vita, so don’t charge more for cross-buy and make that the only option. I like crossbuy, but sometimes I can tell that it’s the type of game I would only play on my Vita, so I’d buy Vita only, even it were just a dollar or two cheaper than the crossbuy option.

    Are there online score leaderboards and tough to get trophies?

  • Very nice guys. Hope you increase the field of view for the widescreens on Vita and PS3 instead of cutting off the top and bottom of the 4:3 ratio the GIFS are in. Love thos GIFs by the way. We need more of those in the Blog posts. Any idea of a release date/price/Cross-buy?

  • Keep these smaller titles coming. I love it!

  • Wow, this actually looks pretty cool. Love games like this on Vita!

  • Please release Ridiculous Fishing aswell!(psvita)

  • looks like a fun game for the Vita, added to the basket

  • Nice. This game looks fun. I love the style. Can’t wait to play it.

  • Is Ridiculous Fishing coming to PSM or PSV?

    The only reason I haven’t bought SCB is because of lack of trophies. Once (if?) Sony releases the SDK for trophy support, do you plan to patch that in?

  • Love the unique look of it! Hope this has trophies – that would make make it an easy decision to buy.

  • With all the indie games being ported to the vita lately it’s hard to pay attention to all of them, but this one really looks great. I’ll definitely have to pick up.

  • Loving the indie and Vita support. Also really digging the Gif used in the blog. More of all that please.

  • Looks a lot like a more chaotic version of Time Pilot, a game I used to love playing on the Colecovision.

  • I loved Super Crate Box, so hopefully I will get as addicted to this game as I did that one!
    Can’t wait to try it out myself!

  • Anybody who hasn’t bought Super Crate Box because of a lack of trophies is hollow fool. It’s pure gaming joy.

  • loved SuperCrateBox

    Will give this a shot on vita! And since this will be a PSN release i’m assuming there will be trophies this time??

  • Tried the original flash version and it was fun…I can see how a full fledged game could be a nice time waster! Looking forward to it.

  • Exactly the kind of game I’ll buy day 1… can’t wait, looks great.

  • what so hype about this game…black pixels on a green background..not that impressive..give me a SHANK or a Bionic Commando game..for the VITA..THOSE GAMES ARE IMPRESSIVE!

  • @23 Gameplay is more important than graphics. Grow up.

  • Well this made my day. Can’t wait to here more about this! Looks like Hotline Miami and Luftrausers are going to be occupying my spring on Vita :D

  • @19 It’s my money and I do whatever I want with it.

    Deal with it.

  • Looks cool. Thank you for making Ridiculous Fishing. Great game.

  • Depending on the price, I’ll pick it up. Love Super Crate Box.

  • Alright! It’s time for Sony to stop getting pathetic cell phone like games on the PS3 and PS Vita. Why can’t Sony license and focus on better video games? Why can’t this PlayStation Blog focus more on Dragon’s Crown or Secret Ponchos from Switchblade Monkeys?

    Both Dragon’s Crown and Secret Ponchos look really awesome and are the kind of home console quality games the PS Vita needs and yet the PlayStation Blog isn’t focusing on games like that. Instead they focus on lame mobile phone like games.

  • @29: Shoo.

  • Reminds me of a PC game I played long, long ago called Sopwith. I’m sure it was a clone of something else, but I can still remember the CGA palette and PC speaker’s approximation of the airplane engine :)

    I also like the old-timey look, kind of like the classic film Wings! that recently came out on bluray (and looks/sounds *amazing*). Like the movie, I hope that there are female pilots — minority/GLBT pilots to choose from would also be great.

  • been playing around with the flash-based version for awhile now.

    day one purchase for sure!

  • This is makes me super happy to see more games coming out for PS Vita. Because for me & everyone else that owns one this is what we want to see!!!!!!!

  • Ridiculous Fishing for PS Mobile please!

  • @29 These “Lame” mobile games are from indie developers that have always wanted their game on a console… And they’re being given that chance by Sony. Don’t step on dreams.

    Keep it up folks!

  • I like the mention of Time Pilot in the comments! That doesn’t happen often on the PlayStation Blog!

    Sir! I’m a pilot. Give me my wings, sir!

  • Looks like fun. Count me in!

  • Nice one!

  • Does look rather interesting.

  • I’m getting a little tired of Indie games doing the 8 bit or less thing and just putting minor spins on old games “asteroids” in this instance. I know you want to keep the budget cheap. But these things just aren’t very interesting to me. I know there is a market for it, I guess I’m just not in that market.

  • This actually looks REALLY fun. The colors and the design are great too, definitely intrigued and will easily be purchasing this for my PS Vita. Can’t wait!

  • Another Vita system seller – just “wow”.
    Honestly, a mediocre free flash game is getting a Vita release and this is considered news?

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